WWE WrestleMania 37 – Night Two
April 11, 2021
Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, Florida

Watch: Peacock & WWE Network (International)

Meet Our Reviewers

Kelly Harrass: After spending all day brushing up on his Fiend lore, Kelly is ready for tonight’s review. Follow Kelly on Twitter @comicgeekelly.

Jeri Evans: Has discovered her local popcorn shop has blue cheese-flavored popcorn and will be munching down upon that during Mania tonight. She was strangely excited for tonight and then remembered it would mean reviewing Randy Orton vs. The Fiend and tried to tiptoe away but was dragged back to her reviewing responsibilities. You can find her and her dwindling sanity courtesy of Mania weekend on @Jerriest_Jer

Garrett Kidney: WrestleMania Night 1 (*Vince McMahon shouts that it was called WrestleMania SATURDAY in Garrett’s ear*) was an utterly pleasant, enjoyable experience so Garrett is desperately hoping the night he actually reviews is also good. Having won two games of Pac-Man 99 this week, back to back nights of good WrestleMania shows would really cap off the week. Follow Garrett on Twitter @garrettkidney

Randy Orton def. The Fiend 

Kelly: Oh thank god we got this bullshit out of the way early. I think I’ve finally figured out one of my biggest problems with the Fiend. There’s no consistency in what hurts him. He’ll no sell finishers like it’s nothing most of the time, but this time an RKO was enough to take him out. Because he was distracted? I don’t know, the whole thing is lame. Fans supposedly chanted holy shit when Alexa sat on a box and had sewer water pour out of her head, so someone is into this. I assume that person is the guy piping in the crowd noise. This match wasn’t particularly Fiend-y, it was just a bad match under red lighting. I’m not going to lie though, Randy winning was hilarious. *

Jeri: So in case you were wondering, my blue cheese popcorn I got from my local popcorn shop was quite good. The blue cheese flavor was there and prominent but not overpowering as you might fear it could’ve been. I had a snack size portion of it which is about three cups and it was quite satisfying and made me interested in attempting their other flavors. If going by star rating I would give it… shit .. .oh yeah wrestling review. This match sucked. I have no interest in them wrestling each other, I have no interest in LORE. I have no interesting in whatever the fuck the ending was with Alexa Bliss.I have no interest in The Fiend. We get it you got ideas, none of them are good. Go away. This only gets a point because one RKO ending the match makes me laugh.  *

Garrett: Of all the potential versions of this match, The Fiend and Randy Orton having a normal wrestling match was the least interesting. And that’s what we got. Randy just winning with the RKO was extremely funny though. **

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler © def. Tamina and Nattie Notes App

Kelly: This match was destined to fail from the second it was made. These are two teams that no one cares about and then they had to follow a super anticlimactic Fiendfest. Then they doubled down on making this match fight its way uphill by having an extended Nattie beat down. This would be fine in another match, but here the hot tag could only go to Tamina, one of the worst workers in the entire company. Of course when the tag came, they missed each other’s hands and had to do it again. I don’t want to nitpick, but come one. Baszler put Nattie to sleep and the match was mercifully over. This was bad in a way the WWE women’s division hasn’t been in a number of years. Let’s not harken back to the Divas era. *

Jeri: I don’t want to slag. I really don’t, they definitely worked hard. But hard work doesn’t matter when you’re just not that good and neither Nia and Tamina are that good. Natalya HAS talent but she is proof you can be a great wrestler and still not manage to be interesting. I enjoyed some of the work of Shayna in this match and thought she did well. I really want Shayna to get more opportunities in other situations. She’s really damn good. I thought there were good ideas but poor execution. I appreciated some of the things they attempted to do and convey, but all the same, it just didn’t work or come off well. I hesitate to type further cause I’m just going to point out everything I didn’t like over and over again. I just didn’t like this. I can’t believe I’m saying this. This should’ve been a Tamina getting a Mania win moment. I appreciate what they were going for, I sincerely do, but they didn’t get there. Not even close. Better than the opener for what that’s worth. **

Garrett: NATTIE NOTES APP! Shayna Baszler really deserves better than this match – she was far and away the best thing about it, particularly nailing Natalya with a wonderfully stiff-looking knee. Otherwise, this was perfectly occasionally slipping into kinda bad. Nobody will ever think about this match again after like twenty minutes. **1/4

Kevin Owens def. Sami Zayn

Kelly: First off, fuck Logan Paul for convincing his dipshit fans that Pokémon cards are an investment and ruining a hobby I enjoy. That being said, this was a pretty good match. It may have had an incredibly dumb lead-up and “celebrity” involvement, but Zayn and Owens are good enough to overcome that. It’s sad in a way that one of the greatest feuds in wrestling history has morphed into this over time, but they’re not in control of that anymore, the dumbest company on Earth is. Thankfully, Paul wasn’t directly involved in the match, but that didn’t stop them from constantly cutting to him for reaction shots. The match was secondary to him and while I’m not surprised, I’m still disappointed. It sure was fun watching two great wrestlers dump each other on their heads though! ***½ 

Jeri: JBL is a special guest commentator. Thanks, I hate it. Fuck JBL. Want to know how Mania weekend is getting to me? I’m making one of my plushies do the Sami Zayn dance moves. Help. I know he’s the special guess WWE but know this, the ACTION IS IN THE RING. You don’t have to give us Logan Paul’s bullshit mediocre reactions to everything that’s going on. All that said and done, it’s Zayn versus Owens. It’s going to be very good and possibly great and I absolutely loved this. They are a pairing that gets better with age. One of those matchups I’ve seen it again and again and again and I am made to smile the majority of the time. Getting them to see them perform at this level and quality on the WrestleMania stage against each other ruled hard. They clearly were motivated to be in kill it mode and they went out and did exactly that. The first great match of the night, and one I had a blast watching. There’s a moment where Zayn just tries to kill Owens with suplexes and it fucking ruled and brought me off my couch. Both men did great, this was great. Watch it. Oh, Logan Paul eats an after-the-match Stunner, but don’t let that change the fact Logan didn’t need to be anywhere near this. Go away. ****

Garrett: Early in the match Owens went for a powerbomb on the apron as a callback to their time in NXT but the announcers were too busy talking about Logan Paul to notice. That was basically the story of the match. Owens and Zayn would do something cool and they’d cut to a reaction shot from Paul. Zayn and Owens would have a heated exchange while the announcers discussed whether Logan Paul would be impressed. The star of this match was clear and it was neither man in the ring. Thankfully at least, Zayn and Owens delivered a hell of a match – which they could probably do in their sleep at this stage – I just wish the quality of that match was the focus. ***3/4

WWE United States Championship
Sheamus def. Riddle © 

Kelly: Hey this rocked! It was pretty much exactly what I wanted out of these two. Stiff, hard-hitting offense and a damn good finish. The botch was pretty bad and very noticeable, but they recovered well and it didn’t really kill the momentum of the match like it could have. That’s Sheamus’ many years as a veteran paying off. And I’d bet most people forgot about the botch after Sheamus booted Riddle in the mush and busted him open. Great match! **** 

Jeri: Riddle, how quickly the stock I put in you was emptied. Both for your professional and outside of your professional life. I went into this with hopes A. He lose and B. his role would decrease afterward. Well I got one of my wishes as he did the honors in a damn good match. This match was presented EXACTLY in the way it needed to be. Hard hits, harsh offense, and they took it too each other. I loved the ending with Riddle flipping/spring boarding off the ropes and being too fancy costs him as Sheamus just kills him with a brogue kick. Jesus, Riddle is bloodied because of it. This ruled. Despite my feelings on Riddle I cannot deny he was excellent in this match, but the story is Sheamus. Sheamus gets a victory in an awesome Mania performance. There was a botch in an attempted top rope White Noise but Shemus was a fucking pro and did not let that break his stride, he rolled with it and made it work. I got what I wanted from this both from the body of the match, and from the result. Sheamus is doing great work and I’m glad he’s getting rewarded for it with a big championship win at this Mania. Believable, hard hitting, and very little down time. How can I not approve of this match? Things are picking the hell up! Matched rock, Riddle lost! YES! ****

Garrett: Sheamus has been far and away WWE’s main roster MVP in 2021. He shows up. He look tough and menacing and mean. He beats people up. He kicks ass. He has great matches and he makes his opponents look better. What more could you possibly ask for? He did the exact same here, having the best match on the show so far. Plus bonus points for kicking Riddle square in the face and busting him open at the finish. Ireland is proud tonight. ****

Nigerian Drum Fight – WWE Intercontinental Championship
Apollo Crews def. Big E © 

Kelly: Big E is a sneaky good plunder wrestler. I always forget how good he is in this style of match until he’s there. Can’t have a WWE plunder match without kendo sticks and that’s primarily what we saw used here, but they beat the hell out of each other with them. The drum stipulation was best left as a metaphorical drum, but WWE and their subtlety hammer would never allow that. Sadly none of the drums that littered the ringside area were used. Crews got the win here, but Big E was clearly the star for me in this fun midcard plunder brawl. ***½ 

Jeri: You’d think I’d make a ton of drum puns and jokes here, but I’m more a bass and guitar gal myself. They just wouldn’t strike the same chord. Eh? Eh? Okay I apologize. I wish this could’ve been given some more time. I was actually digging their work. Also, as per usual when a match ends with a run in costing the babyface the victory, why didn’t the heel just go with that and save themselves a beating? Some cringe-inducing offense (in the best way possible) was brought forth in this match and ultimately I found it satisfying although on the short side. I sincerely think they have better, they probably know it too. They interact real well. They click and work together and I have no doubt they can make some major major magic if given the time and situation to do so. I’m willing to watch them a bit more. Big E rules, strap a rocket to him and let him soar. *** 1/4

Garrett: They really beat each other like a drum to drum up interest in this match. Get it? Drums! Nobody was piledriven through a drum though so I’m very disappointed (and actually the drums were barely used so this was more just your standard WWE plunder match). A fun sprint – Big E should main event WrestleMania next year. No more excuses, no more messing around – it’s his time. Pull the trigger on him because he has everything. ***1/4

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Rhea Ripley def. Asuka ©

Kelly: I’m sad to say it, but I was really bored by this. The pacing of this was very slow, which isn’t a bad thing inherently, but it didn’t work here. Both women felt off their game to me. Something wasn’t clicking. The action was fine enough, but nothing felt all that impactful or exciting. I almost already forgot about that nuts DDT off the apron. On the plus side of things, Ripley was the right winner, though this was a year later than her big win should have been. Maybe I’m just burnt out from the weekend, but this might have been the most disappointing match from either Mania show. **¾ 

Jeri: This is one of those matches where they were working well, they worked fine, but it just didn’t click with me. I had pretty high hopes for this match and my expectations were definitely not met. I’m not sure if it was the pacing, the timing, a combination of factors, but there were times where things really needed to pick up and hit another level and they just never did. Both women are talented, there is no disputing that, and they both have the tools to have a big mania match against each other. It didn’t happen. I loved some of the strikes, I loved how the finish played out, it came off nicely. I also loved a vicious DDT to the floor from the apron Asuka hit. It ruled.  I’m NOT saying there weren’t positives, but the positives didn’t interconnect enough to give us an outing I could consider very good as a whole. I feel we as reviewers are allowed a certain amount of gentlemen (or in my case lady’s) threes to give out to matches we know was fine but nothing more than that. To those matches that aren’t going be memorable, but you feel bad putting it in the rankings of matches that were bad or awful. These women are super talented, and I hate that this match felt flat, felt off, and never hit that level I thought it would get. I will allow it my Lady’s three and hope that in the future, if they get another go, they’ll kick the ass I know they can. ***

Garrett: I don’t know is it Rhea’s loss to Charlotte at WrestleMania last year, the fact that she continued to meander around NXT without purpose six months too long, whether it was the lame and trite “Can they co-exist?!” build or whether WWE’s indifferent treatment of Asuka has damaged her in the eyes of the audience but this didn’t work whatsoever. Asuka didn’t feel like the magnetic star she usually does and the crowd didn’t seem invested in Rhea in the slightest. The work was fine (highlighted by a crazy DDT off the apron) but nobody cared, it was the first match on both nights that felt like the last few years of Mania – everything just fell a little flat. Rhea badly needed the win and she got it, but she clearly needs continued rehab as serious damage was done in her last year on NXT. **3/4

WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns © def. Edge and Daniel Bryan

Kelly: Hello, it’s me, the man yelling GO HOME at his TV at the top of the hour. I really wasn’t into most of this match, but again, that could just be Mania Weekend burnout at this point. The turning point for me was the double submission spot, everything from that point on was pretty great. Even though the closing stretch of the match had a ton of fire and was really engaging, I can’t write off the rest of the match. Daniel Bryan felt so tacked onto this feud. They referenced it on commentary, but this was really just them rolling back WrestleMania 30, trying to capture that magic again. It doesn’t work that way, but WWE has yet to realize that. Hitting the nostalgia button doesn’t always fix every problem. Nothing in this match felt original. You’ve seen this all before. I think your enjoyment of this match will probably be tied to your investment in the Edge story, but I would wager based on the Daniel Bryan bandage on this feud that the Edge investment is low across the board. The true victory of this match is Roman getting a big Mania win and actually getting the desired reaction from the fans. It only took them all these years to do it. ***½ 

Jeri: My Blue Cheese popcorn is empty, the night growing late, the exhaustion and fatigue of watching (and writing about) so much pro-wrestling begins to set in. Night one’s main event apparently was the “Let us all feel good and wonderful” part of the night. Night 2 ended up being the“ALL YOUR HEROES ARE NOW DEAD” portion and I fucking dug it. Do I have my complaints and gripes. Of course. I thought we got WAY too much Jay Uso at points for example, but overall I thought this was a worthy main event. I can already hear the gnashing of teeth, the groaning and complaining about Edge not getting his triumph return or Bryan getting another big mania moment. Evil sometimes wins, and sometimes they win big. Roman didn’t just win, but he put a goddamn exclamation point on it by pinning both men at the same time. We got an awesome double submission spot, we got a brutal through-the-table spot. We got Roman and Edge attempting a spear at the same time. Daniel Bryan got all angry and stomped away at the repaired neck of Edge all the while looking unhinged. This fucking ruled. Yes this is fantasy, and with fantasy we could just let good guys get the victories, we all cheer, celebrate, hug, and get on with our lives. Part of me wants that as well. Screaming “EDGE DID IT” or “BRYAN IS CHAMPION ONCE MORE” at the top of my lungs as I get noise complaints from my neighbors and my Plushies go flying all over the apartment. It’s wonderful serotonin.

We didn’t get that. We got the heartbreak, the soul-shattering, the cut-punching type of ending. The type of ending I know some of you hate right now, but it’s the right call. You got to have the valleys with the peaks, the highs with the lows. Roman Reigns is the guy. Edge getting a feel-good championship victory would’ve worn out its novelty quickly. Felt good, we would’ve loved, but with each subsequent defense the complaints and gripes would set in. That’s how it goes. Daniel Bryan winning the title could’ve been good, but we’ve had him as champion over and over again. He’s had his big Wrestlemania moment. You can argue he was lucky to be in this position. He was tacked on to this feud. This wasn’t going to be his time. He was a bandaid, not a replacement. They both excelled in this match. Edge performed way better than I expected and Daniel Byran had an intensity in him that brought so much to the table. It’s Roman Reign’s time now. He’s the Head Of The Table. Yes, Mania is where the baddie usually gets his comeuppance in the end, but I appreciate knowing that’s not always the case. Knowing that sometimes bad pulls through, and the best we can hope for is good to fight another day and pull out the win some other time. Roman Reign is a beast and the knights we thought could slay him were completely and utterly decimated. Now what? Also, I’m really fucking tired and no longer know where I’m going with this. Roman Reigns winning was the right call. Fight me. (Please don’t fight me) ****1/4

Garrett: Let’s start with me picking holes in the finish – Reigns stacked Edge on top of Bryan. Therefore Edge pinned Bryan at the same time Reigns pinned Edge. The match should be a draw. Bad officiating! That really should be the basis for a Reigns vs. Edge rematch. This match was a tonne of fun. It was every big dumb WWE main event trope dumped into one match – from interference to announce table spots to referees being pulled out of the ring, all it was short was somebody being Speared through a barricade – but it was all those tropes done well and masterfully stitched together. Daniel Bryan is on another level to every other wrestler. He moves with a conviction and purpose that so few other wrestlers have, he was the glue that held this match together and he may well be the best wrestler of all time. Reigns is much better cast as a heel from how he works to how he carries himself – not to mention it’s very refreshing for him being booed at WrestleMania and that being the desired response – plus Edge more than matched them every step to deliver a very enjoyable main event. It won’t stand among the best matches in WrestleMania history – or even any of these wrestlers’ best WrestleMania match – but it got Night 2 back on track to end a shakier night of wrestling on a high note. ****