Effy’s Big Gay Brunch
Saturday, April 10
11:00 a.m.
The Cuban Club
Ybor City, Florida

Streaming: FITE
Streaming: GCW: The Collective 2021 Bundle (FITE)

Once again, once more Effy’s Big Gay Brunch (the second iteration) was upon us and I must confess, I was rather excited for it. My excitement was slightly stifled when I saw the late early morning attendance seemed to be lacking a bit more than I’d prefer. I began to realize this seemed to be an issue for many of the earlier shows. It arose back up pretty quickly. Nothing would damper me wanting to enjoy this second version of Big Gay Brunch. When I saw Pollo Del Mar in all her excellence appear to be our hostess I started to smile immediately and knew I was probably going to have a good time. The crowd that showed seemed prepared to have a good time and appreciate the talent. I had a feeling they were going to work their butts, tits, and other various attachments off to entertain us. This was a showcase of LGBTQIA+ talent and I would not be dampened. As the commentator asked if I could feel the gayness the answer was “yes, yes I could ‘ ”. I leaned back and caught how many rays of gay I could. I got my plate of eggs, toast, bacon ready. I had my pot of coffee, no mug needed, in front of me. Not the best of prepared brunches, but brunch enough. Brunch enough that I would let Effy and his band of performers provide the Big Gay of it all. My Bi and Trans heart fluttered as things got started. I cuddled my Plushies, drank heavily from the pot, and prepared to take it all in.

The show started with the Boy Butter slippery scramble. Yes, there was not a single typo in that sentence. Do your own research on Boy Butter. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but once the match was announced I was already settled in and ready for the pure and utter gayness of all festivities. Scrambles of any type can be a chore and a mess, especially on the independents. This ultimately ended up being fun, with a mixture of talent and personalities that kept things interesting and going. Not a high-end scramble, but one that I was satisfied watching and with Ashton Starr getting the win I started to smile immediately. I love me some Ashton Starr. I love his look, his personality, his abilities, his attitude. I’m all for him getting victories.

Devon Monroe goes by the name Black Sexellence and I cannot disagree. Devon Monroe is a talent I am very high on and I find myself more and more impressed by with each outing. To my complete glee for this show he was put against Edith Surreal which made this immediately one of my personal highlights to look forward to. Edith Surreal, let just say it’s not just the weather that’s hot and I need to quench some thirst.

Look this is the Big Gay Brunch, I’m going to fawn to my heart’s delight. Unapologetically being me, which is something this show embraces and something that Edith embraces and I respect and love the hell out of it. This Trans girl needs to see shit like that to help her out sometimes. This was a good affair, entertaining and as well worked as I had hoped. Both wrestlers are high on talent and promise, they were given time to showcase themselves, and in the end, I was quite satisfied with their outing. While we all know my love for Edith, I definitely hope Monroe continues to get more opportunities and eyes. I think there is a definite something there that’s going to get better and better.

MV Young came out and many of us were instantly rushed to be part of his Poly Cult as a result. That’s how it goes with the leader of the Poly Cult, you’ll get use to it. He was in there with JD Drake, someone who I am happy when he pops up anywhere. This match promised to be a bruiser, and it delivered. It absolutely delivered. JD Drake, that name is getting places lately and absolutely deserves to. I clinged to my Pink Bunny Plushie as these two brutes beat each other in and out of the ring. The kind of match I love sinking my teeth into. It wasn’t at the highest end as some of the brutal affairs I saw this week, but there was more than enough to satisfy my enjoyment, and my desire to stare at MV Young. So much staring. Sorry, I lost my train of thought. Good match deserving of your time. I’d gladly put this back on and watch it back.

We have our Soul on the Pole match that catches me off guard with how early in the show it happened. Pollo lets us know she’s seen some poles she thought would take her soul and damn I love her so much. Ace Perry attacked Effy at the Big Gay Block and now has come to reclaim his soul he believed he lost once upon a time in Bizarro Lucha. Backstory? FUCK YEAH! Note, as much as I want to wear Hiromu’s entrance gear (and I will, ohhhh I will.) Effy’s jacket would be a number 2 substitute to get to put on one day. Wonderful. I appreciate the legit feel of tension and animosity between the two that helped things out. This was a good affair, a good wrestling match with some hard-looking spots and enhanced with some background and story to fuel it. Effy kept control of Ace Perry’s soul but Ace Perry decided to destroy Effy’s body with some uncomfortable as fuck unprotected chair shots to the head. I don’t know if I approve of that by any stretch.

Effy then got on the mic and cut himself a promo about not letting people put you in a midcard and telling you your idea sucks. Effy gives Ace his soul back and tells Ace he knows what the fuck he has to do now. This was a lot of fun and Effy always brings passion behind the mic. I hope Ace Perry, with soul intact, proceeds to kick ass on the independents from this point on.

Parrow and Odinson then came out to decrease the Twink population as part of their Brunch routine. I don’t question what people are into, I just enjoy watching it unfold. I love The End so much and the assault upon this collection of troubling, tiring, turbulent Twinks was gleefully delightful. My guilty pleasure of the weekend, hell I ain’t even that damn guilty about it. I had a grand time with that. I’m not going to name every tandem of twink that came out for this match to feed the hunger of The End, just know I can, and would, watch Parrow and his tag partner run through Twinks all day. Yes, that is a weird brand to have but I embrace it.

AC Mack does his own introduction and it rules as he prepares to fight Dark Sheik. Got to have that energy and charisma and AC Mack definitely has it. Dark Sheik is filled with talent. She puts that on display beautifully here. She’s wonderful and I want more eyes to continue to gaze upon her magnificent. Then there is AC Mack who is a talent in his own right, working hard and consistent wherever he goes. He’s not afraid to mix it up and go all out, and in the end, this match was a highlight of the show. Both wrestlers were on their game and put on a quality affair that would fit on any card and be enjoyed. I was highly looking forward to going in, and at the end of it felt quite satisfied.

As I nibbled on my last pieces of bacon, and wishing I made waffles, we got to the end of the show with a Pup Collar Match featuring Billy Dixon and AJ Gray. As they both came out with “I mean business” expressions on their faces I hoped for a violent war, and before the match even started Gray smashed a whole shit load of light tubes over Dixon. Don’t let the name PUP COLLAR fool you, this was violent and vicious. A harsh hardcore affair to end the Gay Brunch proceedings. I fucking loved it. Different feel and vibe than anything else on the show, but at the same time managed to find itself a place to fit in and belong. I definitely grimaced at times as both men carved into each other and made each other bleed. An exclamation mark to the late morning/early afternoon affairs. Gray is the mother fucking Truth, but Dixon ain’t no lie and you better start waking up to that reality.

Ultimately, coffee pot empty, food plate nothing but crumbs, and a smile on my face, I was satisfied. I was happy. Shows like this will always bring me up. The wrestling was a step up from the first Big Gay Brunch. There is still room for improvement, still room for growth. There is room for tweeks, twitches, twinks, and twerks to make the show even better. I hope future iterations can feel even Bigger, Gayer, and god damn it have more Brunch. I hope I can put on my best and cutest outfits and attend one of these events to cheer my Bi/Trans heart out at everyone. Shows like this remind me that in this wrestling community I have a place and I belong. We all fucking belong, and you need to get with that program, cause we’re going to be headlining those programs and writing more and more about those programs any day now. Big Gay Brunch is not the best show of WrestleMania weekend, but it made me smile and filled my heart. That’s a win.