The Collective
Allie Kat’s Real Hot Girl Shit
Friday, April 9
12:00 p.m.
The Cuban Club
Ybor City, Florida

Streaming: FITE
Streaming: GCW: The Collective 2021 Bundle (FITE)

It takes a REAL HOT GIRL to review REAL HOT GIRL SHIT. I’m more at the level of cute AF but that’s close enough to be given this assignment.

Let us get the biggest negative out of the way. There were very few in attendance and ultimately that sparse amount of attendance would be a detrimental factor to my perception and perspective on the show. It was hard to ignore or not pay attention to throughout the show. I realistically never expected Real Hot Girl Shit to have the best crowd, but I expected a bit better than this. Maybe that’s me being an optimistic fool. I don’t root for failure, I legitimately don’t. However, it was clear from the start of the show on a bloated and boisterous WrestleMania weekend, where people vote an excessive amount with their wallets, Real Hot Girl Shit did not garner much hype or interest from the attendees. Disappointing, but it’s the reality of the situation.

I will not slag on this show. It is an easy trap to fall into, especially when a show gives you enough pitfalls and opportunities to do so. All that said, I legitimately wanted this show to succeed and be a highlight of my weekend. This was a genuine emotion and feeling. Did I expect this to be the best show? NO! Did I expect this to be a show with high-end wrestling? NO! Did I want it to be fun and make me smile? Absolutely, and to a certain extent, I got exactly that. The majority of the wrestling was adequate and in the end, easy watches that breezed by. Maybe that’s damning with faint praise, and if so I’m guilty as charged. Maybe because this is a mostly women’s card that I wanted to support, I can be accused of being biased enough toward being more lenient than I otherwise would be. So be it. We all have our faults, trying to be nice to this show is mine.

All that aside there were eight matches on the show and I appreciate the mixture of talent. I appreciate Transgender wrestlers were represented on the show. I appreciate the women worked their best given the crowd/conditions/etc. Jordynne Grace vs. Allysin Kay was a fine opener and the correct choice to open the show. Erica Leigh vs. Davienne won’t set your world on fire, but they didn’t bring anything down either and were fun.

Willow Nightingale vs. Brooke Valentine caught a lot of people on my Twitter feed off guard with Brooke pulling off a successful fake injury ruse and I loved it. A legit, no bullshit, highlight. Considering all the mishaps that have happened Mania weekend up to this point it was completely believable and everyone played their parts. I loved it. This ruled. I normally hate fake injury shit, but this was an exception. Brooke Valentine rules because of this. I was probably more into this match than I otherwise would’ve been because I wanted Willow to make her pay for that shit.

This was followed by Dark Sheik vs. Holidead, in the battle of theme songs I love. Holidead’s weight is measured in souls and I’m kind of attracted toward that spooky hot girl shit. Yes, there’s some thirst in this review. It’s a show called REAL HOT GIRL SHIT so it’s allowed. I really enjoy Sheik, and constantly want to see more of her. This match ended up being overall solid which I have no complaints about it being. Needed some time shaved off. Give me more Dark Sheik, please.

Edith Surreal vs. Lady Frost, two women I am deeply into (FOR THE WRESTLING ABILITY I SWEAR) competing against each other followed. I’m also deeply into their ring gear.

“Sighs and swoons.”

Okay, I’ve snapped out of it, While a little sloppy at first, this ended up being an enjoyable match. I had fun with it. Not the cleanest or smoothest but fun and entertaining. I loved the pinning combination Surreal uses to win the match. Looked wicked, even if pulling it off was a tad messy.

I am high on Trish Adora and was so glad to see her appear on this show against Tasha Steelz. Truthfully, I’m happy to see Trish Adora pop up anywhere. Both women hold championships so this was a champion versus champion match. Both women bring personality to go along with their abilities and that enhances things. My favorite match on the show. Both women were energetic, worked hard, and brought it. I had the most fun with this match and I’m glad it succeeded so well.

Allie Kat vs. Billie Starkz ended up being our semi-main event. Mixed feelings on Starkz aside I think this should’ve been the main event. I understand though. They wanted Starkz to not be there for the Grey Sweatpants battle royale and I respect that. Starkz gets a lot of praise in many circles, while also getting some dismissive takes and backlash in others. I’ll use this paragraph to give my take that the ingredients are there. She understandably hasn’t put them all together and baked them to completion. Given her age and experience level that makes complete sense. I think it’s problematic and counter-productive to overhype her and present her as a phenomenon that I feel she hasn’t achieved. At the same time, I think it’s counterproductive and/or achieves nothing to wave her off either. She has tools, if she learns how to properly use them I think she could earn the accolades she’s already being given. That’s not for me to determine though, it’ll be up for Starkz and what dedication and determination she ultimately has.

Either way, Allie Kat spotlighted her here and I give credit for trying to hype up and showcase new talent. Allie Kat seems like a generally good and fun person, so while I’m not the biggest fan of her wrestling I give her credit for constantly trying to improve. I can’t knock that, it’s real hot girl shit. Also, she makes me swoon. Again, the show is called Real Hot Girl Shit so I’m not hiding these things. As for the match itself, not a recommended watch but I didn’t find it bad either. I believe they acquitted themselves well. I think it was a feel-good match that you can have fun with and I’m completely okay with that.

The show ended with the Sweatpants battle royal. Look, due to circumstance, I UNDERSTAND why it went on last. That said, on a show that was predominantly women I wish they found a way to have the women main event the show. I can hear the grumbling on what I say next, but Starkz vs. Allie Kat should’ve been the main event. With that out of the way, we had the sweatpants battle royale. This match was presented for a good cause (Planned Parenthood, which I will always defend and support) so I have no problem with it existing. My issue is with the placement, but again I understand. JTG winning makes me smile though, and ultimately for “reasons” I had fun with this match. No, I’ll keep the reasons to myself thank you very much. Deal with it.

Ultimately, I won’t recommend this show. I personally had fun with it in the end, but it’s hard to imagine everyone doing so. It’s hard to imagine the majority of readers doing so. I’ll be nice and lenient though. The template for success is there. The blueprint does exist. I sincerely want shows like this to be on my Mania Weekends. I hope if a second chance presents itself they’ll be able to go to the drawing board, make adjustments, improvements, tweeks and twerks (At least one twerk) and corrections. I think it is possibly we get a stronger, bolder show filled to the brim with real hot girl shit if another chance happens. I respect and appreciate the talent putting themselves out there, I sincerely feel bad they didn’t draw. That’s the gamble with WrestlingMania weekend when it’s so bloated and full. Some shows draw, some shows don’t. Real Hot Girl Shit didn’t draw live, but I’d be willing to give it another chance in the future. For I truly believe rooting and supporting for improvement and success is some REAL HOT GIRL SHIT.