The Collective
Rickey Shane Page’s Spring Break 5
Friday, April 9
8:00 P.M
Cuban Club
Ybor City, Florida

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NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wrestlers may be removed from shows due to positive COVID-19 tests or exposure, so cards may be different than what is previewed below.

Spring Break has now become a staple of wrestling weekend. An evening of wrestling, rowdy crowds, and in general a whole lot of fuckery. It is usually one of the most hyped events of the weekend, one of the more successful events of the weekend, each iteration bringing forth an eclectic mixture of wrestling, oddities, and at times going on tooooooo damn long. While the results may always vary, it is always something to look forward to. An indisputable potential highlight of the weekend. A show that for better and for worse has changed the landscape of Wrestlemania weekend and has earned itself a permanent place in it’s proceedings. This year is quite different as Janela has lost control of Spring Break and it will be run by Ricky Shane Page (FUCK OHIO). Who knows what wrenches and curveballs he has planned for this event as we go into it. 

We do know there will be a lack of a clusterfuck, and while I do dare to dream, I have no doubt it’ll rear its extremely long and overly excessive head at some point and we’ll have to deal with it. It can be fun, but it can also be a slog. It’s a weird mixture of “this is a whole lot of fun” and “this needs to end already”. For tradition’s sake I kind of hope it does appear, but I also have a lack of respect for tradition so… please stay away? This show doesn’t need to be four or five hours long, and no clusterfuck would go a long way to achieving that. So please, just don’t.

This show has perhaps one of the biggest main events of the weekend. One of the heaviest story-wise as Ricky Shane Page versus Nick Gage will happen once again to finally put an end to their feud once and for all. Oh yes, there will be blood. There will be violence, more than likely Nick Gage will be the GOD OF THIS SHIT once more and return to his rightful throne. I envision one of the better and loudest crowd reactions/participation of the night when this match goes down. Perhaps of the entire weekend.  I absolutely was all into their encounter at Run Rickey Run (one of my favorite matches of 2020) and I have no doubt I’ll be fully invested here. I’m ready for Nick Gage to get his title back, and I’m ready to watch Rickey Shane Page get bludgeoned, beaten, battered, and bloodied. This is gonna be entertaining. This is a must-watch of the weekend and is in my opinion the biggest draw for Spring Break this year outside of the Spring Break name itself.

That said the undercard is a mix of matches that becomes a grabbag. You may not be into all of it, but you’re going to be into something. There is something for everyone here. Something you can sink your teeth into regardless of your tastes and preferences. For me, that would be Joey Janela versus Chris Dickinson. Janela versus Chris Dickinson has a high potential to nail it out of the park. Janela’s tendency to self-indulge and go long needs to reign in here but if this is kept compact, a bit stiff, and they can keep up the hate this could be special. I like Janela but ever since his return to GCW many of his matches have missed the mark for me. I have a feeling this one won’t because he’s in there with The Dirty Daddy who I know is going to bring it because that’s what he freaking does. This match has the potential to be great if the usually Janela pitfalls can be kept out of things. I would love to see a Dirty Daddy victory, but Janela could also get his revenge and win. The fact I keep going back and forth on the victor gives me the extra edge needed to really get into this match and root for it to excel.

Then you got matches like Rich Swann versus Lee Moriarity.

Moriarity never disappoints me and Swann is a top-notch talent. They could potentially have the in-ring work match of the night here, and a match that ends up high on my list of favorite matches of the weekend. I’m so glad it was booked and we’re getting it. That’s one of the potential strengths of Springbreak. You get workrate, you get gimmick fuckery, and you get young talent such as Starboy Charlie and Billie Starkz. Starkz has a busy weekend, a lot of eyes on her, and a lot of doubters to prove wrong and silence. There’s no guarantee she will, but here she is with another spotlight and another hungry talent in Starboy Charlie. This match is only on my radar because I’m curious if they can win me over or not. I’m not automatically selling this as good, because that’s not a guarantee, but I am selling this as two youths trying to prove they have the goods. If they succeed, more power to them and I will gladly admit it.

Then you’re going to get some Lucha shit. Good lucha shit with Gringo Loco, Black Taurus, and Arez versus Laredo Kid, Dragon Bane and Aramis. I expect some high flying insanity and while my lucha knowledge is admittedly limited, I know enough names in here to know there is very little possibility this won’t be good. Black Taurus rules, Arez rules, Laredo Kid rules. That alone makes this a must watch for me, something that is going to be a highlight reel of the evening. The you’re going to want to gif that shit that we on social media crave and put too much stock into, but it’s fucking cool as hell so who cares. This is a blink and you might miss something, and you don’t want to miss anything so I suggest you get your eyes open “A Clockwork Orange Style” and prepare to take this in.

You got Effy versus Gregory Iron with “high stakes” of Big Gay Brunch Control and being a Bitch For A Day. You got  Atticus Cougar versus  MASADA which while I personally don’t think it’ll be great, it’ll more than likely get your blood lust fulfilled. You got Lio Rush versus Jordan Oliver. GCW has been high on Oliver and Rush has been working his ass off since leaving WWE. This could be good, it could be a mess, you should watch either way just to see what the result ends up being because sometimes that’s what you got to do. This show has everything. Even Virgil? VIRGIL WILL APPEAR TO COLLECT THAT FUCK MONEY! And then there is the always not announced shit that will pop up and smack you in the face while screaming at you. Spring Break is a show, an event,a  spectacle, and you have to go into it with that mindset or you are going to have a bad time. While they may be workrate this isn’t the workrate show, this is tonight’s entertainment and workrate or no workrate the question at the end of it is “ARE YOU SPORTS ENTERTAINED” and the answer is more often than not yes.

But for this reviewer, it all comes back to Ricky Shane Page versus Nick Gage. GCW’s biggest and longest feud, one of the only major stories playing out and ending Wrestlemania weekend. I don’t know what Nick Gage’s condition is, I hope he can go as close to 100 percent as possible. No doubt there’s going to be a lot of glass,, thumbtacks, barbwire, doors, shenanigans, bullshit, interference, short cuts, I can keep going on to make this match work. It WILL WORK on the strength of the history, the story, the hatred, the fact the crowd will be hungry, thirsty, demanding the return of Nick Gage where he belongs. No doubt in my mind at the end of the night they will be given exactly that. Rickey Shane Page is about to get fucked, and we’re all going to be smoking a cigarette afterward.

I don’t even smoke.