Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6
Thursday, April 8
8:00 p.m.
The Cuban Club
Ybor City, Florida

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NOTE: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, wrestlers may be removed from shows due to positive COVID-19 tests or exposure, so cards may be different than what is previewed below.

Is Josh Barnett vs. Jon Moxley really happening? Like for real real? This isn’t some fever dream where I’m going to wake up and once again be denied this match existing?

I feel like I’ve been waiting for this match-up forever. Staph infections and pandemics have prevented it from happening but at last, IT IS TIME. Third times the charm and finally Moxley/Barnett is upon us. Perhaps one of the matches I am most amped and hyped about for WrestleMania Weekend. The biggest reason for this is it’s absolutely happening after two attempts to pull it off have failed. I kept grinding my teeth as we approached WrestleMania Weekend expecting the rug to be pulled from under us once more, once again having a last-second replacement match while fine ended up not being as we had hoped.

Moxley vs. Barnett is upon us and will headline Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 6 which depending on how the show ends up will either be remembered as a highly loaded card, or an unnecessarily bloated event. With a whopping twelve matches on the card, I expect several of these to be very short if not one-sided. This is a lot of matches for a pandemic-era event, but I give Bloodsport credit for its willingness to take WrestleMania Weekend as a chance to throw anything and everything at the wall and see what sticks. Sometimes you just have to go for it, and they are diving all in.

I have been a defender and supporter of the Bloodsport concept since its inception. It has had its highs and lows, miscalculations and missteps, but through it all I feel it has gained ground and improved footing. I thought Bloodsport 4 and Bloodsport 5 (especially 5) were well-done iterations. Those were without crowds though. Bloodsport 6 is returning in front of an audience and I can’t wait to see what the turn out is and how they react once more.

This show will have a fascinating, interesting, and at times a downright weird mix of talent being thrown into the Bloodsport spotlight,. Moxley/Barnett is rightfully the headline to this affair but there is no doubt there is enough of an eclectic group of undercard matches to keep you interested until we reach our featured presentation.

At twelve matches this is one of the more packed cards of the weekend. Crowded and crammed with talent all hopefully hungry to steal the show. Chris Dickinson vs. Shane Mercer stands out immediately. I’ve been singing the praises, slightly out of key, with my words for a bit and he does great in Bloodsport. Mercer is a beast, a talent, fun to watch. These two clashing in the Bloodsport format if given time and space could steal the show right from under Moxley/Barnett.

I have no idea what to expect with Shlak versus Superbeast but I am here the fuck for it. Superbeast caught me off guard with how much I got into him at Bloodsport 4 and 5 and I’m glad to see him return against Shlak who I’m pretty sure is going to be swinging for the fences. I would not be surprised if we get the BLOOD in bloodsport in this match. I’m not saying this will be high-end, I’m just saying I wouldn’t expect to be bored with it.

Allysin Kay who I loved in this environment returns to face Masha Slamovich in one of two women’s matches (KZT vs. Janai Kai). Allysin Kay has proven her worth in these events and Slamovich is a nice first-time addition that I have no doubt will seize this opportunity.

Rocky Romero ruled when he debuted in Bloodsport, and now he’s going to be in the ring with Chavo Guerrero Jr.? This is a match I could’ve never predicted ending up on this show, and you know what, I’m fine with it! I’m all for wrestlers I’m not anticipating to show up and attempt to leave their mark. Chavo Guerrero Jr. has never been someone I was high on, but he’s always been solid and if he’s motivated this could be a sleeper match of the show.

I could easily fall into the trap of giving each match a small paragraph write-up, but just know you got a lot here to gravitate toward you. I have no doubt not everything is going to hit its mark, or slap, or be a winner.

No matter the strength, or lack of, the undercard presents itself with this event will be remembered by the main event. Moxley has not disappointed in Bloodsport. His match with Chris Dickinson was very good and his match with Davey Boy Smith Jr. was one of my favorite Bloodsport matches and exactly the type of Bloodsport Moxley match I crave.

Barnett, the show’s namesake, can lay claim to having the best match in Bloodsport history: his 2019 battle with Minoru Suzuki.

The only blemish of which is it ended without a winner and I’m hoping we don’t run into a similar problem this year. To be a true success, Moxley vs. Barnett must have a decisive victor. Give us time, give us a fight, give us a victor. There can always be a round 2.

No nonsense, no thrills, no bullshit. In a weekend that over the years has gotten watered down, more ridiculous, themed, and over the top, Bloodsport is stripped bare, real, raw, and ready to fight. Twelve matches is a tall order, especially in a pandemic, but if the majority of these matches can stand and deliver we won’t be here complaining about the quantity, and we will be cheering on the quality. I am all for Bloodsport 6 I am all for Moxley and Barnett finally getting it on, and I am highly anticipating seeing how the undercard ends up stacking up. Bloodsport 6 has a chance to be a high-end show of the weekend, but it will be Moxley/Barnett’s performance together that will end up determining how the show is remembered. I hope it ends up being remembered well.

  • Josh Barnett vs. Jon Moxley
  • KZT vs. Janai Kai
  • Shlak vs. Superbeast
  • Lio Rush vs. Yoya
  • Allysin Kay vs. Masha Slamovich
  • Rocky Romero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
  • Alex Coughlin vs. Royce Isaacs
  • Matt Makowski vs. Heddi Karaoui
  • Bad Dude Tito vs. Victor Benjamin
  • Simon Grimm vs. Alexander James
  • Chris Dickinson vs. Shane Mercer
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. KTB