This March & April, VOW Retro will be covering The Granddaddy of Them All, The Showcase of the Immortals, The Greatest Spectacle in Sports Entertainment: WrestleMania!

We’re going to do things differently though and instead of covering JUST WrestleMania main events, we’re going to cover WrestleMania main events, WrestleMania openers, tag matches, singles matches, gimmick matches and everything in-between.

We’re calling it the WrestleMania Wrandomizer!

I’ve entered every single WrestleMania match from 1985-2015 (all 303 of them) into a randomizer and have generated a list of matches from which I’ll review.

Now while not every match will be long or important, we will still give each one the care and attention you’ve come to expect from VOW Retro. Even if we’re covering some six-minute, nothing-happening Volkoff & Iron Shiek vs. The Killer Bees match, we’ll still be going deep into the background of the match, the performers, the event & more!

The WrestleMania Wrandomizer series will kick off at the conclusion of the current VOW Retro: The Arrival NXT series. All episodes will be available on our $5 tier.

Now a question for you guys: would you like to see the match list ahead of time or would you like to be surprised as episodes drop?