We don’t need to build up, let us cut to the chase.

When Chris Dickinson finally made his first appearance on NJPW Strong elation was the emotion I felt. If anyone deserves more spotlight it’s the “Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson. Not only does he excel in the ring physically but give him a microphone and his emotion, his passion, and his strength come out with each word that pours out of his mouth. Chris Dickinson simply put is pro wrestling.

I didn’t always feel that way. I have a bad habit of being slow on the take with certain wrestlers as I’ve admitted in previous articles, and Chris Dickinson fits that mold. I remember when he won me over. I remember the match where Chris Dickinson stood in the ring opposite Daisuke Sekimoto at Beyond Wrestling’s Americanrana 2019 and they proceeded to tear into each other. The sweat flying with each blow from these competitors was mesmerizing and I remember having two thoughts”

  1. Shit, Chris Dickinson is fantastic.
  2. Shit, I need Chris Dickinson in the G1 Climax

At the time of these thoughts, I never could calculate or figure out a pathway for this happening. I couldn’t figure out if that would ever be in the cards. What I did know was Chris Dickinson was tearing into the independents. A scene that continues to be depleted, drained and feasted upon by the bigger wrestling beasts. One thing could be counted on, Chris Dickinson was going to tear it up. Whether it be Beyond, GCW, or any other independent who could book him to make an appearance Chris Dickinson would go in the ring and he would put on a performance. When older wrestlers constantly complain about wrestling getting soft (which is bull in this girl’s opinion, but that’s another article) Chris Dickinson throws that in their face. When he’s in the ring he’s as hard as they come. When he’s on the microphone there is no weakness in a damn thing he says. He knows where he stands, he means what he says, and every word isn’t some overly scripted non-sense that conveys zero emotion and gets nary a response. It is from the heart, it is from the soul, it is from his very being and it rocks you like a Chris Dickinson chop to the chest. The chop admittedly probably hurts more.

2020 looked to be a big year for Dickinson. Especially Mania 2020 weekend. A plethora of matchups was made that made it look like that weekend would be a Dickinson showcase. One, in particular, had me giddy, Dickinson vvs. Minoru Suzuki at Bloodsport. I was ecstatic. The Dirty Daddy versus Murder Grandpa? That looked damn good. I couldn’t imagine it being anything but good. I was so hyped for it. It was my most looked forward to matchup of the weekend. For reasons we don’t need to go over again, it did not happen. I remember at a GCW show shortly before things got shut down Chris Dickinson got on the microphone and (I’m misquoting here) said something to the effect of how no one was getting more screwed than him. It wasn’t said with disappointment, it wasn’t said with sadness, it was just the truth. That weekend looked to be Dickinson’s big break out weekend and it was taken away.

But Dickinson did not lay down and die. He survived, held out, and when the opportunities came back he got down to business. Just as before he would march down to the ring with purpose and focus. When that bell rung you know whoever was across from him better bring their top game or they would get devoured alive. It’s true, I’ve watched matches where it happened. Chris Dickinson brings his best and brings his hardest, you best be ready to do the same.

Then he appeared on NJPW Strong and I instantly took notice because there it was, my dream now had a pathway to reality.

Chris Dickinson in the G1 Climax would be an amazing fit. Where some wrestlers in the past the curiosity is whether or not they will be able to handle their first G1 Climax and stand out, there’s no doubt in my mind Dickinson would. I don’t know when it’ll be possible to happen with the ever-changing and unpredictable world but I do know I want it badly. Hell, I bet if I got to interview him he would say he wants it badly. That’s just projecting of course but I can’t imagine Dickinson not jumping at the opportunity. Just imagine the potential matchups. Dickinson vs. Tomohiro Ishii, Dickinson vs. Shingo Takagi, and yes, finally, Dickinson versus the “Murder Grandpa” himself Minoru Suzuki. The hard-hitting no-nonsense style of Dickinson would work well with these crops of wrestlers that he finds himself in the same mold of. It’s not just these matchups though. It’s the clash of styles as well. Dickinson vs. Zack Sabre Jr. Dickinson vs. Juice Robinson. Yes, I’ll include it, Dickinson vs. Toru Yano. I know some of you would want that. All of these new matchups, new possibilities, doors that if they don’t open up for Dickinson I have no problem with him kicking them down.

Beyond my personal selfishness and desire of wanting to see Dickinson in the G1 Climax, he’s earned it. The awful truth of this world is hard work doesn’t pay off. You could work yourself to the bone all your life and at the end of it realize it was all for naught. Pro wrestling is the same. You can grind and grind, you can push to push only to find after many years you are still standing still. Some pack it up and go home. Some just keep doing the same thing over and over again assuming it’ll change (it doesn’t). Others just keep upping their game, improving their game, changing their game until something works and achieves results.

Chris Dickinson? He just kept pushing through, he kept fighting through. He kept working. There wasn’t a roadblock, an obstacle, a challenge h couldn’t burst through with his grit and work ethic. Nothing was promised, but everything was earned. Hard Work might not always pay off, but zero work guarantees you’ll get nowhere. Dickinson has put in the work, it has been hard and harsh. If anyone deserves the payoffs it is the Dirty Daddy. I hope he gets to the G1 Climax. Not just because of my need and my want for him to be there, but he’s earned it. Deserve has nothing to do with this scenario. The wearer of the dick strings belongs in NJPW, he belongs in the G1 Climax, and I can’t wait for when (it will be when) it finally happens. Dick Strings and the G1 Climax, I can’t think of a more deserving duo.