Welcome back to Open the Voice Gate – Rewind and Rewatch, where Case (https://twitter.com/_inyourcase) and Mike (https://twitter.com/fujiiheya) are Rewinding and Rewatching the Dragon Gate USA era of shows. 

It is Dragon Gate USA’s final anniversary weekend, and episode 43 covers the first show of it: Bushido: Code of the Warrior 2013 from the Queens Elks Lodge in, Queens, NY on 7/27/2013!

Before getting into today’s episode, Case and Mike take a look at the North American landscape with more Ring of Honor iPPV drama, contracts lapsing, the first stop in on Beyond Wrestling, and the farewells to departed DGUSA roster members!

Case and Mike then talk about Bushido: Code of the Warrior 2013, perhaps the last sleeper show in DGUSA history. Bushido features a Chuck Taylor vs Jon Davis Bunkhouse Match, first time ever Anthony Nese vs Akira Tozawa, and a Gabe speciality, the first (and last) Best Two out of Three Six-Man Gate of Destiny match with CIMA, AR Fox and Tomahawk TT versus the team of the Young Bucks and Ricochet! Where does the Gate of Heaven fall on the One to Stable Shootout Gabe Insane Idea Meter?

The show review starts at 00:46:53

The previous Evolve Chuck Taylor vs Jon Davis match can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IapN3XEF1ZM 

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