The Voices of Wrestling 2020 Match of the Year countdown officially starts with matches #100-76!



Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Yoshiko & Sareee

Overall Points: 11
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 3rd

Tag team excellence was important this year when it came to professional wrestling. One of the best instances of that came when Sareee teamed with Yoshiko to faceoff with the Best Friends of SEAdLINNNG for the Beyond The Seas Tag Team Championships. There was something incredibly special in the team of Sareee and Yoshiko that shouldn’t be so easy to find in such a short time. Perhaps the biggest gift of the brutal year that was 2020 is that Sareee had the chance to work an extended time before heading to WWE. What this match brought was hard-hitting action with a number of near-falls that had you drawn in from beginning to end. The surprising finish when Arisa Nakajima and Tsukasa Fujimoto lost their titles completed the greatness that was this match. It was near the best tag team matches of the year and its placement is a sign of that.” -Scott Edwards 

DIY vs. Moustache Mountain

Overall Points: 12
Total Votes: 2
% of Ballots: 1.2%
Highest Vote: 3rd

Just Before Johnny Gargano Turned On Tomasso Ciampa, The Two Would Reunite DIY For One Night At Worlds Collide As They Faced Moustache Mountain. It Was A Dream Match Of Sorts Pitting Against The Best Team From NXT And NXT UK. The Match Started Like If It Was Happening on a House Show, At One Point There Was A Moustache Measuring Contest Between Ciampa And Seven. But As The Match Went On, Things Started Picking Up, As It Was An Absolute Clinic And With Every Near Fall The Crowd Got Louder And Louder. While DIY Was The Superior Team Here, Moustache Mountain Gave It There All. With The Explosive Offence Of Tyler Bate While Seven Was A Great Supporting ACT, Proving That They Should not Be Underestimated. DIY Won The End, With Both Teams Earning Each Others Respect” -suprit ramnathkar

Shingo Takagi vs. SHO

Overall Points: 12
Total Votes: 3
% of Votes: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 5th

The next stage in my favorite rivalry in New Japan. I love a match where you can just feel the HATE two competitors have for each other. A perfectly worked match considering the circumstances.” -Brady Childs

Riho vs. Nyla Rose

Overall Points: 12
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 4th

For all of the criticism thrown at the AEW’s women’s division and the company’s handling of it, this match was as good as basically any other match in 2020. Both in terms of in ring work and heat, which is incredible given it was a very new company and a division that received less focus than others.

Nyla Rose made tremendous progress between her first AEW match and her first title match with Riho, and more between that and the rematch. She looked great here and Riho is one of the best at making people look like monsters. Riho looks like she is absolutely destroyed by Nyla’s offense and can barely mount counters, which Nyla this time has counters to the counters. Nyla surviving multiple top rope foot stomps by getting her leg on the rope followed by the spear and Beast Bomb made for a tremendous finish. The crowd was losing their minds down the stretch and for good reason. Tony rightfully describes it as “one ass kicking match.”” -Mongo Underscore Ebooks

Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page

Overall Points: 12
Total Votes: 4
% of Ballots: 2.4%
Highest Vote: 6th

I really enjoyed this match. It was just really snappy and everything worked maybe it’s because I never saw them wrestle before but this ruled and made me want to see more of their matches. TLDR I discovered Kenny Omega was good in 2020 .” -Sarah4L

Lee Moriarty vs. Daniel Makabe

Overall Points: 13
Total Votes: 2
% of Ballots: 1.2%
Highest Vote: 4th

“2020 has been the year where independent wrestling seems to have heavily skewed towards deathmatches – especially after the restart, as it feels like a lot of shows (especially the ones that make tape) are of that genre. Even using names who typically don’t do that style. So you’ll forgive me for having circled this match out when things were being announced for the Collective. With this being Moriarty’s first match of the weekend, what we got was a masterpiece of a match – a technical match that felt like everything was being done for a reason. Moves and holds that sought to gain an advantage, rather than “because we can”. Moriarty had Makabe scouted throughout, but trying to beat someone with their own hold was too much of a flex… as the finish proved. One to watch for those looking for some wrestling in their, erm, indie wrestling.” -Ian Hamilton

Suwama vs. Shotaro Ashino

Overall Points: 13
Total Votes: 2
% of Ballots: 1.2%
Highest Vote: 3rd

This was the best match of the no people era in my opinion. I absolutely loved this match. Ashino and Suwama have incredible chemistry. Which has continued in all of their meetings since. It’s probably so high for me just because of the emotional investment I had. But if you like simple hard-hitting wrestling and a ton of suplexes I think you’ll love it too. They don’t really try to do anything flashy, it’s just passion, striking, and a hell of a lot of suplexes. And Ashino’s selling of his defeat is excellent. The further along the match went the more you could see Ashino’s desperation on his face and when Suwama went for the finish you could just see Ashino knew he was dead.” -TJ Folk

Titan vs. Soberano Jr.

Overall Points: 13
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 3rd

Like jumping into a cool lake on a hot day, Titan vs. Soberano might not be totally appreciated outside the context of the broken promotion where it occurred. It was more a BOSJ final than a traditional lucha libre one, but the effort and thought put into was refreshing compared to the rest of the year in CMLL.” -thecubsfan

John Cena vs. The Fiend

Overall Points: 13
Total Votes: 4
% of Ballots: 2.4%
Highest Vote: 3rd

I know what you’re thinking. Stop it. Hear me out.

This was the most fun I had all year with wrestling, bar none. From second one to the finale, this was a perfect encapsulation of everything that the incredibly silly part of wrestling can be. We’re watching cartoon characters, except we’re not, they’re real, actual, factual people. I loved every moment of this match, even if I would never call it a match in the traditional sense. I can’t in good conscience put it any higher than this spot, but when the world was turning to shit, this was a bright spot that made me forget about the problems facing us all for a little bit.

Thank you. You may now boo me.” -slyguy46

Shotaro Ashino & Kuma Arashi vs. Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 1
% of Ballots
1 First-Place Vote

Four big buachaillí bating lumps out of each other. What more do you want? Match of the year! Kuma Arashi is my favorite wrestler his energy got my through 2020 still a wrestling fan.” -Sarah4L

Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga vs. Riho & Yuna Mizumori
Gatoh Move

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 1
% of Ballots: 0.6%
1 First-Place Vote

The feud/series of matches that I was most emotionally invested in this year is Mei Suruga and Yuna Mizumori. Adding Baliyan Akki (Mei Suruga’s Best Bro and tag partner) and to return homecoming of Riho to mix made it even more awesome special. High paced creative fun and emotion to delight in. This is my 2020 Match of the Year.” -Henry Rivers/HeadCheese

Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid & Saya Iida vs. Giulia, Syuri, Maika & Himeka

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 1
% of Ballots: 0.6%
1 First-Place Vote

When you think match of the year we tend to think one type of match. Exciting action, breathtaking spots, lots of drama and nearfalls. This was none of those things. Watching this in a vacuum you would think this is a very good **** to ****1/4 match. This wasn’t even the best multi-person contest in Stardom in 2020. What made this so special were the circumstances that lead up to it. This was the first show after a months long shutdown, but more importantly the first main event since Arisa Hoshiki’s retirement and Hana Kimura’s tragic passing. This was a very difficult watch at times, and I cried multiple times with Giulia paying respect to Hana by doing the running in place Yakuza Kick, and Tam doing Arisa’s top rope kick. This also set up what we would see throughout the rest of the year, with Donna Del Mondo dominating Stardom and setting up the Tam/Giulia feud. Was this the best match of 2020 from a traditional standpoint? Absolutely not. But to me this redefined what a match of the year could be. It made me smile, it made me cry. It was beautiful and painful, it was a tribute to those we lost, but also a beacon of hope. This match broke the rating system, and there was no other match that I could have put as my match of the year.” -Timothy Teresi

Daniel Makabe vs. Kevin Ku

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 1
% of Ballots: 0.6%
1 First-Place Vote

Jordan Oliver vs. Myron Reed
Synergy Pro Wrestling

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 1
% of Ballots: 0.6%
1 First-Place Vote

One of the greatest matches I’ve ever seen in person.

In a nod to Jordan Oliver’s viral clip from earlier this year, he and fellow Injustice member Myron Reed opened with a lightning-quick sequence that dazzled the capacity crowd (55 people as per the venue’s social distancing guidelines). As Oliver gained his composure on the outside, Reed pounced with a suicide dive that sent Oliver crashing into a chair. At this point, Oliver’s left shoulder was seemingly injured as he tucked it between his legs and tried to yank it back into place. Even though they’re brothers from another mother, Reed showed no mercy, immediately attacking the wounded body part. Wailing in agony, Oliver shouldn’t have expected any less from an Injustice member.

As the action continued, the masked crowd realized they were witnessing something special, chanting “This Is Awesome” and “Both These Guys” – acknowledgments not ubiquitous at Synergy Pro Wrestling. With adrenaline flowing, Oliver demanded Reed “man up” and take his chest protector off. Reed acquiesced and a chop battle ensued, ricocheting throughout the Garden State. Then, they knocked each other down with a roundhouse kick, only to kip up simultaneously and turn the heat up another notch. Drawing a rare “Holy Shit!” chant, Reed leapt over the ropes and RKO’ed Oliver from the apron to the floor. Tossing his dazed opponent back into the ring, Reed went for a 450 splash, but Oliver blocked with his knees and snatched Reed for the pin.” -John Corrigan

Jack Tucker vs. Thirteen
United Pro Wrestling

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 1
% of Ballots: 0.6%
1 First-Place Vote

18 months in the making, this was a fitting payoff to a long-running storyline, and a fitting ascension to the UPW Championship for Tucker.” -Matt McQueen

Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo
Impact Wrestling

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 2
% of Ballots: 1.2%
Highest Vote: 4th

The best women’s match of the year — all centered around the drama of working a body part.” -Bill Bodkin

Giulia vs. Tam Nakano

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 5th

“Giulia vs. Tam has become a Four Pillars-style feud where the danger escalates with each match. The first half of the match was devoted to dangerous techniques, with a couple of scary steep-angle drops, and the rest of the match was just them emptying their remaining reserves and laying bare their fighting spirit.” -aguakun

Utami Hyashishita vs. Momo Watanabe

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 3rd

Stardom’s 2020 was filled with the lowest of lows, and the highest of highs. Mayu Iwantani carried the red belt throughout the year and lost to Utami just before year-end. How the year ends, was up to arguably the promotions top worker (Momo) vs. the young upstart that just won the title. A match featuring faction members against one another is a simple classic story element. However, this match had more than that. Did this women’s match reach the proper gripping moments filled with high adrenaline-inducing spots for fans and the proper near falls? Did the promotion level up at the climax of this match after a year of such trials and tribulations? The answer to both is yes. No outsiders, nor freelancers getting a one-or-two off chance match. Just two women that went out to draw the largest house on the year for Stardom, and make the company and wrestlers better for it.” -Jacob Woolley

Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin

Overall Points: 14
Total Votes: 4
% of Ballots: 2.4%
Highest Vote: 7th

It’s too bad the pandemic robbed us of more Tyler Bate this year. He still managed to make It into the Match of the Year conversation, a testament to his skill. Devlin was a great opponent for Bate on this night.” -Greg Parks

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

Overall Points: 15
Total Votes: 4
% of Ballots: 2.4%
Highest Vote: 4th

When a Royal Rumble is great, it’s something that will stick with fans for years to come. Brock Lesnar laying waste to the first half of 2020’s match is a legitimately great moment in a company that has never struggled more to create those, despite trying harder than ever to do so.” -Barry Murphy

Lee Moriarty vs. ACH

Overall Points: 15
Total Votes: 4
% of Ballots: 2.4%
Highest Vote: 3rd

From the best indie show on US soil in 2020 came this exceptional match between a reinvigorated and uncompromising ACH against Moriarty, who is quickly being recognized as one of the best in the world. Great back and forth as ACH scrambled to figure out how to put Moriarty away. Remember this match when Moriarty becomes inevitable.” -Warren Hayes

Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Naomi Yoshimura & Yuki Ueno

Overall Points: 16
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 5th

I am counting this particular semi-main and main event as one solid match. Trios titles on the line in “fall” 1, immediately followed by the tag titles on the line in “fall 2” as Higuchi and Sakaguchi vs. Yoshimura and Ueno. A match fully described by exhaustion. Fall 1 came for Eruption and basically eliminating Ueno from the equation. Unfortunately for Nautilus (Ueno and Yoshimura) they needed to wrestle again. Yoshimura was then tasked with taking the tag title match solo with his partner now incapacitated. The beating and survival of this man to the massive Higuchi and killer Sakaguchi was all worth it for the Ueno return into the match. You, the fan, felt the fight coming from the beaten-down champion. However, the beating was simply too long and too hard as Eruption took them down. That lasting moment as Ueno reached for his partner to break up the pin but simply could not find the strength to do it coming up short was utterly captivating. A must watch tag match on the year.” -Jacob Woolley

Marcius Pitt vs. Davis Storm

Overall Points: 16
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 3rd

For Your Consideration

Super underrated match. Australia always gives us some bangers and this one is a good example. Here we don’t need a big international name or an import, just 2 local talents and a fantastic story that everybody wanted to see. You don’t need to follow the promotion to get invested in the match. The work inside the ring, the promo package, the reactions from the crowd and the fantastic work by the commentary team let you know everything that you need. Great dynamic, with the babyface trying to overcome all the odds to win the big one and the old-school heel trying to end his career and cutting off all his comebacks. The oldest story in professional wrestling. but told in a beautiful way. Do yourself a favour and watch this match ASAP.” -Álex Giménez

Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Yuki Ishikawa

Overall Points: 16
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
Highest Vote: 3rd

They went all out with this one. What a fantastic display of violence, and pure awesomeness, with Sakuda showing an outstanding performance. Not for everyone, but if you like/love deathmatch, this is a must-watch.” -Gin Malkavar

Jake Lee, Shuji Ishikawa & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Kento Miyahara, Suwama & Zeus

Overall Points: 16
Total Votes: 3
% of Ballots: 1.8%
1 First-Place Vote 

I love this match. At the time the world was entering lockdowns and wrestling was entering a new phase of limited to no audiences and this match showed to me that you could have excellent professional wrestling without any fans (but some wrestlers and staff cheering on the action). At the time this match showed me that modern-day All Japan can hearken back to it’s past of having high-end multi-man tag matches be amazing matches in their own right.” -WH Park

Voices of Wrestling 2020 Match of the Year

PlaceMatchDatePromotionOverall PointsTotal Votes% of ballotsHighest Vote
1Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. The Young Bucks2/29AEW106912272.2%1st
2Tetsuya Naito vs. Kazuchika Okada1/5NJPW93610662.7%1st
3Kazuchika Okada vs. Kota Ibushi1/4NJPW8319958.6%1st
4WALTER vs. Ilja Dragunov10/29WWE (NXT UK)5658349.1%1st
5Will Ospreay vs. Hiromu Takahashi1/4NJPW5087846.2%1st
6Go Shiozaki vs. Takashi Sugiura12/6NOAH4345633.1%1st
7Hiromu Takahashi vs. El Desperado12/11NJPW3405532.5%1st
8Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Go Shiozaki11/22NOAH3074224.9%1st
9RED vs. Toryumon Gen12/20Dragongate2763721.9%1st
10Kenny Omega vs. PAC2/26AEW1713420.1%1st
11Stadium Stampede5/23AEW1662816.6%1st
12Kazuchika Okada vs. Shingo Takagi10/10NJPW1463520.7%2nd
13Villano III Jr. vs. Aéreo3/1AAA1452414.2%1st
14Santana/Ortiz vs. Best Friends9/16AEW1422917.2%1st
15Kota Ibushi vs. Minoru Suzuki10/10NJPW1232213.0%1st
16Jon Moxley vs. Minoru Suzuki2/9NJPW1152816.6%1st
17Mayu Iwatani vs. Takumi Iroha2/8Stardom1142112.4%2nd
18Mizuki vs. Yuka Sakazaki11/7TJPW1111911.2%1st
19FTR vs. The Young Bucks11/7AEW1092514.8%2nd
20Tetsuya Naito vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi9/20NJPW1032213.0%2nd
21Go Shiozaki vs. Kazuyuki Fujita3/29NOAH91137.7%1st
22Kento Miyahara vs. Zeus10/5AJPW811810.7%2nd
23Yuki Ishikawa vs. Daisuke Ikeda3/7wXw80116.5%1st
24Adam Page, Alex Reynolds & John Silver vs. MJF, Ortiz & Santana12/30AEW771810.7%1st
25Mayu Iwatani vs. Takumi Iroha10/18Stardom75116.5%1st
26Sasha Banks vs. Bayley10/25WWE66105.9%1st
27Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay2/14RevPro61158.9%2nd
28Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Go Shiozaki1/4NOAH59116.5%3rd
29Hiromu Takahashi vs. Ryu Lee2/9NJPW58116.5%2nd
30Kenny Omega vs. Laredo Kid12/12AAA51105.9%2nd
31Mike Bailey vs. Bandido3/7wXw5074.1%1st
32Brodie Lee vs. Cody10/7AEW49158.9%6th
33Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay9/27NJPW49116.5%5th
34Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak3/8WWE4974.1%1st
35Finn Balor vs. Kyle O'Reilly10/4WWE (NXT)47116.5%3rd
36PAC vs. Orange Cassidy2/29AEW4695.3%1st
37Fred Yehi vs. Jeremy Wyatt6/27St. Louis Anarchy44105.9%2nd
38Matt Tremont vs. Rickey Shane Page10/30H204274.1%1st
39Kento Miyahara vs. Suwama3/23AJPW3895.3%1st
40Kota Ibushi vs. Tomohiro Ishii9/27NJPW3884.7%4th
41Kota Ibushi vs. Taichi10/16NJPW3884.7%5th
42Butcher & Blade vs. Natural Nightmares11/11AEW3774.1%1st
43Kaito Ishida vs. Keisuke Okuda11/3Dragongate3763.6%1st
44Eita vs. Naruki Doi8/2Dragongate3674.1%2nd
45Hideki Suzuki vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima2/16NOAH3674.1%4th
46Go Shiozaki vs. Kenoh8/10NOAH3653.0%2nd
47Chessman vs. Pagano12/12AAA3453.0%1st
48Hangman Page & Kenny Omega vs. The Lucha Brothers2/19AEW3195.3%4th
49Kagetsu & Mayu Iwatani vs. Jungle Kyona & Momo Watanabe1/26Stardom3153.0%4th
50Jake Lee vs. Kento Miyahara1/3AJPW2974.1%5th
51Tetsuya Endo vs. Daisuke Sasaki11/3DDT2942.4%1st
52Tomohiro Ishii vs. Jay White10/16NJPW2784.7%4th
53Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kaito Kiyomiya10/11NOAH2742.4%1st
54Cody vs. Eddie Kingston7/22AEW2742.4%3rd
55Wotan & Mascara Sagrada Jr. vs. El Hijo de Fishman & Mr. Condor2/15Lucha Strong2731.8%1st
56Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay2/2NJPW2674.1%4th
57Will Ospreay vs. Dowie James1/11MCW2642.4%1st
58Kzy vs. Naruki Doi2/7Dragongate2642.4%2nd
59Rickey Shane Page vs. Nick Gage2/15GCW2584.7%3rd
60AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan6/8WWE2574.1%2nd
61Shingo Takagi vs. Tomohiro Ishii9/30NJPW2553.0%1st
62Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly & Roderick Strong vs. Alexander Wolfe, Fabian Aichner, Marcel Barthel & WALTER1/25WWE (NXT)2542.4%2nd
63Minoru Suzuki vs. Yuji Nagata6/17NJPW2484.7%4th
64Brodie Lee vs. Cody8/22AEW2374.1%5th
65Arisa Nakajima vs. Yoshiko7/13SEAdLINNNG2263.6%6th
66Yuya Aoki vs. Fumenori Abe2/11BJW2253.0%4th
67Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso9/27WWE2053.0%5th
68Emi Sakura vs. Yuna Mizumori6/30Gatoh Move2021.2%1st
69Tomohiro Ishii vs. Minoru Suzuki9/19NJPW1953.0%4th
70Jun Akiyama vs. Konosuke Takeshita11/3DDT1942.4%3rd
71Hiromu Takahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii7/2NJPW1842.4%4th
72Mayu Iwatani vs. Jungle Kyona7/24Stardom1821.2%1st
72Daniel Bryan vs. Drew Gulak5/11WWE1821.2%1st
74Lee Moriarty vs. Jonathan Gresham10/10GCW1742.4%5th
75Mayumi Ozaki vs. Saori Anou8/28OZ Academy1731.8%3rd
76Jake Lee, Shuji Ishikawa & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Kento Miyahara, Suwama & Zeus4/6AJPW1631.8%1st
77Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda vs. Yuki Ishikawa6/21BJW1631.8%3rd
78Marcius Pitt vs. Davis Storm3/7EPW1631.8%3rd
79Kazusada Higuchi & Yukio Sakaguchi vs. Naomi Yoshimura & Yuki Ueno10/25DDT1631.8%5th
80Lee Moriarty vs. ACH10/9GCW1542.4%3rd
81Men's Royal Rumble Match1/26WWE1542.4%4th
82Tyler Bate vs. Jordan Devlin1/12WWE (NXT UK)1442.4%7th
83Utami Hyashishita vs. Momo Watanabe12/20Stardom1431.8%3rd
84Giulia vs. Tam Nakano10/3Stardom1431.8%5th
85Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo7/18Impact Wrestling1421.2%4th
86Shotaro Ashino & Kuma Arashi vs. Shuji Ishikawa & Suwama11/18AJPW1410.6%1st
86Baliyan Akki & Mei Suruga vs. Riho & Yuna Mizumori7/5Gatoh Move1410.6%1st
86Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, Starlight Kid & Saya Iida vs. Giulia, Syuri, Maika & Himeka6/21Stardom1410.6%1st
86Daniel Makabe vs. Kevin Ku1/5SUP1410.6%1st
86Jordan Oliver vs. Myron Reed7/25Synergy Pro Wrestling1410.6%1st
86Jack Tucker vs. Thirteen11/13United Pro Wrestling1410.6%1st
92John Cena vs. The Fiend4/5WWE1342.4%3rd
93Titan vs. Soberano Jr.9/25CMLL1331.8%3rd
94Suwama vs. Shotaro Ashino6/30AJPW1321.2%3rd
95Lee Moriarty vs. Daniel Makabe10/9SUP1321.2%4th
96Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Page11/7AEW1242.4%6th
97Riho vs. Nyla Rose2/12AEW1231.8%4th
98Shingo Takagi vs. SHO6/22NJPW1231.8%5th
99DIY vs. Moustache Mountain1/25WWE (NXT)1221.2%3rd
100Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Yoshiko & Sareee11/27SEAdLINNNG1131.8%3rd
101Daisuke Harada vs. Dick Togo1/30NOAH1131.8%5th
102MAO vs. Masato Tanaka2/23DDT1131.8%6th
103Kota Ibushi vs. SANADA10/18NJPW1131.8%6th
104Giulia vs. Syuri12/20Stardom1121.2%2nd
105Rich Swann vs. Eric Young10/24Impact Wrestling1121.2%3rd
106Kagetsu vs. Meiko Satomura2/24Kagetsu Retirement Show1121.2%4th
107Wotan & Super Dragons vs. El Hijo de Fishman & Amatheus12/5LLPM1121.2%5th
108Hirooki Goto & Tomohiro Ishii vs. EVIL & Shingo Takagi1/6NJPW1053.0%8th
109Thunder Rosa vs. Priscilla Kelly9/22UWN1042.4%7th
110Wardlow vs. Cody Rhodes2/19AEW1031.8%4th
110Will Ospreay vs. Tomohiro Ishii9/23NJPW1031.8%4th
112Mayu Iwatani vs. Momo Watanabe1/19Stardom1031.8%7th
113Yuki Ueno & Naomi Yoshimura vs. T-Hawk & El Lindaman6/7DDT1021.2%2nd
114MJF vs. Jungle Boy5/23AEW1021.2%6th
114Butcher & The Blade & The Lucha Brothers vs. The Young Bucks & FTR7/8AEW1021.2%6th
116Matt Riddle vs. Timothy Thatcher5/27WWE (NXT)942.4%6th
117Undisputed Era vs. Broserweights2/16WWE (NXT)931.8%4th
118Chris Dickinson vs. Matt Makowski 9/20Beyond Wrestling921.2%4th
118Will Ospreay vs. Bea Priestley3/16WrestleTalk921.2%4th
120Cody vs. Darby Allin11/7AEW921.2%5th
120Mayu Iwatani vs. Syuri10/3Stardom921.2%5th
122Mitch McCarthy vs. Rip Rielly2/29AWL910.6%2nd
122Natsumi Maki vs. Sareee1/4TJPW910.6%2nd
124Yuji Okabayashi vs.  Daisuke Sekimoto11/23BJW831.8%7th
125Hirooki Goto, Tomohiro Ishii & YOSHI-HASHI vs. Taichi, Zack Sabre Jr. & DOUKI10/23NJPW821.2%5th
126LA Park vs. Eddie Kingston2/14RevPro821.2%6th
127Minoru Suzuki vs. Shingo Takagi11/7NJPW821.2%7th
128Jon Moxley vs. Brodie Lee5/23AEW810.6%3rd
128Ace Perry vs. Lee Moriarty3/15Bizarro Lucha810.6%3rd
128Tim Hayden vs. LFB8/15IPW Australia810.6%3rd
128Mei Hoshizuki vs. Maria1/19Marvelous810.6%3rd
128Dangerous Tekkers vs. Golden Aces7/12NJPW810.6%3rd
128Giulia vs. Himeka10/29Stardom810.6%3rd
128Mayu Iwatani vs. Utami Hayashishita11/15Stardom810.6%3rd
128Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley4/5WWE810.6%3rd
136Masato Tanaka vs. Tetsuya Endo6/7DDT731.8%7th
136Minoru Suzuki vs. Shingo Takagi8/29NJPW731.8%7th
138Jeff Cobb vs. Tomohiro Ishii10/10NJPW731.8%7th
139AZM vs. Starlight Kid10/3Stardom721.2%5th
139Men's War Games12/6WWE (NXT)721.2%5th
141Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Kenoh9/18NOAH721.2%5th
141Timothy Thatcher vs. Oney Lorcan7/1WWE (NXT)721.2%5th
143Masashi Takeda vs. Toru Sugiura12/25FREEDOMS710.6%4th
143Mei Suruga vs. ASUKA5/23Gatoh Move710.6%4th
143Mei Suruga vs. Ryo Mizunami10/4Gatoh Move710.6%4th
143AZM & Kagetsu vs. Mayu Iwatani & Starlight Kid1/2Stardom710.6%4th
143Ivan Black vs. Ricky Rembrandt9/26United Pro Wrestling710.6%4th
143AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker4/4WWE710.6%4th
143The New Day vs. The Street Profits11/22WWE710.6%4th
143Mayumi Ozaki & Saori Anou vs. Aja Kong & Hiroyo Matsumoto2/24ZERO1710.6%4th
151Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend1/26WWE631.8%7th
152Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley -11/7AEW631.8%8th
153Suzu Suzuki vs. Tsukushi9/20Ice Ribbon621.2%7th
154Masaaki Mochizuki  vs. Kaito Kiyomiya  9/18NOAH621.2%8th
154Takumi Iroha, Rin Kadokura & Mei Hoshizuki vs. Momo Watanabe, AZM & Utami Hayashishita9/28Stardom621.2%8th
156CHANGO & Kaji Tomato vs. Kengo Mashimo & Kunio Toshima5/102AW610.6%5th
156Mei Suruga vs. Mitsuru Konno7/9Gatoh Move610.6%5th
156Emi Sakura & Riho vs. Mei Suruga & Yuna Mizumori9/26Gatoh Move610.6%5th
156Mei Suruga vs. Yuna Mizumori5/27Gatoh Move610.6%5th
156Trish Adora vs. Suge D10/9GCW610.6%5th
156Alex Colon vs. AKIRA10/17ICW610.6%5th
156Kota Ibushi vs. Shingo Takagi10/7NJPW610.6%5th
156Kenoh vs. Katsuhiko Nakajima8/4NOAH610.6%5th
156Lana Austin vs. Yuka Sakazaki1/11Pro Wrestling Eve610.6%5th
156Leon vs. Hanako Nakamori7/26PURE-J610.6%5th
156Jules Canan vs. Craven vs. Ritchie Taylor3/15Wide Bay Pro Wrestling610.6%5th
156Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Shotaro Ashino2/12Wrestle-1610.6%5th
156Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Makabe3/6wXw610.6%5th
169Takuya Nomura & Fuminori Abe vs. Kohei Sato & Daisuke Sekimoto8/10BJW531.8%9th
170Kaito Ishida vs. Keisuke Okuda11/15Dragongate521.2%7th
171Mitsuru Konno vs. Mei Suruga7/19Gatoh Move521.2%8th
172Kenny Omega & Hangman Page vs. The Young Bucks vs. Best Friends vs. Santana & Ortiz1/15AEW510.6%6th
172Jon Moxley vs. Darby Allin8/5AEW510.6%6th
172Lee Moriarty vs. Alex Shelley2/7AIW510.6%6th
172RED vs. Toryumon Generation12/6Dragongate510.6%6th
172AJ Gray vs. ACH10/10Glory Pro510.6%6th
172Jay White vs. Tetsuya Naito1/4NJPW510.6%6th
172Jay White vs. Kota Ibushi9/23NJPW510.6%6th
172Shingo Takagi vs. Hirooki Goto2/1NJPW510.6%6th
172Arisa Nakajima vs. Yoshiko1/24SEAdLINNNG510.6%6th
172Arisa Nakajima vs. ASUKA6/13SEAdLINNNG510.6%6th
172Arisa Hoshiki vs. Utami Hayashishita1/19Stardom510.6%6th
172Jake Nova vs. Tim Kade vs. Jackson Cross2/22Venom Pro Wrestling510.6%6th
172Roman Reigns vs. Jey Uso10/25WWE510.6%6th
185TJP vs. Hijo del Vikingo2/4Impact Wrestling421.2%8th
185Shingo Takagi vs. Tomohiro Ishii2/20NJPW421.2%8th
187Ayato Yoshida & Tank Nagai vs. Kaji Tomato & CHANGO3/252AW410.6%7th
187Zac Reynolds & Renegade vs. Wacol's Most Wanted5/93 Count Wrestling Academy410.6%7th
187Daniel Makabe vs. Judas Icarus1/103-2-1 BATTLE!410.6%7th
187The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher and The Blade7/22AEW410.6%7th
187Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley12/2AEW410.6%7th
187Tony Deppen vs. John Silver3/1Beyond Wrestling410.6%7th
187Kimber Lee vs. Joey Janela8/23Beyond Wrestling410.6%7th
187KAI vs. BxB Hulk vs. YAMATO vs. Yoshino vs. EITA vs. Big R Shimizu9/21Dragongate410.6%7th
187Hagane Shinnou vs. Keisuke Ishii7/26Ganbare Pro410.6%7th
187Maya Yukihi vs. Suzu Suzuki8/9Ice Ribbon410.6%7th
187Low Ki vs. Masashi Takeda1/4ICW410.6%7th
187The Great Space War12/11Michinoku Pro Wrestling410.6%7th
187KENTA vs. Hirooki Goto1/5NJPW410.6%7th
187El Desperado vs. Taiji Ishimori12/2NJPW410.6%7th
187Edge vs. Randy Orton6/14WWE410.6%7th
187Johnny Gargano vs. Finn Balor2/16WWE (NXT)410.6%7th
187Timothy Thatcher vs. Oney Lorcan7/22WWE (NXT)410.6%7th
187Io Shirai vs. Candice LaRae10/28WWE (NXT)410.6%7th
187Strong BJ vs. Dangan Yankees3/1ZERO1410.6%7th
187Yuji Hino vs. Kohei Sato3/1ZERO1410.6%7th
207Hiromu Takahashi vs. Toru Yano6/24NJPW331.8%10th
207Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay1/24NWA331.8%10th
209Arez vs. Tromba11/6Lucha Madre321.2%9th
210Daichi Hashimoto vs. Yuji Okabayashi1/2BJW310.6%8th
210Yasufumi Nakanoue vs. Yuya Aoki3/21BJW310.6%8th
210Masato Tanaka vs. MAO2/25DDT310.6%8th
210Naruki Doi vs. Susumu Yokosuka3/1Dragongate310.6%8th
210Davis Storm vs. Gavin McGavin12/5EPW310.6%8th
210ASUKA vs. Shota12/26Ganbare Pro310.6%8th
210Grizzly Kal Jak vs. Erik Hammer10/12GCW310.6%8th
210Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Suzu Suzuki3/15Ice Ribbon310.6%8th
210Tetsuya Naito vs. EVIL7/12NJPW310.6%8th
210Tetsuya Naito vs. Zack Sabre Jr.9/24NJPW310.6%8th
210Kazuchika Okada vs. Tomohiro Ishii10/13NJPW310.6%8th
210Jay White vs. Kota Ibushi11/7NJPW310.6%8th
210Shane Taylor vs. Jay Briscoe12/18Ring of Honor310.6%8th
210Briscoes vs. Bandido & Flamita2/9Ring of Honor310.6%8th
210Jeremy Wyatt vs. Nick Gage1/10St. Louis Anarchy310.6%8th
210Tam Nakano vs. Giulia7/26Stardom310.6%8th
210Mayu Iwatani vs. Tam Nakano9/19Stardom310.6%8th
210Malibu vs. Jack Tucker9/12United Pro Wrestling310.6%8th
210Asuka vs. Sasha Banks8/23WWE310.6%8th
210AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Sami Zayn9/27WWE310.6%8th
230Mei Suruga & Baliyan Akki vs. Emi Sakura & Kaori Yoneyama12/5Gatoh Move221.2%10th
230Hiromu Takahashi vs. Robbie Eagles11/29NJPW221.2%10th
230Yuji Hino vs. Yuji Okabayashi1/1ZERO1221.2%10th
233Yuji Okabayashi vs. Tank Nagai5/232AW210.6%9th
233Penta El Zero M vs. Rey Fenix10/21AEW210.6%9th
233Darby Allin vs. Sammy Guevara2/29AEW210.6%9th
233Chris Jericho vs. Jon Moxley2/29AEW210.6%9th
233Yuki Ishikawa vs. Raito Shimizu2/11BAP210.6%9th
233Daichi Hashimoto vs. Yuji Okabayashi10/21BJW210.6%9th
233Toru Sugiura vs. Yuko Miyamoto2/10FREEDOMS210.6%9th
233Lulu Pencil vs. Kaori Yoneyama6/20Gatoh Move210.6%9th
233Dark Sheik vs. Still Life w/ Apricots & Pears10/10GCW210.6%9th
233Tom Lawlor vs. Homicide10/11GCW210.6%9th
233John Wayne Murdoch vs. Orin Veidt8/30ICW210.6%9th
233Chase Cooper vs. Reaper8/15Impact Pro Wrestling Australia210.6%9th
233Deonna Purrazzo vs. Su Yung11/14Impact Wrestling210.6%9th
233Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards10/3Impact Wrestling210.6%9th
233Sami Callihan vs. Tessa Blanchard1/12Impact Wrestling210.6%9th
233Shingo Takagi vs. SHO7/12NJPW210.6%9th
233Jay White vs. Shingo Takagi9/19NJPW210.6%9th
233Minoru Suzuki vs. Jay White10/13NJPW210.6%9th
233Go Shiozaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Shuhei Taniguchi vs. Takashi Sugiura, Kazuyuki Fujita & Hideki Suzuki1/30NOAH210.6%9th
233Kenou vs. Kaito Kiyomia11/22NOAH210.6%9th
233Ricky Starks vs. Nick Aldis1/7NWA210.6%9th
233Jinny vs. Nina Samuels1/11Pro Wrestling Eve210.6%9th
233Masashi Takeda vs. Brandon Kirk1/8SAW210.6%9th
233Yoshiko & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Arisa Nakajima & Tsukasa Fujimoto8/26SEAdLINNNG210.6%9th
233Maki Itoh vs. Hikari Noa1/4TJPW210.6%9th
233Yuji Okabayashi vs. Kuma Arashi 3/15Wrestle-1210.6%9th
233Keith Lee vs. Roderick Strong1/2WWE (NXT)210.6%9th
233Women's War Games12/6WWE (NXT)210.6%9th
261Hikaru Shida vs. Thunder Rosa9/5AEW110.6%10th
261Chris Jericho & Jake Hager vs. Luther & Serpentico10/7AEW110.6%10th
261Naoya Nomura vs. Ayato Yoshida1/19AJPW110.6%10th
261Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Jake Lee & Koji Iwamoto12/7AJPW110.6%10th
261Fuminori Abe vs. Isami Kodaka7/14BASARA110.6%10th
261Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson4/20BTE110.6%10th
261Volador Jr. vs. Templario9/25CMLL110.6%10th
261Shinya Aoki vs. Sanshiro Takagi11/3DDT110.6%10th
261Kaoru Ito & Tomoko Watanabe vs. Miyuke Takase & Haruka Umesaki8/30DIANA110.6%10th
261Miyako Matsumoto vs. Cypress Ueno6/5Gake No Fuchi110.6%10th
261Anthony Greene vs. Ava Everett8/26Limitless Wrestling110.6%10th
261Chigusa Nagayo & Takumi Iroha vs. Mei Hoshizuki & Masha Slamovich3/20Marvelous110.6%10th
261Yota Tsuji vs. Gabriel Kidd6/15NJPW110.6%10th
261EVIL vs. Zack Sabre Jr.9/20NJPW110.6%10th
261Will Ospreay vs. Minoru Suzuki10/7NJPW110.6%10th
261Kenou vs. Kazushi Sakuraba12/6NOAH110.6%10th
261Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay2/4NWA110.6%10th
261Hoodfoot vs. Erick Stevens10/11Paradigm Pro110.6%10th
261Spike Trivet vs. Jordon Breaks3/14Riptide110.6%10th
261DASH Chisako, Meiko Satomura & Syuri vs. Chihiro Hashimoto, Sakura Hirota & Yuu3/28Sendai Girls110.6%10th
261Giulia, Syuri, Maika & Himeka vs. Momo Watanabe, Utami Hayashishita, AZM & Saya Kamitani7/24Stardom110.6%10th
261Hikari Noa vs. Mirai Maiumi11/7TJPW110.6%10th
261Craven vs. Renegade2/22Venom Pro Wrestling110.6%10th
261Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijacovik2/16WWE (NXT)110.6%10th
261Sasha Banks vs. Io Shirai7/1WWE (NXT)110.6%10th
261Io Shirai vs. Rhea Ripley11/18WWE (NXT)110.6%10th
261Timothy Thatcher vs. Tommaso Ciampa12/6WWE (NXT)110.6%10th


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