This week on Wrestling Omakase we head back to the world of drafting for our first ever 00s Puro Fantasy Draft!

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John is joined by returning guests & VOW contributors JoJo (@jojo_runs) & Gerard (@GerardDiTrolio) and first time guest THE INFAMOUS Smoldoink (@smoldoink) for our 00s Puro Draft! The four of them take twenty-five different men’s wrestlers who met the criteria of wrestling at least ten times in Japan from 2000 through 2009, and it’s one of the fastest actual drafts ever if you’re not as into the “picking names” part of these episodes. But all four go into detail on why they’re picking these guys and why they’re happy with their rosters (with some very different philosophies in some cases!), and then the real meat of the show is going through four very different supercards! Everyone discusses why they put these matches together and even who’s going over as they go into great detail on four different cards- and then it will be up to you to vote on who had the best show! Just go to our poll @wrestleomakase and make your voice heard!

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