This week on Wrestling Omakase we bring together the hosts of three different network podcasts, as John is joined by Rich & Joe from the VOW Flagship and Joel & Damon from the Super J-Cast for our 2020 NJPW Year in Review episode!

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New Japan had a controversial year- was it the beginning of the end for the peak era, a bump in the road, or was it #actuallygood? Opinions often diverged even here on the VOW Podcast Network, which is why people asked for this specifically- get all of the podcasters on this network who talk NJPW in one (virtual) room, and let’s talk this out. John is thus joined by Joe & Rich from the VOW Flagship (@voiceswrestling), and Damon & Joel from the Super J Cast (@thesuperjcast), for a slightly different format of Year in Review show; rather than going in chronological order and going through the shows, John sets some of the most discussed topics from New Japan’s 2020 for the panel to go through together and try to reach some sort of consensus (or at least grudging disagreement!).

Topics covered include: EVIL’s championship victory, run-ins and interference in NJPW in general (and how much more is there really now vs. the past), is the overall in ring quality still the best in the world, the downswing in Western interest and how much of it can be blamed on the clap crowds/COVID in general, the FORBIDDEN DOOR with AEW, returning faces Great-O-Khan and Master Wato, and a whole lot more. Then the panel each give their picks for NJPW’s award winners in 2020 across your usual major Observer-style categories (WOTY, Most Outstanding, etc.) and finally try to tackle as many of your mailbag questions as they can- should they REPLACE GEDO?! Has Will Ospreay regressed? Is New Japan leaving money on the table if Shingo Takagi never gets past the NEVER level? And more! It’s a packed episode you won’t want to miss!

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