WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs is the final WWE pay-per-view of 2020 and BetOnline has betting odds for five of the matches on the show.

The last big show of the year isn’t usually a big show at all and this year looks to be no different. There are two men’s championship matches on this show and both of them have huge odds in favor of the champion retaining with the same being true for Sasha Banks defending her championship.

Despite that, this event has had some pretty big upsets over the past few years. Last year, Baron Corbin was +450 underdog against Roman Reigns and came out with the win in a match that everyone definitely remembers and still talks about to this day. The 2019 event had Asuka taking on Charlotte and Becky Lynch in a TLC match and Asuka scored the upset at +215. Even 2018 had a nice upset with the +375 Finn Balor defeating Drew McIntyre at -565.

While there have been some nice upsets in the past, this is event usually goes chalk and this year looks no different. This is the last big event before Royal Rumble and it feels unlikely that will see any major shake-ups five days before Christmas.

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WWE TLC Betting Odds

Odds are in American betting format. For those who don’t know what that means, a -300 favorite would mean that you would need to bet $300 to win $100 or that if you bet $100 then you could win $33.33. A +200 underdog means that a $100 bet could win $200.

WWE Universal Championship
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match
Roman Reigns (-2000) vs. Kevin Owens (+650)

Let’s just get this one out of the way right away. Roman isn’t losing and these odds are way too high to reasonably bet on.

WWE Championship
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match
Drew McIntyre (-600) vs. AJ Styles (+350)

Honestly, I would expect the odds to be a bit higher in favor of Drew as it feels like AJ Styles has entered that Dolph Ziggler territory where half your job is to wrestle the new champion and lose. Maybe the bookmakers saw the Raw rating.

No good reason for Drew to lose here, even if they are looking to make a switch. Title switches simply don’t happen on shows like this.

Pick: Drew McIntyre -600 is pretty much a lock.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Sasha Banks (-500) vs. Carmella (+300)

If this was a year or more ago I would probably talk myself into betting Carmella, but that time is passed. Sasha is a made woman and I have a really hard time seeing a scenario where she drops this match. She’s a superstar and she should hold the title until at least WrestleMania. The person who wins the Royal Rumble should be aiming for her. I don’t trust this company to get a lot of things right, but I think they finally get Sasha.

Pick: Sasha Banks -500

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
The New Day (+150) vs. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin (-200)

This is one of those WWE matches that happen so much that it becomes impossible to predict because it’s clear that nobody cares. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the recent history between these teams:

  • November 2: Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin defeat The New Day
  • November 16: The New Day defeat Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin
  • November 23: The New Day defeat Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin
  • November 30: Cedric Alexander defeats Xavier Woods
  • December 7: Cedric Alexander defeats Kofi Kingston
  • December 7: Kofi Kingston defeats Shelton Benjamin
  • December 14: Bobby Lashley, Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin defeat Jeff Hardy & The New Day

Exciting stuff.

While it might seem that things were pointing to a title change here, at least that’s what BetOnline thinks, I don’t see it. This story isn’t being handled with any care and it’s just wrestling for wrestling’s sake. As I’ve said before, TLC is a dead spot on the PPV calendar and I don’t see them burning a title change here. They know nobody’s watching.

Pick: New Day +150

Firefly Inferno match
The Fiend (-300) vs. Randy Orton (+200)


I am not going to attempt analysis or logic with a Fiend match, but I will say this: Edge is coming back for WrestleMania and he’s not facing Bray. Shouldn’t the guy he’s facing in the “Greatest Wrestling Match Ever, Part Two” get a win here? That would make sense…

But it’s a Fiend match so the chance of this getting a result that makes sense in the context of wrestling, winners and losers, and betting is pretty low.

Pick: Randy Orton +200, I guess.

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