This week on Wrestling Omakase we wrap up our 2020 tournament coverage with the combined finals of the NJPW World Tag League & Best of the Super Juniors from Budokan Hall, and the last round robin night of the DDT D-Ou GP!

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John is joined by returning guest JoJo Remy (@jojo_runs) as they start with some updates on their lives lately (not much to speak of there of course) and bury, uh, one of the two counties they’re currently residing in. Once that’s out of the way they discuss NJPW’s big Budokan Hall show from 12/11 in detail, the joint finals of the World Tag League 2020 & Best of the Super Juniors 27. They go through the whole card in detail, talking all of the big angles building up to Wrestle Kingdom 15, and then of course spend extra time on the two tournament finals, especially Hiromu vs. Desperado (a bonafide Match of the Year contender).

Then they turn their attention to DDT’s final block night of the D-Ou GP 2021, from December 12th. They talk all six tournament matches in detail, breaking down one of the best nights of the entire league: Takeshita’s surprising victory, Akiyama’s far less surprising but still great win, one match that John absolutely hated and ranted about a lot, and more! John then wraps it up with their full top 10 D-Ou GP matches from the entire tournament, in case you’d like to go back and pick and choose only the best matches, and then ranks all the wrestlers in each block by average star rating as well.

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