Over the past three decades, Paul Heyman has been a central figure in WWE. The American promoter has a long history with professional wrestling, but his stock undoubtedly rose when he signed with the organization in 2001. Since then, the 55-year-old has been at the heart of WWE’s strategies, with many considering him to be a leading figure in molding modern-day professional wrestling. So, let’s consider just how pivotal Heyman has been to the company.

The Brains Behind Brock Lesnar’s Rise

Among all of the 55-year-old’s positive contributions to the WWE, his role in Brock Lesnar’s career is unquestionably one of his main success stories. In 2002, Vince McMahon decided to make Heyman Brock Solid’s manager. Shortly after the pair began working together, Lesnar clinched the WWE Undisputed Championship after defeating The Rock at SummerSlam in August 2002. At that moment, both competitor and manager had written their names into the history books. Following The Beast Incarnate’s triumph over the much-loved star, he became the youngest champion in the company’s history at 25 years, one month, and 13 days old, as per the official WWE website. Impressively, 18 years later, that record still stands.


Furthermore, many also give Heyman credit for enticing Lesnar back to the WWE in 2012. After departing the company to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship during the late 2000s, The Beast would later return to professional wrestling. Had it not been for the 55-year-old’s intervention, there’s a belief that Lesnar may never have competed again in the WWE, according to TheSportster. At the time of writing, the 43-year-old is an eight-time WWE world champion, and Heyman undoubtedly deserves credit for some of his success.

Changing the Business Like Few Others

Throughout the years, the WWE has changed drastically. The modern era of wrestlers sparked a change in the company’s operations. Across his many years with the promotion, Heyman has continuously enhanced the global appeal of the brand. Along with being a central figure behind Lesnar’s rise to prominence, the 55-year-old has also worked with CM Punk and, more recently, Roman Reigns. In place of The Beast, Heyman undoubtedly sees immense potential in Reigns and has even labeled him the biggest star in the entire industry, as per talkSport.


It’s a testament to the work of Heyman that he is helping to create a product that fans want to immerse themselves in across different entertainment streams. The promoter has long had the ability to create intrigue and increase attendance figures, and that is now transferring to out-of-the-ring markets. Interestingly, this is evident from the WWE’s involvement at various betting platforms. At many of the listed bonus-offering operators at BonusFinder, prospective bettors can explore a whole host of wrestling-themed markets. For example, at William Hill, where users receive a $500 sign-up promotion, players can peruse various WWE-related markets, including the upcoming Royal Rumble, which Roman Reigns is currently 8/1 to win, as of December 4.

A Place in the Hall of Fame Surely Awaits 

Conclusively, it’s not unfair to say that Heyman is, and will likely continue to be, a divisive character within the WWE. However, irrespective of his persona, his contributions to developing the company are undeniable. From being the catalyst behind Lesnar’s rise to attracting new audiences in diverse sectors, Heyman deserves a place in the WWE’s Hall of Fame.