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This week on Wrestling Omakase we’re back on the Patreon for another tournament doubleheader, and we put a bow on the World Tag League after their final standalone show!

John is joined by returning guest and VOW contributor Jeff Andrews (@jeff_andrews21) as they start out with some ANIME TALK~! for some reason, as Jeff talks about his love of shounen shows and they make fun of Naruto filler (and Boruto too). They then talk about Beppu (NOT BEE-POOH), the location of World Tag League Night 8, how the island of Kyushu’s name is a lie now, and discuss other shows held at the B-Con Plaza over the years. Once that’s all out of the way they do an in depth review of Night 8, a weaker show than we’ve gotten recently from the WTL but still a pretty good one. They look ahead to the final Tag League matches from Night 9 and possible advancement scenarios. Finally, John wraps up the last standalone Tag League show by giving their top 10 matches of the Tag League so far, in case you’ve missed any shows and want to know what’s most worth going back to check out, and ranks the teams by their average star ratings (yes, real nerd shit) in the tournament.

Then they head over to DDT to break down Night 5 of the 2021 D-Ou Grand Prix, a show that’s very difficult to have strong feelings or opinions about. Everything was fine to good! Nothing was bad, but nothing was great! These are the hardest shows to do audio about to be honest, but the two do their best. They then look ahead to the next night of the tour, and give the standings so far.


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