This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk two shows of very divergent quality: a not-so-great night in the NJPW World Tag League and an awesome opening night in the DDT D-Ou Grand Prix.

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John is joined by returning guest and VOW contributor Jeff (@Jeff_andrews21). They start out by talking a little bit about AEW and what they do and don’t like in the promotion, before quickly moving over to the fourth night of the NJPW World Tag League. Unfortunately this was just not a very good show; John’s been raving about the first three nights of the Tag League back over on the Patreon, but this was easily the worst night of the tournament so far. They break down all the tournament matches in detail, talking the few highlights of the night (SANADA & Shingo! Fale actually tries! FinJuice are good! Cobb & O-Khan are a cool new team!) and the lowlights (everything else). Plus, a look at where the Saku City General Gymnasium is in Japan and what shows NJPW has run there over the years, and it’s an eclectic mix.

Then they turn their attention to DDT for the opening night of the D-Ou Grand Prix, a great show that flew by. John and Jeff break down all the tournament matches, almost all of which were extremely enjoyable sprints. How the hell does Jun Akiyama still do this? How great are Yuki Ueno and Kazusada Higuchi? And a whole lot more. They also look ahead to the next night of the D-Ou and where the tournament might be going from here. And what’s with all the aces in every company having depression now??

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