New Japan Pro Wrestling
Best of the Super Juniors 27 Night Three
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

Watch: NJPWWorld

El Desperado [4] def. Yuya Uemura [0]

This was a decent, quick match. It was nothing special but it fulfilled its purpose. Would like to see more of this when Uemura is no longer a young boy. I think these two could tear it up if given the chance to have a proper match. Uemura is going from bulk to tone right now. It can’t be much longer until he gets to graduate from young boy status.

Taiji Ishimori [4] def. DOUKI [0]

DOUKI attacks Ishimori during the latter’s entrance. He picks up the junior belt and this will be the only time he will hold it. The start was fine but then the match just never picked up from there. Ishimori is generally mediocre to bad in singles matches unless it’s against Hiromu. Overall a very disappointing performance from both men. Just nothing to really talk about here.

Ryusuke Taguchi [4] def. Master Wato [4]

Taguchi has his serious face on, which bodes well for the match. This match is not as bad as I expected. Nevertheless, it still feels pretty low on energy. That has been the problem of the whole show though, as it feels a bit lethargic so far. We do get some ass-based comedy at the end but otherwise a much more straight-laced match than I expected. Overall it’s just a whatever match and I won’t remember a thing about it by tomorrow morning.

Robbie Eagles [4] def. SHO [4]

This is heads and shoulders above the rest of the drivel on this show. SHO and Eagles are two of the best workers in the division so this match was always going to be at least halfway decent. The match had a good basic speed vs strength layout. Still ended up being below expectations for me. Not even sure what was off about this match but there just seemed to be something lacking. The finish was good though.

Hiromu Takahashi [4] def. BUSHI [2]

Kind of boring and meandering early on and unfortunately never picks up from there. This was the worst Hiromu match that I have seen in a long time. He can normally carry his opponent to a borderline good match but there was just no excitement to be found here. Thats actually almost impressive given Hiromu’s track record so far. You’d almost have to commend BUSHI for his ability to suck any excitement out of a Hiromu match. “Almost” being the key operative word here since he doesn’t deserve any praise for this performance. It wasn’t necessarily a bad match, just a terminally boring one, which is worse in some regards. At least if you need to review a match and come up with something to say about it.

Current Standings

Master Wato – 4
SHO – 4
Hiromu Takahashi – 4
Ryusuke Taguchi – 4
Robbie Eagles – 4
Taiji Ishimori – 4
El Desperado – 4
Yuya Uemura – 0

Final Thoughts

This show sucked. One match was okay but unmemorable, another was a young lion match, the rest of the tournament matches were actively bad. Don’t watch this show, watch this video instead. It’ll give you more enjoyment.