This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk three big shows from this past week: NJPW Power Struggle, DDT Ultimate Party and Tokyo Joshi Wrestle Princess!

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John is joined by returning guest Hayley (@choerrycoloured) for three big show reviews! Before that they talk a little about the US election, so if you’re really sick of election talk (understandable) just skip ahead about 10 minutes to start out. Once that’s out of the way they begin their three big show reviews with NJPW Power Struggle, a show John really liked that also featured a major booking decision they weren’t a huge fan of. Hayley, as the resident Kota Ibushi superfan, discusses her feelings on Ibushi being the first person to lose the Tokyo Dome briefcase. The two of them break down all six matches in detail, discuss Will Ospreay’s (ahem) interesting presentation, and a whole lot more. They also break down the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors schedule and the Super J Cup tournament bracket.

Then they turn their attention to DDT Ultimate Party, again reviewing all ten matches on the card. They talk about the emotional DAMNATION civil war, an awesome AJPW/NOAH throwback in Akiyama-Takeshita, losing a match because you tried to hit on a girl on Instagram, and a whole lot more! Finally, they wrap things up with a full review of TJPW Wrestle Princess, an outstanding show that might just be the show of the year. They talk about a truly amazing main event along with the rest of the show, with a lot of praise for the amazing Saki-Misao match as well.

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