Aaron and Taylor start by discussing Meiko Satomura joining NXT UK and Takumi Iroha missing 10 months due to an injury!

After that, they review Stardom’s 10/29 Korakuen Hall show, discuss again Stardom’s Korakuen attendances and apparent business model, and preview the 11/15 Sendai Sun Plaza show!

Then, they preview Tokyo Joshi Pro’s Wrestle Princess show coming up on 11/7!

After that, they quickly look at recent shows from Be A HERO GIRLS, SEAdLINNNG, Sendai Girls, Ice Ribbon, ActWres Girl’Z, Marvelous, WAVE, and ChocoPro and preview upcoming shows from Stardom, SEAdLINNNG, OZ Academy, Ice Ribbon, DIANA, ActWres Girl’Z, Marvelous, WAVE, ChocoPro, and Pure-J!

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