Welcome back to Open the Voice Gate! Case (https://twitter.com/_inyourcase) and Mike (https://twitter.com/fujiiheya) are back with an update on the comings and goings of Dragongate.

It’s the second to the last stop before DG’s big November, and Case and Mike are back to talk all about it. Dragongate was back in their friendly confines of Kobe Sambo Hall on 10/17 with a show that started to build up Kobe World Pro Wrestling Festival, finish the build for Gate of Destiny, and led to more questions being raised about Team Boku, Dia Inferno, and More. As well, the guys talk in depth about the opener, which is free on Youtube (https://youtu.be/TDjyEwnixxg?t=458), featuring Class of 2020 members Kento Kobune, Taketo Kamei and Madoka Kikuta as they faced off with Dragongate Generation members Ben-K, and the Open the Twin Gate champions Jason Lee & Kota Minoura.

After that they ran down the upcoming 20th Anniversary Homecoming for Naruki Doi in Nara on the 25th, and ran down the Gate of Destiny uploads from 2013 until 2018, talking about their favorite things on those shows!

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