OCTOBER 16, 2020

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Here we are, the final night of A Block! The winner will be decided. For those who are out of the mix for the G1 Climax 30 Finals: they will fight for respect, pride, fighting spirit, to play the spoiler, and for one wrestler to actually get a win. It’s the type of drama I live for.

Let’s get to it!

Yota Tsuji def. Gabriel Kidd

These two, like all the young lions, have been a delight throughout this entire tournament and I always enjoy looking forward to them opening the show. I got a feeling this is going to be no different. By this point, there’s no need for feeling out processes and I appreciate Tsuji just immediately taking it to him! This was a very fun pace to open the show, both men really wanting that victory. Both men are bringing some nice fire. This is good and it didn’t take long for me to get into it.

I love that neither man is backing down. This is a feud, this is personal. Both men want to prove themselves the better than the other. They throw a forearm/chop battle that ends with Gabriel deciding what we really need is a dropkick and it’s fun. I love Tsuji spear and we get that in this match as well and it looks greats. What I love even more is the finish where Tsuji giant swings into a Boston crab and that puts an end to these festivities in a fun, feisty opener with fire, energy and it’s a good way to start the final night of A Block. NEVER SKIP! *** 1/2

G1 Climax 30 A Block
Yujiro Takahashi (2) def. Jeff Cobb (8)

This is it for Yujiro. Either he’ll get that elusive win, or end up with a big fat zero. You know what? I’m rooting for him. Fighting spirit! Get that victory! But it’s Jeff Cobb having a really good G1 Climax, so good luck with that. Yujiro at first doesn’t feel like a man wanting that win though in the early portion of this match and it makes it hard for me to get into things. The match goes at a slow and kind of uninteresting pace while Yujiro is on offense. I wouldn’t say awful, but even in control of things, I don’t feel Yujiro trying his hardest to get that one win. Things pick up a bit with Cobb getting on offense and getting his time to toss and drop Yujiro around which I don’t tire of.

At this point, Yujiro wakes up a bit and the match gets a small pick me up. Yujiro uses his walking stick for the very first time in this tournament, desperate to get that victory finally coming off that he’ll do anything to win it in this match. Then just like that Yujiro gets that first and only victory! There it is! I wish there was a bit more of a feeling that Yujiro wanted that win throughout the match, but at least it was there in the end with him finally using his stick which was a nice addition. There was some good offense from Cobb but really this match didn’t click with me. But Yujiro gets the victory and I wanted that so… yay? You know what, yes, YAY! ***

G1 Climax 30 A Block
Shingo Takagi (8) defeats Minoru Suzuki (6)

It’s breakfast time as I watch this. An appropriate time for bangers. I hope I get some start here. I’ve enjoyed both men this tournament, and they both know how to BRING IT. Fuck your feeling out processes, they go at it with forearms to start. Yes! These, these are two men fighting with something to prove, fighting for that eight-point. Suzuki has a vendetta against Shingo’s arm for some reason and Shingo sells it every time he uses offense that is involved with it. Shingo wants revenge for losing his title, Suzuki wants to prove he’s still the dominate one. Neither man backs down as they throw shit at each other, but Shingo’s arm keeps being a factor and I love it.

Suzuki’s facial expressions always are incredible and add a lot. The pace of this match works really well and both men are just so great. Suzuki is the Murder Grandpa we love, Shingo is Shingo in 2020 (or any year) and is excellent. I’m fangirling I know, I don’t apologize. The arm keeps affecting Shingo as he makes sure to remember it’s hurt and Suzuki continues to target it and try to make him submit. Shingo keeps throwing offense, but each time he feels it in his arm and it affects everything. Suzuki keeps trying to finish shit, but Shingo ain’t done and eventually puts him away! I loved this. Both men wanted that victory and I felt it every bit of this match and it enhanced things. They both finish this tournament strong. Suzuki smiles and laughs at the end of the match. That man ain’t right. Fuck Folgers in your cup, Suzuki versus Shingo is the best part of waking up. ****1/4

G1 Climax 30 A Block
Will Ospreay (12) defeats Kazuchika Okada (12)

Ospreay has never defeated Okada. He’s going to need to tonight to have any chance at all. Okada was someone I was down on for a good portion of this tournament, but damn has my feelings turn around now and I find myself stoked as hell for this match. I’m loving that the majority of these matches are wasting zero time getting into it and this is no different! Ospreay goes right at Okada like someone who needs this victory badly. .and he does!  We get the usual early in the match Okada offense which isn’t a negative and things are moving quite along as we hit five minutes in no time. At one point Ospreay hits Okada with his own knocking you off the top turnbuckle dropkick when I enjoyed. I love it when someone’s offense gets used against them. OSPREAY AT ONE POINT RUNS AND FLIPS OVER THE TOP TURNBUCKLE AND NEARLY CLEARS OKADA HOLY SHIT. Mental. Ospreay means business.

Ten minutes hit and I’m enjoying this. The back and forth counter exchanges are wonderful as they dodge, avoid, and eventually hit moves. We get the Money Clip which we all have feelings on mostly negative. This is just good stuff as Ospreay is trying to hit Okada with what he can and trying to avoid all of Okada’s bag of tricks that he’s used to win his G1 matches. I’m also loving all the way Okada keeps getting out of the Stormbreaker, just as much as I don’t quite enjoy him constant going for the money clip. Bea Priestly comes out to support Ospreay and give him encouragement as..The Great O’Khan comes in and slams Okada down? What is going on? He looks sharp though! Stormbreaker and done. What the hell just happened. I was enjoying the match, but I can’t process the ending as that came out of nowhere. Ospreay gets the win that he needs, beat Okada but not without help. THEN AN AFTER THE MATCH HIDDEN BLADE! Ospreay dropping the F-Bombs and accuses Okada of holding him back. Well, this is certainly a development and an end to the match. Commentary has questions and so do I. I just know I enjoyed this match, shenanigans and all. I might also avoid Twitter after this. This is good advice for everyone really. ****

G1 Climax 30 A Block
Kota Ibushi (14) defeats Taichi (8)

This surprisingly might be the match I’ve most look forward to on this night! Taichi can’t make the finals but he can make a statement and sometimes that in itself can mean big things. This is a must-win. He’ll need help still if he does. Losing isn’t an option but Taichi is going to force the issue. Forearm battles? Chop battles? Nah friends, we get ourselves opening up in a leg kick battle. They go at it for a bit of time. They move on to other parts of the body as well and they are both stubborn and refusing to back down. Just how I like it. They keep just doing different kick battles with each other and if they just want to literally kick the shit out of each other so be it! This girl is here for it. The crowd claps along and applauds the efforts. Both men’s facial and body language puts over the damage being done both physical and exhaustion. There is a portion of people who won’t like this, but I’m fascinated. There are just so many kicks all over the body and I can’t help like feel they are going to feel every bit of that as soon as this match is over.

I just feel like my review is becoming a play by play of they threw a kick here, they threw a kick there. Here’s a kick, there’s a kick, everywhere they kick shit. But that’s exactly what this match is. Taichi did try to suplex Ibushi back at the ten-minute mark but Ibushi wasn’t having that shit. This is kind of a battle of attrition as both men start to slow and limp and breathe. So many leg kicks this match and mine hurt. I’m going to skip leg day by proxy. At one point in a great addition, both men have to use the ropes and each other to support themselves. We’ve had fifteen minutes of kicks folks. They are both screaming both in pain and firing themselves up. Taichi finally collapses and after a Kamagoye fails to kick out of being outkicked. I loved it. That’s all I know. I loved it.  I got a… kick out of it. Ibushi limps along to the back slowly and painfully. If he makes it to the finals what shape is he going to be in?  ****1/2

G1 Climax 30 A Block
Tomohiro Ishii (8) defeats Jay White (12)

White must win. That’s the straightforward thing here. He’s swindled, he’s cheap shotted, he’s bamboozled and bullshitted his way into this match. If there’s anyone that can cut through that and put Jay White down its BIG TOM ISHII! Big Tom Ishii in the main event spot with the potential to play spoiler to Jay White’s hopes? This gonna be good. They are working well with each other at an adequate pace. Jay White’s gameplan eventually breaks down to going after Ishii’s injured knee which is wrapped up and pretty much a bullseye. This is Ishii though and if any man can win an ass-kicking contest with one leg, it’s him. But that poor leg takes it’s share of abuse and Ishii just screams, holds, and crumbles to sell it and I’m wanting Ishii to overcome this shit. I just love the fact that you know with Ishii taking this abuse he’s eventually going to try to come back from it. Especially when Jay white peppers his abuse with being a dick. Every time Ishii tries to get something going through it gets cut off and I desperately want Ishii to string something together.

Ishii’s leg is always the turning point. When it looks like Ishii is about to achieve shit White goes back to that knee. For fifteen minutes Ishii tries and he tries but that leg, that knee, White goes back to it every time and Ishii screams in agony and pain and I’m behind him. I’m so behind him. Limb stories don’t always work or click, but this is working for me. Ishii’s selling and reactions are a big part of why it’s working. I keep checking my clock hoping it’s BIG TOM ISHII time but my clock seems to be at a standstill as White just dominates. This is Ishii though and Ishii doesn’t die easy. Then in a beautiful moment, Ishii turns the table and starts attacking White’s leg and I enjoy the hell out of it. Ishii continues to sell the leg while he hits offense and it just adds to everything. Ishii is all like “that was a sound idea my good sir” and proceeds to try to make White a one-legged man.

Damn, we’re into three-paragraph territory. The standard Gedo shenanigans happen with ref bumps and everything but Ishii fights out of it and thankfully it’s not overly long. I’m rooting for Ishii so hard. Jay White goes low and my heart drops. But it takes more than that to keep down Ishii and he fights on. I want Ishii to win so bad. They struggle for their finisher, neither gets it and we get more Gedo bullshit but it doesn’t work because this is BIG TOM ISHII AND HE GETS THE VICTORY AND I AM ECSTATIC. This is beautiful. White is done. Ishii is a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. AND HE WON! Big Tom Ishii is the best. I’ll accept no counter-arguments. I worry I might be over-rating this, but I don’t care. This was everything I wanted and I love pro-wrestling. Fear be damned. *****

Final Thoughts

A Block kills it in their G1 Climax 30 Final. Ibushi is in the finals and Big Tom Ishii is the man. That’s all I need to say.