WWE Clash of Champions 2020
September 27, 2020
ThunderDome – Amway Center
Orlando, Florida

Watch: WWE Network

Jeff Hawkins: Co-host of @ShakeThemRopes and roped and shaked into doing previews for WWE events no one else will.  This will be as half-assed as the build.  Follow him @Crapgame13

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Asuka (c) vs. Zelina Vega

Jeff:  Mickie James should be getting this run.  But instead of calling someone old, we have to call someone tiny? I like Zelina Vega, but she’s not been built as any sort of killer, most any offense hurts Asuka. Asuka by murderdeath. Prediction: Asuka

WWE United States Championship
Bobby Lashley © vs. Apollo Crews

Jeff: Best of 7? Hurt Business is being pushed, Apollo isn’t. This one seems easy. Prediction: Bobby Lashley

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
The Street Profits © vs. Andrade & Angel Garza

Jeff: Best of 31? We’ve spent six months burning through Garza, Andrade, Austin Theory, Humberto Carrillo, Buddy Murphy, Alistair Black, Kevin Owens, a touch of Ali, some turkey legs with the War Raiders and the two people who get elevated are Dominik Mysterio and Zelina Vega. I suppose we’ll get more bickering from Andrade and Garza. Prediction: Street Profits

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WWE Intercontinental Championship – Ladder Match
Jeff Hardy © vs. AJ Styles vs. Sami Zayn

Jeff: It’s a trope by now that if you’re a popular midcarder coming off of injuries, in order to prove how tough you are your first match back will involve ladders. I think the recidivism rate is at least 50 percent, so that being said, welcome back Sami Zayn, enjoy the backdrop through a ladder. Two guys over 40 in a ladder match expected to do stunts as if they’re 25 makes it all seem like “if they get hurt, oh well.” It should steal the show if no one gets injured. Prediction: Jeff Hardy

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship
Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Lucha House Party

Jeff: Another team having issues? Come on down Lucha House Party for your curtain call. The drama is who gets a 2-week push to a midcard title shot? Lince? Kalisto? It won’t be Gran Metalik, come on. This match if given time and lack of histrionics could be fantastic. It’s the main roster, I’m tempering. Prediction: Cesaro/Nakamura

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship
Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler © vs. The Riott Squad

Jeff: Two more teams with problems? It’s almost as if they have no other stories other than uneasy alliances and friends with underlying issues, because real SUPERSTARS don’t need friends to grab the brass ring, pal. Riott Squad redeems themselves, Nia and Shayna breakup to feud. Only title change of the night. Prediction: Riott Squad

WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship
Bayley © vs. Nikki Cross

Jeff: In a perfect world, Nikki Cross should be coronated right now. She’s been really good in the empty arena era, placing 4th in the women’s division behind Aunt Pam, Sasha, and Asuka. This is a match where they need to take care of Nikki Cross. There have been weeks where you can see the stage notes (Nikki this week needs to be sexy, etc.). But in terms of story, the “you can’t win the big one” is dangerous. The problem is she hasn’t been built to win though that might happen Friday. There are three outcomes: Sasha helps Nikki win, Sasha screws Nikki by going after Bayley or Alexa Bliss goes into a trance and Sister Abigails Nikki again. I’m going with #3 because it is the worst of the options as that story is the most Vince. Bayley lives to fight Sasha in Hell in A Cell. Prediction: The awesome Aunt Pam


WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns © vs. Jey Uso

Jeff: Roman and Heyman are a great combination. Roman has to act a bit too much instead of just simmering hate. Jey Uso has been an absolutely inconsistent face, sometimes seeing that Roman has changed and protecting himself, and sometimes being the poster child for Stupid Babyface Syndrome, propagated by such luminaries as Sting, both NXT and early main roster Bayley and main roster Becky Lynch in which they’re the only ones to not know they’re about to get screwed. My dream match is an attack before the bell, bell rings, spear, go home. I’m suspicious that Jey gets a chance to win but he just can’t do that to family, which gives Roman the opening to do that to family, because he’s the one corrupting Paul. Prediction: Roman Reigns

WWE Championship – Ambulance Match
Drew McIntyre © vs. Randy Orton

Jeff: Retribution is off to a great start. That’s sarcasm. Nice that someone showed Vince Dark Knight Rises combined with a list of names from department store knockoff Cobra Command from GI Joe. Factions like this eventually get attached to a star to help make up for poor storytelling. That person is going to be Keith Lee in my opinion (perhaps with a member of the HHH crew from NXT as a mouthpiece). I think both guys end up in the ambulance eventually, but Drew wins the match and Keith Lee and Retribution stand tall and “who’s going to be able to stop them?” Prediction: Drew McIntyre