Aaron and Taylor start by discussing Stardom’s 5* Grand Prix Final at Korakuen Hall, including a look at how every wrestler fared in the tournament, and their outlook going forward!

After that, they consider the news that Natsumi Naki & Mina Shirakawa are leaving Tokyo Joshi Pro and where they could be headed!

Next, they dive into full show reviews of Oz Academy’s 8/28 show at Yokohoma Bunka and DIANA’s 8/30 show, including Sareee’s return, plus short comments on recent shows from ActWres Girl’z, WAVE, ChocoPro, Ice Ribbon, SEAdLINNNG, Marvelous, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Oz Academy, and Stardom!

Then, they answer listener questions!

And finally, to close, they preview upcoming shows from ASSEMBLE, Stardom, SEAdLINNNG, Tokyo Joshi Pro, Sendai Girls, DIANA, and ChocoPro!

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