This week on Wrestling Omakase we return to the world of fantasy drafts but with a big twist- our first ever make your own G1 draft! That’s right, to prepare for the upcoming G1 Climax, John and FIVE GUESTS each draft 20 male wrestlers from the entire wrestling world and put together their own G1-style round robin tournament! It’s a whole lot of fun!

The Wrestling Omakase Patreon is the best mix of modern puro & historical coverage your five dollars can buy. Head to where you can listen now to seven exclusive 5 Matches episodes that you can’t find on the free feed. Our celebration of the G1 Climax featured John and Chris Samsa from the Sport of Pro Wrestling hosting a very special all-G1 5 Matches episode, covering all sorts of awesome matches (Naito-Omega III! Akiyama vs. Tenzan in the finals from 2003! Nakamura-Ibushi from 2013 and much more!), and you can only listen to it on the Omakase Patreon. Plus you’ll be ready for John’s thorough coverage of the G1 Climax, AJPW Champion Carnival and NOAH N-1 Victory tournaments, as they’ll be bringing you daily coverage that you won’t be able to find on the free feed, featuring special guests as well! And you get all of our other content too, including our just-completed series covering every Naito vs. Ishii match in chronological order and a whole lot more. All of this can be yours for only $5, so sign up today!

John is joined by not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE returning guests from Voices of Wrestling! Sean (@SASedor2994), Paul (@Darth_Dragon), Andy (@trillyrobinson), Suit (@SuitWilliams) and Kelly (@comicgeekelly) are all here for our biggest fantasy draft yet! All six of them, including John, have 20 picks each, choosing from any men worldwide who have wrestled since the start of September 2019 to assemble their rosters, and then they put together two G1 blocks of 10. Then they reveal their blocks, matches they’re excited for, and the final nights of each block, including who’s still alive and what are the scenarios for them to move on. Finally, they each crown their G1 champion.

Once you’re done listening it’s up to you to choose YOUR champion- whose G1 did you like the best? Since we have six different people to choose from this time around, for the first time we’re introducing RANKED CHOICE VOTING! That’s right, instead of just picking one, you’ll actually choose your top 3 favorite G1s. Reward your three favorites now and get your votes in to help us choose our champion! Polling will be open until the day the real G1 starts on Saturday 9/19, and the winners will be revealed on that weekend’s free episode. Go here to vote!

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