Welcome back to Open the Voice Gate – Rewind and Rewatch, where Case (https://twitter.com/_inyourcase) and Mike (https://twitter.com/fujiiheya) are Rewinding and Rewatching the Dragon Gate USA era of shows. 

The Second Anniversary has us roll into the NYWC Sportatorium for “Uprising 2011” on 6/4/2011, but before that, Case and Mike have to dip into Japan to catch everyone up to speed on what’s happening in Dragon Gate. It’s Dead or Alive and King of Gate time for DG in 2011, with a ton of turns and formations as are in the first days of the then-named “Mochizuki Army” that will very soon become Junction Three and there’s a TON to cover to get to Second Anniversary Weekend.

With that done, Case and Mike review “Uprising 2011,” an underwhelming affair that officially concluded Akira Tozawa’s excursion and the last show before “Enter the Dragon 2011.” Highlights of the show include A.R. Fox’s first big singles match in DGUSA against Akira Tozawa and a special three-way freestyle match between the three best flyers at that poin in the Dragon System, PAC vs Ricochet vs Rich Swann!

The show review starts at 00:56:39

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