“Fuck Cancer” will always be my most memorable chant heard at a wrestling event. Like most, cancer has affected my family, and I hope someday we can eradicate it completely. Chanting those words standing shoulder to shoulder with my fellow fans provided me with a space to heal a little bit as I still mourn the loss of my grandmother from the disease.

Since 2011, Ottawa-based C*4 Wrestling has promoted the Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer in memory of Phrank Morin, who wrestled on the Ontario and Quebec indie scene as Bash Bison, Kid Supreme, and Stinky The Homeless Guy. Recently, they have been joined by NewLegacy Inc. for online video game streams fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society – this year’s online event raised over $50,000 in 12-hour stream featuring Evil Uno playing alongside Brodie Lee, Xavier Woods, Colt Cabana, Dakota Kai, and Chris Denker.

The fight against cancer blurs company lines – we are all in this together, fans and wrestlers alike.

The Fighting Back event itself is always a blast to attend and C*4 Wrestling brings the very best in independent professional wrestling to Ottawa for a night of balls-to-the-walls action you can’t find anywhere else. Next Sunday, August 29th, IndependentWrestling.TV will be hosting an all-day marathon of the previous nine Fighting Back events but there are a few matches I urge you to keep an eye out for.

These, to me, represent the very best of C*4 Wrestling’s Fighting Back.

C*4 Championship
Stupefied © vs. Mike Bailey vs. Player Uno

Fighting Back | August 12, 2011

Three of the very best Canadian independent wrestlers clash in a fast-paced three-way for the ultimate prize in Ottawa. The Super Smash Brothers were well-known on the North American indie scene at the time and Mike Bailey was starting to make a name for himself as one of the most exciting up and comers from Quebec. All three men work fantastically together and this is a very fun watch.

The Super Smash Bros vs. Mike Bailey & Paul London

Fighting Back 3 | August 16, 2013

The SSB and Mike Bailey found themselves in the ring together for the first four Fighting Back events, this time being joined by the always great Paul London. Uno and Stu displayed their tag team prowess while Bailey and London made for a fun team. As the main event and head tribute match for their friend Morin, the SSB and Bailey went all out and had another fun match together.

Mike Bailey & The Super Smash Brothers vs. Buxx Belmar & The Young Bucks

Fighting Back 4 | August 15, 2014

BULLET CLUB members Matt and Nick Jackson traveled to Ottawa to rekindle their professional rivalry against The SSB, joined by “Speedball” Mike Bailey and the unique Buxx Belmar. The Bucks proved the validity of their claim as the best tag team in modern history with their brilliance in the ring. The trip of The Bucks and Belmar tried to play spoiler on the friends of Phrank’s night and that led to a few great near falls down the stretch.

Mike Bailey vs. Tom Lawlor

Fighting Back 7 | August 12, 2017

Two of the best on the current indie scene duked it out in a very fun mash of styles. Bailey has always been synonymous with the C*4 brand, and Lawlor is always a welcome guest in Ottawa. Bailey and Lawlor had some good chemistry in-ring and put forward a fun match that kept the Ottawa crowd invested.

Josh Alexander vs. Jeff Cobb

Fighting Back 8 | August 24, 2018

Josh Alexander is one of the best wrestlers in the world and his match with Jeff Cobb was outstanding! Two of the hardest hitters and best suplex machines in wrestling today brutalized each other at the benefit show. The first Fighting Back show at St. Anthony’s Banquet Hall, the new home of C*4, these two matched the energy of the crowd as they battled for supremacy. A very good match that is underrated when talking about the best matches of 2018.

Cody & MJF vs. Le Tabarnak de Team

Fighting Back 9 | August 16, 2019

In the midst of their All Elite Wrestling mentor storyline, Cody Rhodes and MJF came to Ottawa to battle Quebec’s premier bad boys – Le Tabarnak de Team (literally The Fucking Team). Cody was all class as he didn’t hold back and the two bearded bastards fought tooth and nail as the beer flowed in the Hall much to their delight. One of the best matches I’ve seen live in recent memory and a fun rewatch. The ending of the match is one to keep noted for the history books – as a lead-in to AEW’s All Out pay-per-view event.

If you would like to donate to the cause and help continue the fight against Cancer, please donate at www.fighting-back.ca. Enjoy these classics from Fighting Back and catch all of the action on August 29 on IndependentWrestling.TV featuring the very best of Canadian indie wrestling.