Betting on WWE is easier than you may think! In this article, we’ll look at ways you can bet on WWE shows and match results as well as some tips to make the most out of your bets.

How You Can Bet on WWE

WWE’s storylines are well guarded, so as there are various predictions about who will win the match (cheap plug for us, of course). Of course, predicting what’s going to happen is never easy so nobody can know the outcome until after the match is over. 

Match Win

This type of bet is the most straightforward in wrestling, and fans usually prefer this bet.

The bet on this match is simple as you have to bet on the wrestler you think will win the contest. When you are betting on a one-on-one match, you just have to pick one wrestler from two. This makes your chance to win even easier. If the match involves multiple wrestlers (triple threat, Fatal Four Way, etc.), it will obviously be tricky to predict the winner.

Retain Title

This match bet is a bit different than a fight that ends with a winner. However, this happens in small odds than a match with a win, but this can also be useful if you think that a match will end via disqualification or countout. This happens when a wrestler is seriously injured, and the match has to end, or when a match is disqualified, forfeit, no contest, draw, or a count-out. 

Brand Winner

During some pay per views—WrestleMania and SummerSlam for example—you are able to bet on RAW or SmackDown wrestlers winning more of their matches. 

WWE betting is the fastest of all sports betting and will give you some amazing opportunities to increase your bankrolls. However, you need to make sure that you place a bet on one of the best websites for WWE betting. These suggestions from will help you best the best and most reliable bookmakers. 


Now, as you know about WWE betting and how it works, you should check the market and place a bet on one of the trustworthy websites. Various top wrestling betting websites out there offer lots of different wrestling bets so that fans who love WWE can experience the world of wrestling by winning bets!