Aaron and Taylor get you ready for Stardom’s 5* Grand Prix by explaining the tournament, picking their winners, discussing the matches that have been uploaded from the first two nights, and reviewing the standings so far!

Next, they dive into Tokyo Joshi Pro’s Princess Cup including betting odds and reviews of the first two shows!

Then, after Taylor reviews the Ice Ribbon 8/9 Yokohama show in full, they discuss some cancellations due to COVID, and Sareee and Kairi Hojo’s potential joshi returns, before looking at recent shows from ChocoPro, WAVE, GakePro, Diana, Sendai Girls, ActWres Girl’z, and Stardom!

To close, Aaron and Taylor preview Stardom’s 8/22 and 8/23 Yokohama Budokan shows and upcoming shows from Ice Ribbon, Diana, ActWres Girl’z, and ChocoPro!

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