In partnership with our official Joshi podcast (Jumping Bomb Audio), we’re proud to present our first-ever Stardom 5☆STAR GP 2020 pick ’em contest.

If you’re new to Voices of Wrestling pick’em games, here are the basics: you’ll pick every single 5☆STAR GP 2020 tournament match, determine who you think will win (or if there’s a draw) and select your 5☆STAR GP 2020 Block winners and runner-ups. We also ask that you give a 5☆STAR GP 2020 Final match time to act as a tiebreaker should you be in the running for a prize.

Please be sure to read all these rules carefully.

Throughout the process, we’ll calculate your points and give updates throughout the tournament at

At the end of the5☆STAR GP 2020, we’ll crown a grand pick’em champion.


Note that we will ONLY accept entries completed through this Google Form. You can use the downloadable cheat sheets to help make your picks but we will only calculate picks through this Google Form. We cannot accept ballots or entries in any other way.

Only one entry per person. Sign-ups will continue until Day 1 of the tournament (Saturday, August 8)

Points/Scoring Breakdown

You will receive 1 point if you pick the correct match-up winner OR if you pick a draw correctly.

  • 5 points for 5☆STAR GP 2020 Winner
  • 3 points for 5☆STAR GP 2020 Runner-up
  • 3 points for 5☆STAR GP 2020 Red Stars Block and Blue Stars Block Winners
  • 2 points for 5☆STAR GP 2020 Red Stars Block and Blue Stars Block Runner-up


Our pick’em grand champion will receive a $50 gift card to!

5☆STAR GP 2020 Coverage

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Submit Your Picks!

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