New Japan Pro Wrestling Lion’s Break Collision #3
July 17, 2020
Oceanville Pavillion
Port Hueneme, California


Lion’s Break Collision has put together some of the most fun and easily digestible weekly wrestling of the COVID era. With the anticipated debut of Tom Lawlor, on paper this is shaping up to be the best episode yet.

Karl Fredericks & Clark Connors Def. Misterioso & The DKC

Misterioso makes his return to NJPW, however this marks his debut on the Collision shows. Here he teams with The DKC, who did an impressive job as the “squashee” against Rust Taylor last week. This week he got a bit more of a chance to shine with some impressive striking, but was still essentially here to make Fredericks look like more of a star, which he did. Misterioso got some spotlight to showcase some okay highflying, but this was the Karl Fredricks show. The man looks ready-made and is clearly a focal point of these Collision shows. Clark Connors, who is yet to shed his Young Lion skin, looks like a star in the making and is probably pretty close to leaving the LA Dojo system. Fredericks picks up the win following a Shibata-like sleeper hold into an elevated DDT/Bloody Sunday type move. Following the match Jeff Cobb attacks Fredericks and Connors, building the feud started in episode 1. ***

Tom Lawlor Def. Rocky Romero

Lawlor has been one of my favourite indie wrestlers, so to see him debut for my favourite company was exciting. Lawlor’s entrance/attire made him feel like a big star and unique to anyone on these Collision shows, and really anyone in New Japan for that matter. Lawlor has a great presence and his uppercuts, kicks and strikes all have an impressive weight behind them. Rocky was the perfect foil for this type of match, a junior credible enough to get some offence in but is never really a threat for Lawlor. Rocky taps to a Rear Naked Choke. Filthy Tom’s backstage promo is also worth a watch. ***

Final Thoughts

Lion’s Break Collision produces another great half hour wrestling show. Last week’s show may have had better matches but this week did a better job building programs and stars. A no-brainer to recommend.