This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk New Japan’s first two shows with fans since March, including one of the most shocking title changes in company history.

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John is joined by returning guest Sean Sedor (@SASedor2994) to talk a very eventual two nights in Osaka Jo Hall. They start the show off with some thoughts on the end of Tetsuya Naito’s title reign, and if you’ve heard some of John’s previous rants and- let’s face it- minor breakdowns on the air over Naito losses you may be a little surprised by their take here. John and Sean then get into breaking down each and every match across both nights, including the underwhelming NJC final, the awesome NEVER & IWGP Tag Title matches from Dominion, and finally the already controversial double title match. John also discusses why some of the takes on Naito-EVIL have really missed the mark, especially the ones about a supposed lack of crowd heat. We then get into your mailbag questions on the two shows, including lots of MASTER WATO~!!! talk and much more.

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