AEW Fyter Fest 2020 Night 2
July 8, 2020
Daly’s Place
Jacksonville, Florida

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Steve Case: One-third of the Midcard Matinee Podcast (@midcard_matinee, After a stellar Night 1, will Night 2 of Fyter Fest be able to reach or exceed the heights of Night 1? It will be competing with a much stronger main event from NXT (Lee vs. Cole), so you’d guess they’d want to continue to bring the goods. With Moxley vs. Cage bumped back a week to Fight For The Fallen, a MASSIVE upgrade to the six-man tag (albeit for awful reasons), and the tag titles again coming into play, this card has become much more intriguing. Match placement will be incredibly interesting here, as three different matches could realistically main event this show. No matter what, everyone should be in for a treat! Follow @Coachcase44

Nyla Rose vs. TBA

Let the rampant speculation begin! Who will be Nyla Rose’s mystery opponent? Will this be another surprise debut? Will it be a welcomed return from COVID travel restriction? Could it be the return of someone we haven’t seen? My guess is her actual opponent will be a trainee who will get squashed gloriously in short fashion. My guess is the real surprise will be who shows up after the match is over to set up Nyla’s next program. Prediction: Nyla Rose

Lance Archer vs. Joey Janela

They gave this match a little heat when Archer showed up and wrecked both Janela and Sonny Kiss on Dynamite. Archer is really good at kicking like a monster. Janela is really good at getting his ass kicked and looking like a truck hit him. Sonny will likely get involved to try and help his partner, but it won’t matter. Archer should win this and quickly. If it hits five minutes, they lost the plot. This should be another spectacular squash. Prediction: Lance Archer

Colt Cabana & The Dark Order vs. SoCal Uncensored

This match has a lot more story and threads to back it up than your normal mid-card six man tag would have. The Dark Order is still trying to recruit Colt to join their ranks after he finally got the pin on Dynamite tagging with Mr. Brodie Lee a few weeks back. You also have the history of Colt being an honorary member of SoCal Uncensored when he first started with AEW. Lots of “will he go all the way to keep winning, or be the good man and do right by his friends, ” deal going on here. I feel like both these groups are heading in very different directions. The Dark Order ascending and SoCal descending. I feel like The Colt/Dark Order story may extend all the way to All Out, where the story for SoCal is Scorpio’s split from the group, either amicable or otherwise. I see The Dark Order laying out one of the three SoCal members by nefarious means, leaving Colt with the free pin once more. After a little internal debate, he reluctantly takes the pin for the win. Prediction: Colt Cabana & The Dark Order

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Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

To me, especially with Moxley and Cage off the show, this is your main event. I’m aware it got slaughtered in the quarter ratings in the go-home show, but Jericho is your biggest star and it’s got the best and longest build. The go-home angle was a legitimately strong angle that I feel was hurt by many extenuating circumstances. It’s also a strong match to put up against a very strong match on the other channel. The build started with Orange casually walking through one of Jericho’s promos and continued to build with Jericho’s commentary, the bag of oranges attack, the main event angle on the go-home show, and even the “pull apart” from last week on Night 1. The fact that Night 1 was such a strong show should also help the eyes on this one. As for the match, Jericho has been able to pull the serious side of Orange out of him to great results. Jericho can still put in a strong main event performance when called upon and Orange is a tremendous worker that can move around him and bump and sell. Jericho is also obviously a big fan of Orange and will want to do everything he can to make him feel like a big star. In front of a crowd, this would be special. I still believe this match will be tremendous. With the Inner Circle crumbling, and AEW clearly seeing something special in Orange, I think he gets the big win.  Prediction: Orange Cassidy

FTR & The Young Bucks vs. The Butcher and the Blade & The Lucha Brothers

This would be my second choice for the main event, as this should be tremendous. Albeit for terrible reasons, this match was greatly enhanced by inserting The Lucha Brothers. A case could be made that three of the five best tag teams in the world are in this match, and Butcher and the Blade are no slouches either. This will be one where you just sit back and enjoy the ride. The FTR/Young Bucks feud has been simmering online for some time, as is only now starting to build on national television. I don’t think we get the full on split yet as there is still a lot of time to build to Double or Nothing, but the tension continues to build to a steady boil.  Prediction: FTR & The Young Bucks

AEW World Tag Team Championship
Kenny Omega & Adam Page (c) vs. Private Party

This would be my dark horse pick for the main event, but it could just as easily be the opener. This match’s placement will depend a lot on the placement of the eight-man tag. It is the only championship match on the card and should be a fast-paced, athletic and eye-popping contest. That combined with a good show-closing angle between Omega and Hangman, FTR, and the Bucks would be a good way to cap off the show. This is obviously on the card to fill the void left by the late Moxley/Cage postponement, and I don’t think there is any doubt Omega & Hangman retain. Private Party’s match with Santana and Ortiz was solid even if it underwhelmed, and an off night for Omega and Hangman was a borderline **** match with Best Friends. The athleticism of these men alone should allow them to eclipse that. Prediction: Kenny Omega & Hangman Page