Welcome back to Open the Voice Gate – Rewind and Rewatch, where Case (https://twitter.com/_inyourcase) and Mike (https://twitter.com/fujiiheya) are Rewinding and Rewatching the Dragon Gate USA era of shows.

This episode covers Enter the Dragon 2010, Dragon Gate USA’s 1st Year anniversary on July 24, 2010 at The Arena in Philadelphia. It’s an incredibly stacked show with sudden return of Bryan Danielson to DGUSA as he took on Shingo Takagi along with the blowoff for Kamikaze USA vs Chikara Sekigun. Case and Mike take a look at the big two months between DGUSA’s Canadian shows and their anniversary show, which includes why Danielson was back on the indies and appearing for DGUSA, Kobe World 2010, and so much more. The episode concludes with the pair trying to figure out where they put Enter the Dragon 2010 on the pantheon of DGUSA shows, and if they saw the best match in DGUSA to that point!

The show review starts at 00:50:25 on this episode.

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