This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk some really good matches and, uh, some really bad ones too! If you haven’t listened to a 5 Matches episode yet, every week John and the guest each choose 2 matches to watch and talk about on the episode. Then we each choose a third match, which is put up to a vote on the @wrestleomakase Twitter account, letting the listeners choose our fifth and final match of the week. It’s a fun retro format featuring all sorts of different wrestling!

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John is joined by first time guest Chris, co-host of the Bad Wrestling Podcast. We talk a little about recent events and also just playing Yakuza and EWR/TEW to get through the current quarantine, plus briefly discuss an absolutely amazing opening segment of Friday Night Smackdown from this past week. Once that’s out of the way we get into our five matches of the week, and boy are they a doozy:

1. Carlos Colon & Invader #1 vs. The Sheepherders of Butch Miller & Luke Williams, WWC 12/21/85 (Youtube)
2. Shuji Ishikawa vs. Kazusada Higuchi, DDT 9/25/16 (Youtube)
3. Crazy Crusher vs. Hell Storm, EWR 12/19/04 (Youtube)
4. Homicide vs. Takeshi Morishima, ROH 2/17/07 (Youtube)
5. Jimmy Jact Cash vs. Hippy Dicky Moon, SWA 10/8/16 (Youtube)

Topics that come up along the way include: what the hell was going on in Puerto Rico that night, big boy slaps and unfortunately big boy headbutts too, the single craziest match you’ve never heard of with some absolutely insane spots described in detail, singles vs. multi-man ladder matches, Homicide’s place in history, how to put a guy over for a big run, Jimmy Jact Cash somehow having a 20-year career with absolutely nothing to show for it, and Dennis John: What The Fuck? Yes, it’s quite the packed episode.

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Missed any of the 5 Matches episodes or just want to revisit one of the matches discussed previously but aren’t sure what episode it took place on? Here’s a handy Google Doc with links to every single match we’ve discussed on this series so far, which will continue to be updated every week.