Against all the odds, WrestleMania went ahead in April when most other sports were postponed. But attending wrestling events is not the only thing you should be contemplating. There has never been a better time to stay inside and play the best wrestling games that wrestling fans like the most. Here are five awesome games you can try – and you don’t even need a flashy video console to play some of them!

1. WWE 2K17

Yuke’s did not get off to the best start when creating wrestling games, but they have caught up to the pace in WWE 2K17. This wrestling game includes special rounds such as ladder matches and even includes backstage fights. The number of wrestlers you get to pick from in this game is vast, and the only people that will feel let down by the game is avid Hulk Hogan fans. For some reason or another, Hulk is not featured on WWE 2K17.

2. Lucha Maniacs

If you like gambling and luchador wrestlers, you may want to step away from the video console and onto an online casino for your hit of wrestling entertainment. The Lucha Maniacs slot game has a lot going for it, including but not limited to quality graphics, decent bonus rounds and an RTP above the standard 96%. If you like wrestling, gaming and money – who doesn’t? – then Lucha Maniacs is something different for you to try.

3. WWE All-Stars

Available to play on a selection of video consoles, this arcade-like wrestling game is among the best. It is another unique option for wrestling fans because it features the stellar names of today’s wrestling world, but also includes a blast from the past such as Roddy Piper and Randy Savage. You can face off with a wealth of names and match up stars from different generations. What more could you want?

4. Pro Wrestling

Not everyone enjoys flashy graphics and sophisticated gameplay. Some old-school wrestling fans want to enjoy games that are simple to play but just as fun. Pro Wrestling is that game. It is proud of its simple graphics that make fighting very simple without the drama and wrestling names that modern games use. It’s just you, your opponent, the crowd and a solitary cameraman.

5. The Simpsons Wrestling

Just after the turn of the century, our favorite Simpsons characters decided to break loose from Springfield’s daily grind to take each other on inside the ring. You can choose from a range of Simpsons’ characters and make your way up the ladder, fighting the likes of an angry Groundskeeper Willy and co. If you are sick of the mainstream wrestling games and own a PlayStation, choose to play Simpsons wrestling instead!

If you don’t want to game but still want wrestling entertainment, considering flicking on Netflix and watching Leo, the next big wrestling star on The Main Event.