Aaron and Taylor discuss coronavirus’ ever-changing effects on the joshi scene and review Stardom’s Cinderella Tournament, including ideas on how to improve the winner’s prize and thoughts on Giulia’s impending white belt match with Arisa Hoshiki.

After that, they briefly review nearly every show that happened in the last two weeks including SEADdLINNNG’s 3/10 Korakuen show, Sendai Girls’ Joshi Rookie Tournament, Tokyo Joshi Pro’s 3/21 and 4/3 shows, DDT’s Syuri vs. Saki Akai match from 4/4, and shows from Oz Academy, WAVE, Pure-J, Gatoh Move, Ice Ribbon, Marvelous, and Zero1.

The show closes with Aaron and Taylor’s recommended matches from the last two weeks, where you can watch them, and a look at what, if any, shows are happening over the next two weeks.

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