This week on Wrestling Omakase we’re not gonna let a stupid virus get us down, it’s time for empty arena madness! John is joined by first-time guest Callum to talk four shows with (almost) zero fans between them, as Japan is still in the midst of their Coronavirus outbreak. After a brief discussion of where we stand there (and what might be coming soon to the US in the very near future) we get into all of these shows, starting with STARDOM’s first-ever live show on Youtube. Hear our thoughts on some surprise battle royale entrants, two very good tag matches, and a main event that was a bit all over the place but still came together into a great match in the end.

Then we turn our attention to three shows from DDT’s dojo, the 3/1 DDT show and the 3/1 & 3/8 Tokyo Joshi Pro events. What was the atmosphere like for these Dojo shows? We discuss strange debuts for much-hyped international wrestler, Owashi staring into our souls, two really fun Tokyo Joshi tournaments, green = blue in Japan, and much more! It’s a packed show full of NO PEOPLE goodness, this week!

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