This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk FIVE big Korakuen shows from two different Japanese wrestling companies! John is joined by returning guest Hayley to discuss a very busy week of action, starting with four straight nights at Korakuen Hall from New Japan. Hear their thoughts on the two very different retirements of Tiger Hattori and Manabu Nakanishi, four title matches, Hayley’s opinion of the Tanahashi/Ibushi team in general from the perspective of a big Kota fan, the Naito-Hiromu feud and a possible burgeoning Naito-Ospreay rivalry, which unit they’re both very sick of, and much more! Once they’re finished with all four shows from NJPW their attention turns to DDT’s Into the Fight Korakuen from Sunday, featuring the crowning of a first-ever DDT Universal Champion, an awesome KO-D Openweight Title challenge for MAO, a SWORD changes hands multiple times, and more. Plus John and Hayley talk about the currently running anime series Magia Record (and the original Madoka too for good measure), debate what makes a good heel and much more. It’s a packed episode of Korakuen action, this week!

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