This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk a pair of Korakuen events from a men’s and women’s company, plus a whole lot more! First, John is joined by returning guests and VOW contributors Gerard Di Trolio and Paul Volsch to break down All Japan Pro Wrestling’s 2/11 Korakuen, featuring a somewhat controversial Kento Miyahara Triple Crown title match on top and a lot more. We take this chance to discuss the new Shuji Ishikawa booking regime more generally as well, as there’s been a lot of changes already. The three also have a conversation on the Japanese wrestling scene more generally, including a lot of information on New Japan’s new domestic TV deal, consolidation, the looming threat of NXT Japan and a whole lot more. They wrap this segment up with a breakdown of the Champion Carnival participants and full schedule, plus answer a number of listener questions.

Then John does a solo segment for the second time in Omakase history, talking STARDOM’s 2/8 Korakuen. John discusses an outstanding last three matches including an absolutely incredible Mayu Iwatani vs. Takumi Iroha main event, the new use of outsiders in STARDOM, the post-match angle with Saki Kashima and the new role for Oedo Tai (and whether their in ring work is really reflecting that so far) and much more. Plus, John answers your STARDOM questions and then finally does a brief preview of New Japan’s 2/19-2/22 Korakuens as well as DDT’s 2/23 Korakuen (all of which we’ll be reviewing on next week’s show). It’s a packed episode of Omakase covering all across the Japanese wrestling spectrum, this week!

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