The 2019 Voices of Wrestling Match of the Year countdown continues with the first batch of our Top 50 matches including a battle of this generation’s top high fliers, an intergender match that put Beyond Wrestling’s Uncharted Territory on the map and more!



Daisuke Sekimoto & WALTER vs. Yuji Hino & Yuji Okabayashi

Overall Points: 31
Total Votes: 6
Highest Vote: 3rd

“In 2018 WALTER introduced himself to the world and WWE snapped him up. This was a disappointing turn up for the books. It seemed as if our only exposure to WALTER in 2019 would be in familiar pastures. When we heard about this Big Japan match happening, while we were in Germany, it was exactly the kind of thing we were hoping for before WALTER signed for WWE. WALTER unleashed in Japan. Going nuts with the chops and the big boy business against two of the best Japan has to offer. An absolutely fantastic match that brought a massive smile to my face. I only wish WALTER could do things like this more often.” Arnold Furious

David Starr vs. Mercedes Martinez
Beyond Wrestling

Overall Points: 31
Total Votes: 7
Highest Vote: 2nd

“With the deluge of weekly wrestling available in 2019, Uncharted Territory was always one I went out of my way for their capacity to put together a match you maybe hadn’t thought of, and blow the roof off the place. I was delighted this match got to happen before Mercedes set off for WWE, because her and Starr beat the absolute hell out of each other. I don’t have any scorching takes on intergender wrestling, except to say that like every type of wrestling, when it is done well it’s fantastic. And this was done very, very well.” Dave Ryan

Kento Miyahara vs. Naoya Nomura

Overall Points: 32
Total Votes: 4
1 First-Place Vote

“Kento Miyahara is my wrestler of the year. In a year that had some of the best wrestling I’ve seen in ages, he was the king for me. With how amazing Will Ospreay was this year, having banger after banger, going into one of the best matches of the year with Shingo, who came into New Japan and became a star in short order, watching both men have amazing Super Junior and G1 Climax runs, were tough competition for Kento. Ospreay showed how he can go with anyone with the classic against Archer, and Shingo showing he can bring a old dog into the spreadsheet territory with Kojima at Dominion, Kento did this same thing but with the man who was in this match. Naoya Nomura. Kento Miyahara took a company and made it must see for every big show main event. He took a guy with the charisma of a shoe in Jake Lee, and made him a believable opposite that most thought would win the strap from him at Korakuen a couple weeks ago. He went into the Champions Carnival and took everyone with him to the next level, including making Gianni Valletta look respectable. He went to Osaka a year after putting over Zeus, and still managed to make you think it would happen again. He went toe to toe with the Ace of New Japan in February at the Baba show and got the pop, as the fans boo’d Tana. He did everything. Including making a star, and the man who should win the Champions Carnival this year and go on and beat Kento.

Naoya Nomura.

This match did so much for Nomura that I truly believe they had him last into a playoff with Jake Lee and make him a legit threat to win, whereas before that wasn’t the case. The performance was enough to make him a legit player that if they pull the trigger, he can be the Champ. This match showed such a great story with Nomura being the underdog that doesn’t quit, continues to kick out of everything, and fight for existence. He found ways to escape the Shutdown German, avoiding every attempt at the go. Nomura kicks out of a Black Out knee on a 1 count which got the crowd 100% ready for a wild finish that shocked everyone. Heavy strikes back and forth, and then finally Nomura hits a spear, and lands the DVD to a 2.99 count that people thought they were going to have a new Champion going into the Carnival. Korakuen was losing their mind at this point. Finally, Nomura just didn’t have enough to finish the job as Kento went into his final stretch and closed out the valiant effort from Nomura.

The handshake refusal at the end made it that much better. We now saw Nomura in a new light and as someone who can be the guy. This match hit so many levels of greatness that I couldn’t imagine anything over it for 2019. The fact it followed up the fantastic tag between Strong BJ and Violent Giants and was able to make that feel like an afterthought was the sealer. I’ve given this four watches now, and every time I find something else to appreciate about it.” Ryan Cooke

Ben-K vs Masaaki Mochizuki
Dragon Gate

Overall Points: 32
Total Votes: 5
Highest Vote: 2nd

“Masaaki Mochizuki turned 50 on January 17th. I feel like I start all his captions with that, but what Mochizuki has done in his late 40s was legendary. No wrestler at his age has wrestled that full-contact style night in, and night out, to his level he has. I’ve stopped waiting for Mocchy’s decline. I fully expect one day for him to just say “I’m done” or sadly pass away. It took me a while to come around to Case Lowe’s point, but now I fully believe that Masaaki Mochizuki is one of the best ten in-ring wrestlers of all time.

This Dream Gate match is another one where his legacy is carved into stone. Ben-K came into this match as a conquering force, steamrolling everyone over the summer including getting the first fall on PAC in almost two years. For years, Dragon Gate was desperately attempting to create their star for the new generation, and in three short months, they had it in Ben. A year before, Ben-K challenged Mocchy for this very belt in his first-ever Dream Gate title shot, and now he was the champion.

The match itself is one that I constantly replay in my head. Mochizuki’s precision focus on Ben’s arm. Socking Ben-K in the mouth as a way to get out of a pinning situation. But the thing that’s etched into my mind is the way Ben-K won the match. A brutal headbutt that led to blood trickling down his face. You see, you can try to fight against time, like Masaaki Mochizuki has successfully done, but you can’t fight against a headbutt at the end of a war.” Mike Spears

Hanson & Rowe vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black

Overall Points: 37
Total Votes: 7
Highest Vote: 2nd

“In my opinion the most underrated match of the year. This match started off the greatest NXT Takeover show ever. This card was stacked from top to bottom and every single match delivered. This match was non stop action and the crowd was absolutely insane for the whole thing. The strike exchanges between Black and Rowe and the ridiculous high flying offense of Ricochet. This match was an NXT Classic and it’s very slept on. A fantastic farewell for Black and Ricochet who would of course go on to do lesser things on the “main roster.”” Noveliss

Chris Jericho vs. Tetsuya Naito

Overall Points: 37
Total Votes: 8
Highest Vote: 2nd

“A walk-and-brawl that was better than it had any right to be, as Chris Jericho continues to evolve and adapt to his aging body, and Naito continues to be a brilliant professional wrestler. The moment where Naito found himself face-to-face with his old nemesis, the Intercontinental title, was better storytelling than any book, and I should know because I’ve read every book that’s ever been written (test me!). If they ever write one better than this tale of Naito and his hated white belt, let me know.” Joel Abraham

Will Ospreay vs. Robbie Eagles

Overall Points: 39
Total Votes: 5
1 First-Place Vote

“Having followed the story of Will Ospreay and Robbie Eagles from their first encounter in Sydney, I went into this match with a heightened level of emotional investment. This felt like the match that truly established Eagles in NJPW and as an international star. Fantastic storytelling, fantastic action and a molten-hot crowd.” Kevin Chiat

David Starr vs. Jordan Devlin

Overall Points: 39
Total Votes: 10
Highest Vote: 3rd

“No feud embodied the continued strife in the European independent scene like the one in OTT between Jordan Devlin and David Starr. While the feud would be expertly molded into one of conflicting ideologies, this first match was simpler and, in my opinion, more effective. Starr cost Devlin a pinfall over WALTER because he was jealous. Devlin wanted revenge, and OTT dangled a title match against WALTER over their heads. What we got as a result was a hate-fueled brawl all over the National Basketball Arena, with the crowd firmly behind Devlin. An exceptional match from an exceptional feud, from one of the best independent promotions going today.” Suit Williams

Arisa Hoshiki vs. Tam Nakano

Overall Points: 40
Total Votes: 8
Highest Vote: 2nd

“An emotional battle reminiscent of the Yuzupon era, with its focus on martial arts and strike exchanges. Tamu keeping the opponent guessing with unorthodox offense. Arisa’s resourceful use of the ropes and management of space to set up her devastating combinations. The finish was the perfect surge of emotions to cap off the feud.” aguakun

HARASHIMA vs Konosuke Takeshita

Overall Points: 42
Total Votes: 5
1 First-Place Vote

“DDT, for all of their many faults can still deliver big when it’s the right people in the right situation. HARASHIMA vs. Takeshita was that situation with the right people, and actually the win itself is worth watching on it’s own if you’re already not into these guys who (in particular Takeshita) are the antithesis of what many fans think of when they think of DDT. The drama of this was off the charts and the further away we go from 2019 the more this stands out.” Dylan Fox

Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay

Overall Points: 43
Total Votes: 10
Highest Vote: 3rd

“HOLY SHIT, what a match, and it was even better than their excellent Wrestle Kingdom encounter. They did an excellent job through out the match of using the injuries that were reported on both men and kept them a common thread throughout, which played extremely well and added to the drama and got the crowd invested. They also included great throwbacks to the WrestleKingdom match before working into a scintillating closing stretch with some absolutely tremendous near falls that had me on the edge of my seat. These boys absolutely delivered.” Larry Csonka

Rocky Romero vs El Phantasmo

Overall Points: 44
Total Votes: 8
1 First-Place Vote

“sometimes the best wrestling is when the entire crowd gets rabidly behind the babyface and boos the heels and they both hold up their end of the bargain. it’s simple. its not easy, in that it takes two top grade professionals – which none of us knew El-P could be before this year, but it’s simple.” kara

Shingo Takagi vs. Dragon Lee

Overall Points: 44
Total Votes: 9
1 First-Place Vote

“Dragon Lee held his own with Shingo Takagi here, not too many of Shingo’s opponents could, the two men went back and forth early on until Shingo hit a DDT to Dragon Lee on the floor on the outside which slowed the match down momentarily. It always amazes me how much stamina and toughness that the guys have in Japan because this match was later on in a multi day tournament and both men still brought forth their best effort and they brought out the best in each other. Shingo hits a Death Valley Driver on the ring apron and both spill out to the outside, Shingo’s matches are just special and so is he and the company makes that very clear it’s simple yet effective. The entire story of this entire tournament was “Who was going to be the one to beat Shingo” and that’s as much of a story as it needed. The matches did the rest of the work and this match solidified it. Dragon lee threw everything he had at Shingo and Shingo answered back and then some. Towards the end of the match Shingo hits Dragon Lee with a lariat and Dragon Lee falls and drops out of frame. Lee then comes back with a double foot stomp followed by a soccer kick. My god! The ending sequence of this match was absolutely insane Dragon Lee did everything that he could to try and put Shingo Takagi away to get the points but Shingo prevailed at the end. An Excellent match in a tournament that was really really good overall.” Nathan Neumann

Sareee vs. Meiko Satomura
Sendai Girls

Overall Points: 45
Total Votes: 8
1 First-Place Vote

“On August 4th, 2013, Katsuyori Shibata and Tomohiro Ishii had one of my favorite matches of all time in the G1 Climax. Nothing ever came particularly close to recreating the feeling I had watching that until this amazing joshi match nearly six years later. The veteran Meiko and the up-and-comer Sareee went 100 miles-an-hour from the opening bell, destroying each other with vicious strikes and violent suplexes. And it must be said, this match somehow went over three minutes longer than Shibata-Ishii did as well! An absolutely amazing match with two women who just never stopped for fifteen minutes straight, up there with the greatest sprints of all time and an easy choice for my 2019 Match of the Year.” John Carroll

WALTER vs. David Starr

Overall Points: 46
Total Votes: 11
Highest Vote: 3rd

“How many people can flip out over a single move? A single move that didn’t lead to a bump: just David Starr stamping on a belt set the crowd – and social media – alight. Everything here in the last “full singles match” between WALTER and Starr was on point, while the arrival of Jordan Devlin to tattle tale on David Starr made this even more exquisite. Not quite my MOTY, but a very close tie!” Ian Hamilton

Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi

Overall Points: 48
Total Votes: 10
1 First-Place Vote

“This was my 4th wrestling show in 3 days for WrestleMania weekend. A friend and I were at the House of Glory show to start the day. I finally got to meet and see Great Muta wrestle on that show. His match came on midway through the card. I turned to my friend immediately and said we have to go to NJPW at MSG, since we would have time to make that show. I’m a diehard NJPW fan, so getting to see them in person for the first time was incredible. Ibushi/Naito tire the house down and had me out of my seat cheering like a madman. Pro wrestling rules.” Brett Miles

Metalico vs Virus

Overall Points: 51
Total Votes: 8
Highest Vote: 2nd

“Technical wizardry with high enough stakes that for a casual Friday night fan like myself can not only get into it without backstory but also be enthralled by the work, all based on the stip. This led to Metalico’s retirement and into his new career as the world’s worst referee.” Justin M Knipper

Yuki Ishikawa vs. Timothy Thatcher

Overall Points: 53
Total Votes: 7
Highest Vote: 2nd

“When Yuki Ishikawa was announced for AMBITION and was taking on Timothy Thatcher, I was instantly pumped. Ishikawa did some training with Thatcher back when he was EVOLVE champion so not only was it great that he was taking on one of the best grapplers today, it was also a student/mentor story that gives this match that little more depth. I watched Ishikawa in the Inner Circle match a few days before this so I knew what to expect from this from that match and his single encounters with Thatcher. But this… now this blew me away even more than that match did. Started off slow, but both were alert. Constantly wriggling and adjusting for the advantage, a few slaps and kicks for extra measure here and there. Then Ishikawa began getting more of a foothold in the match and began suckering in Thatcher into different holds which looked great. Everything Ishikawa did had a certain awkwardness to it, which I don’t consider a bad thing. None of the holds looked comfortable to be in, and I sure they weren’t, and that’s the point.

Thatcher equally as great at the grappling but mostly sold the holds superbly with his little grunts and gasps for air. Another thing I enjoyed about this match was the moments of pure instincts. For example, Ishikawa had a hold on Thatcher and Thatcher looked to reach for the ropes with his legs and Ishikawa latched onto the leg and adapted the hold along with it. Moments like that are what made this match for me. Sensational match. Not everyone’s cup of tea but it’s mine and it’s top quality.” Lee/MC

Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, & Puma King vs.Bandido, Flamita, & Rey Horus

Overall Points: 53
Total Votes: 9
1 First-Place Vote

“This match did not have a strong storyline going into it, really it was just a bunch of elite luchadores doing crazy and innovative moves at a frantic pace in front of an extremely appreciative PWG audience. If you are looking for great storytelling, dramatic near-falls and matches with real stakes, look elsewhere. However, if you are looking for a match to show non-fans why you think wrestling is cool, this would be the match you should show them. After the match was over, with all six men in the ring holding up the Mexican flag while the fans through money into the ring (a tradition in lucha libre) was a sweet moment and worked as a tribute to the major influence lucha libre has had on independent wrestling this decade.” Jesse Collings

Laredo Kid vs. El Hijo del Vikingo

Overall Points: 55
Total Votes: 9
1 First-Place Vote

“You’ve probably heard of this match as the one that got every US promotion interested in Vikingo (who remains plagued with visa issues to this day) and got Laredo Kid booked in that highly entertaining trios match at AEW Fyter Fest. What you may not know is that this match wasn’t even supposed to happen; it was, in fact, supposed to be a three-way match for Laredo Kid’s AAA Cruiserweight Championship with Vikingo and Jack Evans challenging. When Jack couldn’t make it the match turned into a 1 vs. 1, and Monterrey was treated to the best match of the year and the finest moment from a promotion that I believe was head and shoulders above everyone else in 2019.

It was perhaps not as rich in the storytelling departments as other candidates, although the story of two friends/partners (Laredo and Viking were AAA Trios Champions with Myzteziz Jr. at the time) is an underrated undercurrent throughout. Where it beats all the other matches is how the near 20 minute match flies by, features lucha libre done at its absolute best and the two best spots of 2019 in the form of Vikingo’s Brillo 450 from the ramp and the greatest Spanish Fly spot you will ever see in your life. And while the match moved the needle because Vikingo was out of this world, the match doesn’t work without the veteran Laredo Kid, in the midst of the year of his life, keeping the match steady with his all-around work. You know, in between delivering his own awe inspiring moves. A star making performance for both men, this match is everything I want from lucha libre and pro wrestling in this day and age. A masterpiece of the highest order.” Eric Mutter

Kota Ibushi vs Kazuchika Okada

Overall Points: 59
Total Votes: 10
1 First-Place Vote

“Both wrestlers belong here and in this kind of match. Big stage bigger personalities. Better than the G-1 Finals. Superstars being Superstars!” DJ Rothenbecker

Kazuchika Okada vs Minoru Suzuki

Overall Points: 60
Total Votes: 13
Highest Vote: 3rd

“The only MOTYC that I attended live this year and what a corker it turned out to be! It was a true pleasure and privilege to see a full-on New Japan heavyweight championship match in the flesh, in a great venue and a hot crowd. What’s better is that we all bought into the match. We lived and died with Suzuki, and we 100% believed that he had what it takes to unseat and dethrone Okada. Every time Suzuki attempted the piledriver, we were on tenterhooks. I swear, if he landed the piledriver and got the duke, the place would’ve exploded. Brexit would’ve been called off and sterling’s value would’ve shot up to astronomical highs. This was excellent.” Shane Doyle

Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi

Overall Points: 62
Total Votes: 9
1 First-Place Vote

“All the talk about Naito and Ibushi having neck-bump deathwishes is pretty tired, I think. That said, when this match BEGAN with Ibushi selling a neck injury, you had to know you were in for a doozy. Everyone remembers the apron german suplex that nearly ends Kota Ibushi, but there’s so much more happening. I always think about Kota’s render on the New Japan website when he took the Intercontinental Title from Naito; in it, he’s hugging the belt in front of him as tightly as he can. It’s the belt his heroes built up, he’ll do anything to keep it. And he’ll have to, because at Dominion Naito’s gone full-blown sociopath.

At one point the camera pans out a little for a beautiful shot of the two facing one another. You can see the Osaka-Jo lights above them, and Kevin Kelly notes, “Each man [is] seemingly in their happy place when they’re in great pain, their necks are destroyed.” They’re both smiling. They knew exactly what kind of match this was going to be, methodically ramping things up with each encounter. They know they’re in the midst of something that you’re going to have a hard time forgetting, whether you think it’s a masterpiece or a snuff film. Easy five.” Jonathan Hernandez

Jordan Devlin vs. WALTER

Overall Points: 62
Total Votes: 14
Highest Vote: 2nd

“Set to the background of St.Patrick’s weekend in Dublin and with a hot Dublin crowd, Jordan Devlin & WALTER set out to better their phenomenal match from OTT over half a year earlier. A simple match when it’s broken down to it’s constituent parts but add a hot rivalry, Shaun Ryan’s amazing promo work, a Monster in WALTER and a home town babyface in Jordan Devlin, you get magic.” Gary O’Donoghue

Kazuchika Okada vs SANADA

Overall Points: 62
Total Votes: 14
Highest Vote: 2nd

“The best performance from SANADA to date, he finally got over the hump with 13 seconds left against Okada. While it wasn’t in an IWGP title match (which continues this story), SANADA proved that he could beat the best in one on one competition.” Tyler Forness


PlaceMatchDatePromotionOverall PointsTotal Votes% of ballotsHighest Vote
26Kazuchika Okada vs SANADA8/3NJPW621410.4%2nd
27Jordan Devlin vs. WALTER3/16OTT621410.4%2nd
28Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi6/9NJPW6296.7%1st
29Kazuchika Okada vs Minoru Suzuki8/31NJPW60139.6%3rd
30Kota Ibushi vs Kazuchika Okada8/10NJPW59107.4%1st
31Laredo Kid vs. El Hijo del Vikingo6/9AAA5596.7%1st
32Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, & Puma King vs.Bandido, Flamita, & Rey Horus7/26PWG5396.7%1st
33Yuki Ishikawa vs. Timothy Thatcher3/9wXw5375.2%2nd
34Metalico vs Virus5/31CMLL5185.9%2nd
35Tetsuya Naito vs. Kota Ibushi4/6NJPW48107.4%1st
36WALTER vs. David Starr6/23OTT46118.1%3rd
37Sareee vs. Meiko Satomura4/16Sendai Girls4585.9%1st
38Shingo Takagi vs. Dragon Lee5/23NJPW4496.7%1st
39Rocky Romero vs El Phantasmo5/24NJPW4485.9%1st
40Kota Ibushi vs. Will Ospreay7/18NJPW43107.4%3rd
41HARASHIMA vs Konosuke Takeshita11/3DDT4253.7%1st
42Arisa Hoshiki vs. Tam Nakano6/16Stardom4085.9%2nd
43David Starr vs. Jordan Devlin2/17OTT39107.4%3rd
44Will Ospreay vs. Robbie Eagles6/29NJPW3953.7%1st
45Chris Jericho vs. Tetsuya Naito1/4NJPW3785.9%2nd
46Hanson & Rowe vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black4/5WWE (NXT)3775.2%2nd
47Ben-K vs Masaaki Mochizuki10/8Dragon Gate3253.7%2nd
48Kento Miyahara vs. Naoya Nomura3/19AJPW3243.0%1st
49David Starr vs. Mercedes Martinez10/17Beyond Wrestling3175.2%2nd
50Daisuke Sekimoto & WALTER vs. Yuji Hino & Yuji Okabayashi11/4BJW3164.4%3rd
51Kazuchika Okada vs. Tomohiro Ishii3/23NJPW3064.4%2nd
52Shingo Takagi vs. SHO5/13NJPW3064.4%5th
53Momo Watanabe vs Jungle Kyona3/3Stardom2985.9%2nd
54Chihiro Hashimoto vs Sareee6/8Sendai Girls2975.2%3rd
55PAC Vs. Cara Noir7/5RIPTIDE2764.4%2nd
56Will Ospreay vs A-Kid3/30WWW2764.4%3rd
57Tetsuya Naito vs Kota Ibushi3/10NJPW2764.4%4th
58El Barbaro Cavernario vs. Titan2/22CMLL2743.0%1st
59Arisa Hoshiki vs. Jungle Kyona8/10Stardom2653.7%1st
60NXT Women's WarGames Match11/23WWE (NXT)2564.4%4th
61Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson6/5NJPW2443.0%1st
62Johnny Gargano vs. Ricochet1/26WWE (NXT)2364.4%4th
63Shuji Ishikawa/Suwama vs. Daisuke Sekimoto/Yuji Okabayashi1/13BJW2353.7%2nd
64Sami Callihan vs Tessa Blanchard7/7Impact Wrestling2332.2%2nd
65T-Hawk vs. Shuji Kondo5/3Wrestle-12321.5%1st
66Daniel Makabe vs. Timothy Thatcher7/123-2-1 Battle2232.2%3rd
67Shoko Nakajima vs Yuka Sakazaki11/3DDT2121.5%1st
68WALTER vs Pete Dunne4/5WWE (NXT)2053.7%4th
69Dylan James vs. Yuji Okabayashi4/20AJPW2043.0%4th
70Dominic Garrini vs. Joshua Bishop4/4AIW2032.2%2nd
71Boomer Hatfield vs. Dasher Hatfield5/26CHIKARA2021.5%1st
72Masashi Takeda vs. Jimmy Lloyd4/5GCW1964.4%6th
73Momo Watanabe vs. Utami Hayashishita4/5Stardom1953.7%4th
74Will Ospreay vs Kota Ibushi1/4NJPW1943.0%4th
75Joey Janela vs. Kris Statlander6/12Beyond Wrestling1853.7%5th
76Big Mami vs. Lady Maravilla12/14AAA1764.4%6th
77Akito vs. ASUKA7/15DDT1743.0%4th
78WALTER vs. David Starr3/8wXw1732.2%4th
79Jay White vs Kazuchika Okada4/6NJPW1632.2%3rd
80Ophidian, Laredo Kid, Arez vs. Black Taurus, KTB, Gringo Loco8/30BLP/GCW1632.2%4th
81Kenny Omega & Riho vs. Antonio Honda & Miyu Yamashita11/3DDT1621.5%1st
82Kento Miyahara vs. Jake Lee4/29AJPW1543.0%7th
83Hirooki Goto vs Tomohiro Ishii8/1NJPW1521.5%2nd
84Brock Lesnar vs. Finn Balor1/27WWE1432.2%5th
85Darby Allin vs Jon Moxley11/20AEW1410.7%1st
85Star Jr. & Valiente vs. Fugaz & Mistico10/18CMLL1410.7%1st
85Mio Momono vs Takumi Iroha11/3Marvelous1410.7%1st
85Momo Watanabe vs. Tam Nakano1/13Stardom1410.7%1st
85Brett Ison vs Allie Kat6/2SUP1410.7%1st
90Will Ospreay vs. Bandido5/23NJPW1343.0%3rd
91Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi7/6NJPW1332.2%2nd
92Masashi Takeda vs. Jon Gresham4/4GCW1332.2%3rd
93Jake Lee & Naoya Nomura vs. Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi12/9AJPW1332.2%5th
93WALTER vs. Rey Fenix3/9wXw1332.2%5th
95Giulia vs. Hana Kimura12/24Stardom1321.5%2nd
96Invisible Man vs. Invisible Stan4/5GCW1243.0%2nd
97Daniel Makabe Vs. Jonathan Gresham4/193-2-1 Battle1232.2%2nd
98Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. KUSHIDA1/29NJPW1232.2%5th
99Caveman Ugg vs. Jack Bonza10/19PWA Australia1232.2%5th
100Shuji Ishikawa & SUWAMA Vs. Yuji Okabayashi & Daisuke Sekimoto3/19AJPW1232.2%5th
100Arisa Hosiki vs. Hazuki7/24Stardom1232.2%5th
102KAI/YAMATO vs Naurki Doi/Kaito Ishida vs Eita/Big R Shimizu7/21Dragon Gate1132.2%5th
103Io Shirai vs. Candice LeRae8/10WWE (NXT)1143.0%8th
104Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch10/6WWE1132.2%4th
105Masashi Takeda vs. Toshiyuki Sakuda2/28BJW1132.2%3rd
106Ben-K vs. Naruki Doi12/15Dragon Gate1121.5%3rd
107Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White1/4NJPW1121.5%5th
108Sareee vs Tsukasa Fujimoto9/14Ice Ribbon1121.5%5th
109Kaito Kiyomiya vs Takashi Sugiura6/9NOAH1043.0%7th
110Mick Moretti vs Jack Bonza2/22PWA Australia1021.5%3rd
111Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis vs. Paul Robinson & Will Ospreay3/31PROGRESS1021.5%7th
112Fénix vs Kenny Omega10/19AAA932.2%7th
112Chris Jericho vs. Cody11/9AEW932.2%7th
114Slex vs Gino Gambino3/16MCW921.5%3rd
115Alex Colon vs. Masashi Takeda8/22GCW921.5%5th
115Lance Archer vs. Will Ospreay7/6NJPW921.5%5th
117Kento Miyahara vs. Jake Lee10/24AJPW921.5%6th
117Big R Shimizu/Ben-K vs U-T/KAI3/3Dragon Gate921.5%6th
119Kento Miyahara vs. KAI1/3AJPW910.7%2nd
119Matthew Justice vs. Johnny Blackcraft4/5Blackcraft910.7%2nd
119Cain Justice vs. Trevor Lee2/16CWF Mid-Atlantic910.7%2nd
119Dragon Lee vs. Taiji Ishimori5/3NJPW910.7%2nd
119KENTA vs. Tomohiro Ishii11/3NJPW910.7%2nd
119PAC vs Michael Oku6/2RevPro910.7%2nd
125Bobby Gunns vs. Timothy Thatcher10/5wXw832.2%7th
126Hideki Suzuki vs. Timothy Thatcher4/4GCW821.5%4th
126Jay White vs. Tetsuya Naito9/22NJPW821.5%4th
128Aleister Black, Ricochet, Velveteen Dream vs Adam Cole, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa2/3WWE (NXT)821.5%5th
129Tomohiro Ishii v Yuji Nagata3/8NJPW821.5%6th
129Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku Vs. Marko Stunt & Cabana Man Dan6/2SUP821.5%6th
129Bandido vs Will Ospreay4/4Wrestlecon821.5%6th
132Eddie Kingston vs. Thomas Shire3/1Heavy Metal Wrestling821.5%7th
133Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi vs. Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa11/11AJPW810.7%3rd
133Artemis Spencer vs. Michael Richard Blais vs. Brandon Van Danielson12/18Clandestine Society810.7%3rd
133Riho Vs Mei Suruga6/4Gatoh Move810.7%3rd
133Marko Stunt vs Logan Stunt7/4GCW810.7%3rd
133Tetsuya Naito vs Tomohiro Ishii7/24NJPW810.7%3rd
133Mercedes Martinez vs. Kylie Rae3/29RISE810.7%3rd
133The Briscoes vs Brody King & PCO3/15ROH810.7%3rd
133Mayu Iwatani vs Momo Watanabe9/22Stardom810.7%3rd
133T-Hawk vs Shotaro Ashino1/5Wrestle-1810.7%3rd
133Mens Elimination Chamber 20192/17WWE810.7%3rd
143Jungle Boy vs Jake Atlas9/20PWG732.2%5th
144Yuji Okabayashi vs. Zeus4/21AJPW721.5%5th
145Team Ciampa Vs. Unisputed Era11/23WWE (NXT)721.5%7th
145Ultimo Guerrero vs. Caifan2/16XMW721.5%7th
147Soberano Jr. vs Titan12/8CMLL710.7%4th
147Chris Brookes & Mizuki Watase Vs Daisuke Sasaki & Tetsuya Endo Vs Konosuke Takeshita & Shunma Katsumata Vs HARASHIMA & Kazuki Hirata Vs Michael Nakazawa & Gota Ihashi6/19DDT710.7%4th
147Michael Morleone vs. Davis Storm8/31EPW710.7%4th
147Lulu Pencil vs Yuna Mizumori8/28Gatoh Move710.7%4th
147Antonio Honda vs. Lulu Pencil10/27Gatoh Move710.7%4th
147Maya Yukihi vs. Giulia5/25Ice Ribbon710.7%4th
147Ares vs Ricky Marvin3/31Lucha Memes710.7%4th
147Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. KENTA7/14NJPW710.7%4th
147Command Bolshoi vs. Leon3/9Pro Wrestling:EVE710.7%4th
147Nanae Takahashi vs. Takumi Iroha5/25SEAdLINNNG710.7%4th
147STARS vs. Oedo Tai -4/5Stardom710.7%4th
147Mizuki vs Yuna Manase7/7TJPW710.7%4th
147Sadika vs Sadik Maiden8/25Zona 23710.7%4th
160Kazuyuki Fujita vs. Shuhei Taniguchi11/2NOAH621.5%8th
161Timothy Thatcher & WALTER) vs. Shigehiro Irie & Yuki Ishikawa3/7wXw621.5%8th
162Nyla Rose vs. Riho vs. Yuka Sakazaki -6/29AEW610.7%5th
162Colton Kelly vs. Sheik Shabazz vs. Evan Adams12/18Clandestine Society610.7%5th
162Sanson vs. Star Jr.11/1CMLL610.7%5th
162Konosuke Takeshita, Shunma Katsumata & Yuki Ino vs. Chihiro Hashimoto, DASH Chisako & Meiko Satomura6/24DDT610.7%5th
162Maya Yukihi vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto8/3Ice Ribbon610.7%5th
162Blue Demon vs LA Park12/15IWRG610.7%5th
162Ashley Vox vs. Kris Statlander1/11Limitless610.7%5th
162Zack Sabre Jr. vs Will Ospreay7/30NJPW610.7%5th
162Go Shiozaki vs Hideki Suzuki7/27NOAH610.7%5th
162More Than Hype vs Alex Cuevas, Omari and OJMO9/7OTT610.7%5th
162Matt Taven vs. Marty Scurll vs. Jay Lethal4/6ROH610.7%5th
162Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar8/11WWE610.7%5th
162Advertencia, Lunatik Extreme and Ovett vs. Memo Romero, Shere Khan and Terremoto1/20Zona 23610.7%5th
175Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Andrade1/15WWE521.5%8th
176David Starr vs. Jordan Devlin5/6PROGRESS521.5%8th
177Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin10/16AEW510.7%6th
177Virus vs Electrico8/5CMLL510.7%6th
177MAO vs. Sanshiro Takagi4/4DDT510.7%6th
177Konosuke Takeshita vs Yumehito Imanari8/20DDT510.7%6th
177Juice Robinson vs. Tomohiro Ishii7/28NJPW510.7%6th
177Lucha Bros vs Bandido & Flamita9/19PWG510.7%6th
177Chuck Mambo vs. TK Cooper4/19RIPTIDE510.7%6th
177Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe vs. Tama Tonga & Tanga Loa8/9ROH510.7%6th
177Kagetsu vs. Bea Priestley5/4Stardom510.7%6th
177Pete Dunne vs Joe Coffey1/12WWE (NXT UK)510.7%6th
177Roderick Strong vs. Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic10/23WWE (NXT)510.7%6th
177Leyla Hirsch vs. LuFisto10/5wXw510.7%6th
177Timothy Thatcher vs. Oney Lorcan10/6wXw510.7%6th
190Kazuchika Okada vs. SANADA3/24NJPW421.5%8th
191Big Twan Tucker vs. Manders6/15AIW421.5%9th
191Jay White vs. Will Ospreay3/6NJPW421.5%9th
191EVIL vs. Kazuchika Okada8/7NJPW421.5%9th
191Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan vs Street Profits vs The Forgotten Sons vs The Undisputed Era6/1WWE (NXT)421.5%9th
195PAC vs Hangman Page11/9AEW410.7%7th
195Chris Jericho vs Kenny Omega5/25AEW410.7%7th
195Naoya Nomura vs. Suwama4/28AJPW410.7%7th
195Dominic Garrini & Kevin Ku vs Anthony Henry & JD Drake2/2BLP410.7%7th
195PAC Vs Ben-K7/21Dragon Gate410.7%7th
195Riho, Sayaka Obihiro and Mitsura Konno vs. Yuna Mizumori, Mei Suraga and Emi Sakura6/24Gatoh Move410.7%7th
195Tony Deppen vs Alex Zayne7/4GCW410.7%7th
195Orin Veidt vs. Eric Ryan5/4GCW410.7%7th
195Mike Bird vs. Charli Evans7/20GOOD Wrestling410.7%7th
195Santana & Ortiz Vs. Rey Fenix & Pentagon Jr.1/6Impact Wrestling410.7%7th
195Mecha Mercenary vs. Abyss1/25MVW410.7%7th
195Will Ospreay vs. El Phantasmo5/22NJPW410.7%7th
195Mercedes Martinez vs. Charlie Morgan3/30SHIMMER410.7%7th
195Mayu Iwatani vs. Natsuko Tora3/28Stardom410.7%7th
195Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles5/19WWE410.7%7th
195Asuka & Kari Sane vs. Tegan Nox & Dakota Kai10/30WWE (NXT)410.7%7th
195Angel Garza vs. Lio Rush12/11WWE (NXT)410.7%7th
195Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole8/10WWE (NXT)410.7%7th
216Lucha Bros vs Young Bucks5/25AEW321.5%9th
216GUNSO & Rina Yamashita vs. Kenji Fukimoto & Masashi Takeda12/25FREEDOMS321.5%9th
216Zack Sabre Jr vs Tomohiro Ishii1/4NJPW321.5%9th
219Hikaru Shida vs Shanna10/30AEW310.7%8th
219Riho vs. Nyla Rose10/2AEW310.7%8th
219Angel de Oro, El Soberano Jr. & Niebla Roja vs La Sangre Dinamita4/2CMLL310.7%8th
219Rush, Mistico, Bestia del Ring vs. LA Park, Hijo de LA Park, LA Park Jr.7/19CMLL310.7%8th
219Konosuke Takeshita vs Daisuke Sasaki4/4DDT310.7%8th
219Konosuke Takeshita vs. Shinya Aoki9/1DDT310.7%8th
219Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Shun Skywalker5/9Dragon Gate310.7%8th
219Ben-K vs. Kzy6/6Dragon Gate310.7%8th
219Emi Sakura vs. Mei Suruga10/31Gatoh Move310.7%8th
219Ortiz & Santana vs Rock N' Roll Express4/6GCW310.7%8th
219Nick Gage vs. Effy8/30GCW310.7%8th
219Amazing Red vs. Will Ospreay8/22NJPW310.7%8th
219KENTA vs. Zack Sabre Jr8/10NJPW310.7%8th
219Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Mayumi Ozaki8/25OZ Academy310.7%8th
219Jake Atlas vs Dragon Lee9/22PWG310.7%8th
219Nanae Takahashi vs Takumi Iroha5/29SEAdLINNNG310.7%8th
219Jordynne Grace vs. Mercedes Martinez8/10The Summit310.7%8th
219Cara Noir vs. Spike Trivet1/26Wrestling Resurgence310.7%8th
219Velveteen Dream vs. Matt Riddle4/5WWE (NXT)310.7%8th
219Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Kohei Sato1/1ZERO1310.7%8th
236Eddie Kingston vs. JD Drake1/18EVOLVE221.5%10th
237Arez vs Aramis vs El Hijo Del Vikingo vs Black Taurus10/26AAA210.7%9th
237Fenix & Pentagon Jr. vs. Ortiz & Santana9/15AAA210.7%9th
237Taya Valkyrie vs. Tessa Blanchard9/15AAA210.7%9th
237Kento Miyahara vs Atsushi Aoki4/4AJPW210.7%9th
237David Starr vs. Erick Stevens12/31Beyond Wrestling210.7%9th
237Dragon Lee vs Cavernario1/4CMLL210.7%9th
237Emi Sakura vs. Mei Suruga5/6Gatoh Move210.7%9th
237Antonio Honda vs An Chamu6/24Gatoh Move210.7%9th
237Joe Coffey vs. Ilja Dragunov2/24ICW210.7%9th
237Strong Hearts vs Akiyori Takizawa, Naoki Tanizaki, & Ryota Nakatsu6/3J-Stage210.7%9th
237Maximo vs La Mascara2/1LEGEND210.7%9th
237Jacob Fatu vs LA Park11/2MLW210.7%9th
237Toru Yano vs Tetsuya Naito7/13NJPW210.7%9th
237Shingo Takagi vs. Taichi7/19NJPW210.7%9th
237Tetsuya Naito vs. Jon Moxley7/28NJPW210.7%9th
237Go Shiozaki vs Katsuhiko Nakajima12/3NOAH210.7%9th
237Rhia O'Reilly vs. Jetta11/10Pro Wrestling:EVE210.7%9th
237Sareee vs DASH Chisako7/7Sendai Girls210.7%9th
237Chihiro Hashimoto vs. Sareee7/2Sendai Girls210.7%9th
237Momo Watanabe vs Arisa Hoshiki5/16Stardom210.7%9th
237Rhea Ripley vs Shayna Baszler12/18WWE (NXT)210.7%9th
237Matt Riddle vs. Roderick Strong6/1WWE (NXT)210.7%9th
237Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Shinjiro Otani6/22ZERO1210.7%9th
260Kenny Omega vs. Dragon Lee12/1AAA110.7%10th
260Cody vs Darby Allin6/29AEW110.7%10th
260Kento Miyahara vs. Zeus7/28AJPW110.7%10th
260Chuck O'Neil, Dominic Garrini and Kevin Ku vs. Pinkie Sanchez, Chris Dickinson and Jaka12/31Beyond Wrestling110.7%10th
260Dasher Hatfield vs Mr. Touchdown4/5CHIKARA110.7%10th
260Microman vs. Chamuel9/27CMLL110.7%10th
260Ryota Nakatsu vs. Ryuichi Sekine5/6DDT110.7%10th
260PAC vs. Shun Skywalker3/3Dragon Gate110.7%10th
260U-T vs Super Shisa4/16Dragon Gate110.7%10th
260Dragon Kid, Masato Yoshino & Ultimo Dragon vs. Masaaki Mochizuki, Shuji Kondo & Takuya Sugawara7/21Dragon Gate110.7%10th
260Eita/Big R v Yamato/KAI v Doi/Ishida7/21Dragon Gate110.7%10th
260Kastigador vs Vengador11/5G21110.7%10th
260Zachary Wentz vs. Anthony Henry9/14GCW110.7%10th
260Alex Zayne vs. Blake Christian8/9GCW110.7%10th
260Takatoshi Matsumoto vs. Tsuyoshi Okada6/8HARD HIT110.7%10th
260Brian Cage vs Michael Elgin7/7Impact Wrestling110.7%10th
260Latigo vs Atomic Star11/17Invasion RCH110.7%10th
260Taichi vs. Tomohiro Ishii8/11NJPW110.7%10th
260Taiji Ishimori Vs Dragon Lee Vs Bandido4/6NJPW110.7%10th
260Tim Storm vs. Nick Aldis9/30NWA110.7%10th
260David Starr vs Terry Thatcher1/20OTT110.7%10th
260Kenny Omega/CIMA/Shaolin Monk vs Andruew Tang/Trexxus/Da Butcherman9/15SPW110.7%10th
260Momo Watanabe & Utami Hayashishita vs. Jungle Kyona & Konami7/15Stardom110.7%10th
260Momo Watanabe vs. AZM9/7Stardom110.7%10th
260Serpentico vs. Teddy Stigma3/3TPW110.7%10th
260Yusuke Kodama & Shotaro Ashino vs. Shigehiro Irie & T-Hawk12/26Wrestle-1110.7%10th
260Akira Tozawa, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Humberto Carrillo, Isaiah Scott & Oney Lorcan vs Angel Garza, Ariya Daivari, Drew Gulak, Mike Kanellis & Tony Nese8/20WWE110.7%10th
260Seth Rollins vs. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt10/6WWE110.7%10th
260The Boss 'n' Hug Connection vs Carmella and Naomi vs Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville vs Nia Jax and Tamina vs The IIconics vs The Riott Squad2/17WWE110.7%10th
260Becky Lynch vs. Asuka1/27WWE110.7%10th
260David Starr vs. Timothy Thatcher1/19wXw110.7%10th

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