This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s finally time to head back to New Japan land! John is joined by returning guests and VOW contributors Chris Samsa and Thomas Fischbeck to break down the two big New Beginning in Sapporo shows in detail, as they go match-by-match on both cards. Hear praise for a number of the undercard matches (except one in particular that gets ripped by pretty much everyone; you’ll have to listen to find out which one) and then some strong opinions on the major matches of both shows: EVIL-Ishii, Shingo-Goto, ZSJ-Ospreay and Okada-Taichi. We then do a brief preview of the upcoming New Beginning shows from Korakuen Hall and Osaka and speculate on what could be coming later in the year in NJPW as well.

Once that’s wrapped up we turn our attention to the big story from Japanese wrestling this past week: the sale of Pro Wrestling NOAH to DDT’s parent company CyberAgent. Hear us give some thoughts on why the sale might have gone down and how Japanese wrestling is consolidating with the specter of NXT Japan looming large. We then briefly discuss NOAH’s latest Korakuen show (and first airing on DDT Universe) from 1/30 and look ahead to their major shows in February as well, plus as a bonus we take a look at the Big Japan Strong Climb lineup that was recently announced. It’s a jam-packed episode of Japanese wrestling, this week!

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