This week’s Wrestling Omakase sees us review two very different wrestling shows from the opposite ends of the world. John is joined by returning guest and VOW contributor Jack Beckmann to talk the WWE Royal Rumble and DDT’s 1/26 Korakuen, Sweet Dreams. First, the Royal Rumble review touches on the entire main card, from a terrible falls count anywhere match to some very mixed (but mostly bad) title matches and, thankfully, two very good Royal Rumble matches that basically save the show. What did we think of The Brock Thing? Who were the stars of each Rumble? How did the third women’s Rumble ever compare to the first two? We go through it all in great detail, from #1 to #30 of both Rumble matches as we go competitor by competitor.

Once that’s done we head to the land of DDT for the first time in a while, covering their 1/26 Korakuen Sweet Dreams. Hear our thoughts on some fun hair-based comedy, a really inventive mixed battle royale/ladder match, a weird decision by Daisuke Sasaki that any amount of thought quickly reveals was nonsense, a slightly disappointing match with a big guest star, and finally two really good title matches to close the show. It’s two big shows from the same day on the opposite ends of the earth, this week!

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