This week it’s time for Wrestling Omakase’s third annual awards episode! The Omakase awards are open to each and every guest who appeared on the show during the calendar year, and for 2019 we received votes from 37 different people across the wrestling spectrum. Here to share their picks with John are six returning guests: Kelly Harrass, Thomas Fischbeck, TJ, Mongo, Jeff and Suit Williams! We all go through our picks and then give the overall winners in the following categories (in their order of discussion on the show): Worst Weekly TV Show, Worst Major Show, Worst Promotion, Worst Feud, Worst Match of the Year, Best Weekly TV Show, Best Major Show, Best Promotion, Best Feud, Most Outstanding Wrestler, Best Tag Team, Match of the Year and finally Wrestler of the Year. As an aside, we made a concerted effort to get through the Worst categories very quickly this year, so the vast majority of the episode runtime is dedicated toward discussing our favorites of 2019. And don’t forget to check out the full list of Top 10s in every award too!

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