This week Wrestling Omakase’s third annual Year in Review series continues! Each week from now until the end of the year we will recap the 2019 of a specific promotion, promotions, or type of wrestling, covering all their major shows and moments and giving our picks for the major award categories. It’s a great way for you to catch up with wrestling you may have missed this year and identify matches you may want to watch or rewatch before doing your end of the year awards voting!

What an eventful year it was for joshi pro wrestling in 2019. You really had it all: major purchases, WWE poking around trying to get NXT Japan started, the most exposure they’ve gotten in the west in years, and of course just flat out awesome shows and matches put on by outstanding promotions. Here to help me break it all down are Luke (@oystersearrings) from @apricotpod and VOW contributor Taylor (@tamaimbo), as the three of us discuss everything from macro topics like the future of joshi in an increasingly corporate-dominated scene to individual shows, matches and wrestlers. The promotions we cover, in order, are: STARDOM, Tokyo Joshi, Sendai Girls, SEAdLINNNG, Gatoh Move, Marvelous, Ice Ribbon, Actwres Girl’z, OZ Academy, WAVE, PURE-J, YMZ and Diana (well, we lament that they never make tape at least). Of course, some companies get much more attention than others, but the sheer number of promotions we were able to cover in some form or fashion truly makes this an amazing episode.

Once we finish going company-by-company we head into our joshi awards, including a detailed look at our Top 10 MOTY lists for all of joshi pro wrestling that’s one of the highlights of the episode. Finally, we wrap things up with a gigantic mailbag. It’s a huge and packed episode of Omakase covering all things Japanese women’s wrestling, this week!

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