So imagine just for a second that you committed to reviewing all of the matches of two famously mediocre wrestlers in the superior year-end tag team tournament. Then imagine that they don’t have matches for nearly a month in that tournament, but then all of a sudden they have matches on five shows in a row and that just so happens to fall into a time period where you’re quite busy. Anyway, on an unrelated note here are my reviews of the Nights 11-15 of All Japan’s Real World Tag League 2019.

AJPW Real World Tag League 2019 – Night 11

The End (Odinson & Parrow) [6] def. Takashi Yoshida & Gianni Valletta [4]

Finally, the fight to find out who the true MVPs of this tournament are. The heels attack during the flower ceremony to get the advantage. They then work over Odinson’s nose, which is certainly an interesting move. Yoshida and Giannia are a very noisy team. 

This match is mostly fine but is just kind of there. The End can have great matches against the right opponents. They get the win here but I’m not sure if Parrow even tagged into the match. He is certainly trying hard but his mobility is just severely limited.

Tajiri & KAI [4] def. Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi [4]

This match feels endless. There are lots of shenanigans but none of them as engaging as the ones in the previous match. Blatant interference by the ref to further the feud that can have no payoff. I get that everyone loves the interactions between Kyohei Wada and Kento but seriously what could even be the possible payoff for it? 

When it gets to the ref just actively participating in the match is when it reaches a line for me. In a best case scenario this ends with both guys just shaking hands, in a worst case scenario he ends up costing Kento the Triple Crown, which would be absolute garbage.

AJPW Real World Tag League 2019 – Night 12

Gianni Valletta & Takashi Yoshida [6] def. Tajiri & KAI [4]

This is a heel vs heel match, which is always tricky. Both teams are experts at shenanigans but so far Gianni’s and Valletta’s are more entertaining. This match confirms Yoshitta as the bigger and better heels. All in all its a fairly quick match that doesn’t overstay its welcome.

Violent Giants (Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa) [8] def. Jake Lee & Naoya Nomura [6]

This match is past vs future. There are some very nice exchanges in this match and I’m impressed by Jake’s performance in this match. I previously mentioned that I have my doubts regarding Jake’s viability as a star and I still do, but he has shown a bit of improvement in this tournament. Now let’s see if he can carry it over into singles competition.

Overall though everyone in this match is good. While Nomura is taking a little bit of a backseat to Jake in this match he is still a special talent whose future is bright. This is one of the best matches of the tournament so far and is well worth your time. The past wins though and hopefully, it’s not prophetic for the future of All Japan.

AJPW Real World Tag League 2019 – Night 13

Takashi Yoshida & Gianni Valletta [8] def. Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi [4]

Aoyagi has been uninspiring in this tournament so far and out of all of the NEXTREAM guys is the one that has shown the least amount of progress. His career highlight is still that time got beat up by Taichi in the Super J cup and at this point, I’m not sure if he’ll ever get higher than that. He just doesn’t seem to have the drive and normally that would be fine. But All Japan has a fairly thin roster at the top so just another midcarder is not what this promotion needs right now.

Anyway onto the match itself. Yoshida is fighting off both Kento and Yuma like the hero that he is and Kento and Yuma ar the ones resorting to dastardly heel tactics. Luckily they get their comeuppance eventually and Kento takes the fall. This is the second time this year Gianni has pinned Kento. Where is his title shot? #JusticeforGianni

Zeus & Ryouji Sai [5] vs The Bodyguard and [Redacted] [3] – Time Limit Draw

This is a match of big beefy men and Sai is here too I guess. He took a step down this year and is probably the worst participant in this match. Alot of this match focuses on the interaction between Zeus and the Bodyguyard as the Big Guns explode. One thing I found very distracting in this match was someone with a noticeable cough sitting next to the mic.

This match is way too long with lots of rest holds. You can really feel the draw come from a mile away with everyone working at a glacial pace. And then Bodyguard tears his quad.

He was moving around a bit gingerly already and then his leg just seemed to give out. Zeus has to literally drag him around the ring to get him in place for spots since he can’t just end the match because it has to go to a draw. Bodyguard be out for a long while and given his age, might just retire. Both given how boring it was and that Bodyguard got injured its best if you give this match a skip.

AJPW Real World Tag League 2019 – Night 14

Tajiri & KAI [8] defeat Yoshitatsu & Joel Redman [4]

Fine match but a bit long in the tooth. Joel gets his ass out for the finish and there isn’t really anything else that could be said about this match.

Violent Giants (Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa) [10] def. Gianni Valletta & Takashi Yoshida [8]

Both teams have had mostly entertaining matches, which for the second team has been a positive surprise for me. Violent Giants have been one of my favorite teams since they formed, but when I signed up to cover Yoshida & Gianni’s matches I expected to be fairly down on them. So far though their matches tended to overdeliver and this was another fun outing.

This is all about heel shenanigans versus raw power and raw power wins in the end. Yoshida and Valletta tried all of their tricks that have brought them quite a few victories already in this tournament, but on this night they ran into a wall.

Kento Miyahara & Yuma Aoyagi [6] def. Joe Doering & Jun Akiyama [8]

Here we go, this feels like a proper main event and has different feel right away from a lot of the other tournament matches. Kento and Akiyama have great chemistry and I hope we get one more major singles match between the two. I know that Akiyama has deliberately cycled himself down but he’s good for one final Triple Crown title match. Kento poses for no reason and Akiyama just fucks his shit up. 

Like many of their matches so far this is basically an Akiyama handicap match. At least early on it is. Joes getting more heavily involved down the stretch and if there is one thing Yuma is good at its getting beaten up by big guys. Joe is going as hard as he still can and is even showing glimpses of the old Joe. Even after all these years, Jun’s Exploder is just a thing of beauty. It’s not enough in this match though as Kento puts Joe away decisively. This really feels like the end of Joe as a top singles gaijin in All Japan and we’ll see where he goes from here. This was a great match and you should go out of your way to see it.

AJPW Real World Tag League 2019 – Night 15

Takashi Yoshida & Gianni Valletta [9] vs Jun Akiyama & Joe Doering [9] – Double Countout

This is the most Joe has been in a match but then again this match isn’t very long. Gianni is the new Joe but he’s not as good. He has improved and All Japan keeps bringing him back. At this stage, it’s fairly likely that either he or Dylan James will take the top gaijin spot from Joe soon. But for now Joes isn’t done just yet and he seems revitalized from his match on the previous night.

Match ends in a quick double countout, which seems kind of weak but might have been necessitated by Bodyguard’s injury. That most likely screwed up All Japan’s booking and now they have to adjust on the fly. Post-match Gianni can’t quite throw a chair at Joe so Joe helpfully shows him how to actually do it and then murders him with a barricade as Yoshida just scampers off. This felt like the old Joe and I hope he can keep this up for a bit longer. Maybe he’s got one more run in him.

Joel Redman & Yoshitatsu [6] defeat Violent Giants (Suwama & Shuji Ishikawa) [10]

Suwama gets caught, passes out in Tatsu’s submission hold and the ref waves it off

Redman and Yoshitatsu are the masters of the just there match. As I said before Violent Giants are one of my favorite team so it actually takes effort to have a match with them that I have nothing to say about. But somehow Redman and Yoshitatsu managed to do just that.

Final Thoughts

There was some entertaining, some bad and some outright great stuff on this stretch of the tournament. Go out of your way to watch Violent Giants vs Jake & Nomura and Kento & Yuma vs Jun & Joe. Both are some of the best matches of this tournament so far. The rest is either skippable or good for having on in the background.