This week Wrestling Omakase’s third annual Year in Review series continues! Each week from now until the end of the year we will recap the 2019 of a specific promotion, promotions, or type of wrestling, covering all their major shows and moments and giving our picks for the major award categories. It’s a great way for you to catch up with wrestling you may have missed this year and identify matches you may want to watch or rewatch before doing your end of the year awards voting!

Oh boy folks. Strap in for this one. John is joined by returning guests Garrett Kidney (@garrettkidney) and Kelly Harrass (@comicgeekelly) to review, yes, World Wrestling Entertainment’s 2019. John wasn’t sure if they even wanted to do this episode again this year but felt like they owed it to Garrett and Kelly, who reviewed all these terrible PPVs over the past few years for the VOW website and finally were done in by Hell in a Cell. So the three of us recap all the WWE PPV shows of the year, trying to find some diamonds in the rough along the way. We also talk a lot of the more macro topics of the year, including: WWE’s terrible, awful, horseshit crowds; Kofi Kingston’s big moment and the title reign that followed; Brock Lesnar’s continued omnipotence; Seth Rollins the Geek; the very meta attempt at rehabilitating Roman Reigns and why it might actually work; MURDER MYSTERIES; and much more. Then we try to look through the smoldering wreckage of this year and pick out our award winners, plus answer a huge mailbag. It’s all WWE, all the time, this week!

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