Welcome to Wrestling Omakase’s third annual Year in Review series! Each week from now until the end of the year we will recap the 2019 of a specific promotion, promotions, or type of wrestling, covering all their major shows and moments and giving our picks for the major award categories. It’s a great way for you to catch up with wrestling you may have missed this year and identify matches you may want to watch or rewatch before doing your end of the year awards voting!

We kick things off this week with our DDT Year in Review 2019! John is joined by returning guest Jamie (@JamieOD) of the Dramatic DDT blog (@DramaticDDT), who brings nearly a decade of experience covering all things Dramatic Dream Team to the table! John and Jamie go through all the major DDT shows of the year, including the Korakuens and major events, plus identify a few matches worth watching on some lesser-known shows as well. How did DDT’s 2019 compare to last year? Who were the standouts and how are the young talent on the undercards progressing? Once we finish recapping 2019, including right up through November 24th’s latest Korakuen Hall show, we look ahead to the upcoming D-Ou league (DDT’s equivalent of the G1) which starts in just a few short days. We run down all the participants and cards and give some guesses at who might come out on top. We also briefly discuss the annual New Year’s Eve tag shuffle tournament with BJW, going over the teams for that as well. Then we give our awards picks for DDT’s 2019, and at least one name on both of our Wrestler of the Year lists may surprise you. Finally we wrap things up by answering all of your mailbag questions on a ton of different DDT-related subjects. It’s all things DDT all the time, this week!

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