This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s our final “normal” show of the year before our Year in Review series gets kicked off, and we go out with a bang talking four big shows! John is joined by returning guests Taylor (@tamaimbo) and Aaron Bentley (@aaronlikethecar) of Everything Elite (@EverythingAEW), here to plug his new Patreon to that VAST Omakase audience. We’re here to talk four shows from four very different promotions, starting with the AEW Full Gear PPV from this past weekend. Hear some very different thoughts on AEW’s third PPV event, as we cover all the matches from top to bottom, and also talk more macro opinions on the company so far.

Once we’re done with that American stuff we thankfully turn our attention to Japan, beginning with NOAH’s big 11/2 Sumo Hall show. There’s again some varied opinions on some of the matches here, including but not limited to the big Kiyamiya-Kenoh main event. But we all loved ‘OL IRON HEAD and AXIZ, don’t worry. Then we head over to the world of joshi for SEAdLINNNG’s 11/2 Kawasaki show, including the much-hyped Arisa Nakajima vs. Nanae Takahashi Hair vs. Hair match. Does it live up to those lofty expectations? Finally, we wrap things up with a quick trip through STARDOM and their 11/4 Korakuen Hall show, including again some varied opinions on Bea Priestley, Arisa Hoshiki and more. Everyone loves Big Saya, though, thankfully. A fun trip through four very different wrestling promotions, this week!

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