This week on Wrestling Omakase it’s our 2019 Omakase Fantasy Draft! That’s right, our fantasy draft is back but this year for one episode only, as we bring you our first-ever FIVE-WAY worldwide draft! Any wrestler in the world, for any promotion, who has wrestled since the start of September 2019 is eligible to be drafted, which gives all our participants a lot to work with! John is joined by two guests from Voices of Wrestling, Music of the Mat host Andrew Rich (@AndrewTRich) and contributor Jack Beckmann (@packerman120). In addition, for the first time we took volunteers from our two Discord channels, with one participant chosen at random from everyone who volunteered in each channel. Joining us from the SJC discord is Jeff (@Ika_LIJ) and from the VOW discord is Craig (@GothTiger). All five of us pick 25 wrestlers each and then arrange them into our dream card, and once you finish listening it’s up to you to pick who put together your favorite card! See below for the link to vote, and we hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

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