United States

PCW Ultra – Into the Void – Friday – ILWU Memorial Hall, Wilmington. 

The LA scene is really doing well right now. For years it seemed to exist solely through the exploits of PWG and their mile a minute brand of wrestling, but with their buzz fledging a little, a lot of other promotions in the area have stepped up. Bar Wrestling, Ground Zero, West Coast Pro, SoCal Pro and this week’s featured promotion, PCW Ultra, are all doing some good stuff right now and while I may not have as much knowledge of the area as others, I don’t remember the scene being this hot for quite some time. Also, with New Japan and Shibata setting up their Dojo there, LA really does seem the place to be for a wrestler at the moment. 

I’ve mentioned PCW Ultra before and out of the promotions mentioned they are probably my favorite. A diverse and incredibly talented roster that really reads like a who’s who of this year’s hot Indie acts. Plus, they are booking Savio Vega in the main event of this week’s ‘Into the Void’, so that instantly gets them over. I wasn’t even aware that Vega was still wrestling but the main event of him challenging Mil Muertes for the PCW Ultra Heavyweight championship is quite an eye-catching encounter. The light heavyweight title is also on the line, with Jake Atlas making his 5th title defense against Daga, and Eddie Kingston and Fatu will be battering the dog shit out of each other in an I Quit match. Others on the card include Brian Pillman Jr, Douglas James, Homicide, Sumie Sakai, Hammerstone, and Schaff. Check it out here.

Prestige Wrestling – Live by the Code – Friday – The Uptown Theatre, Washington. 

It’s not only the LA scene that’s catching alight right now, but it’s also the West Coast in general. With Prestige and Defy up in Washington also putting on some cracking stuff. Both are in action this week, with Prestige the first up this Friday at the Uptown Theatre. ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor is in the main event for both shows, which he bloody well should be. At ‘Live by the Code’, the Filthy bugger will be putting his Prestige Championship on the line against Tyler Bateman in a cracking little match. Carlito is also on the show taking on Drexl, and Su Yung will be facing Riea von Slasher. Visit their Facebook page to find out more.

Defy Wrestling – Fight for This – Saturday – Washington Hall, Seattle. 

The following night Lawlor will be making the short trip to Seattle for Defy Wrestling’s ‘Fight for This’ show at the Washington Hall. He’ll be hoping to leave the week a double champion as he challenges Schaff for the Defy title. With the exception of PWG, Defy are probably the kings of the West Coast scene and I have them up there with PWW, GCW and Beyond in the premier league of the US scene. They are bringing out the big guns for the show with Matt Sydal, CIMA and Amazing Red all booked. The Amazing Red resurgence continues, which is crazy considering he was retired just a few months ago. This show, as well as all of their shows are available to watch on their On-demand.

Warriors of Wrestling – Livewire – Sunday – Staten Island. 

The West Coast streak is over as I make my way to the other side of the country for Warriors of Wrestling in Staten Island. I don’t think I’ve covered them before but a couple of matches on their upcoming ‘Livewire’ show caught my eye. Mainly because they involved two of my favorite guys in Beyond wrestling, and as the millions of buggers who read this will know, I am very much aboard the Beyond train right now. Chris Dickinson and Josh Briggs are the two lads in question, with Dickinson challenging Darius Carter for the WOW Heavyweight championship, and Josh Briggs taking on Just Neph. I know sod all about Mr. Neph, but according to his Cagematch he’s been around for a few years and is a regular for the Warriors. The women’s title is getting an outing with Masha Slamovich (fucking love that name) having a crack at Nikki Adams’ women title. If you would like to find out more about Just Neph then go visit their website.

United Kingdom

Hope – Evolution 91 – Friday – Forest Town Arena, Mansfield. 

Looking for Hope that the BritWres scene is still kicking? Look no further, Hope Wrestling is to the rescue (Yes, I know, I’m a twat). The East Midlands promotion is holding Evolution 91 this Friday from the Forest Town Arena in Mansfield. Warren Banks and Sugar Dunkerton are the big main event for the show, with Banks giving Dunkerton a shot at the Hope Championship he won at the promotions 6th Anniversary Show in August. Georgia native Dunkerton has been a mainstay in the UK since last year and has quickly become one of the most entertaining guys on our shores. If you like your hardcore action, then Clint Margera will be Challenging Jack Cave for the Hardcore title, and the King of Flight champion Tim Lee will be making his 6th defense against LK Mezinger. Go watch some Hope wrestling, you’ll love it.

Pro Wrestling Soul – Soul 7: Another Day in Paradise – Friday – Merton Arts Space, Wimbledon. 

Pro Wrestling Soul is holding the semi-finals of the Soul Championship tournament on Friday, with Connor Mills vs Jordan Breaks and Scotty Davis vs Danny Duggan taking place at the Merton Arts Centre in Wimbledon. With the exception of Duggan (no offense Danny) those guys are the future of the UK scene. Breaks and Davis had a cracking match in the promotion earlier this year, and a rematch to crown the company’s first champion here would be perfect. Ireland’s favorite Woke Queens, Valkyrie & Debbie Keitel are also appearing at Soul 7, taking on Dani & Kanji. I’m a big fan of the Woke Queen, so it’s great to see them getting around the UK a bit more. Especially before Debbie inevitably joins NXT UK and she’s never seen again. Fancy watching Scotty Davis kick some ass, tickets are available here.

Pro Wrestling Chaos – All or Nothing – Saturday – Yate Leisure Centre, Bristol. 

I thought Chaos was closing up shop, but they’ve got another three shows announced this year, with the next one taking place on Saturday at the Yate Leisure Centre in Bristol. They are still leaning on that WWE friendship for All or Nothing, with James Drake, Wild Boar, Zack Gibson, El Ligero and the Webster/Andrews partnership all appearing. Quite ironic really, but whatever. Outside of the WWE guys (let’s hope they aren’t pulled), Mark Haskins and Scotty Davis will be meeting for what I think is the first time in a match that I cannot wait to see. Haskins has really looked like a new man since joining ROH and Davis is incredible, so I’d bet my left leg that this will be a bit bloody good. Others appearing include Paul Robinson, Danny Jones, Brendan White, Beano and The Anti-Fun Police. Go support the promotion while you can.


Power of Wrestling – Power of the Next Generation & Wrestlemaster Class 2019 – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday – Hannover. 

German wrestling isn’t exactly flourishing right now, even hot off the 2nd biggest weekend of the year in wXw’ Tag Team Festival, there still isn’t the buzz in the area that there was just a year ago. It’s weird how scenes seem to lose steam once they align with WWE. How strange. This week another promotion will be stacking up the shows as they try to get the German scene back to its former glory. That promotion is Power of Wrestling, who will be hosting four shows from Thursday to Saturday in Hannover. Their week begins with the Power of the Next Generation, where the future stars of the Euro scene such as Flexos and Luke Taylor will be getting a chance, before three days of the Wrestlemaster Class. Not many matches announced yet, but Leon Van Gasteren and Fabio Ferrari will be duking it out for the Inter-Continental title. If your German is better than mine then check out their website to see if they’ve announced anything else.

Bodyslam – Scandinavian Slammasters – Saturday – Pumpehuset, Kopenhagen. 

Fucking hell, Lucky Kid vs Mike Bailey. That’s all I need to know. Well played Bodyslam, now that’s a match I want to see. That match will be taking place on Saturday at Slammasters, on a show that also see Peter Olisander defend the Bodyslam championship against Tank, and Veda Scott taking on Betty Rose. Nothing too ground-breaking there, but when you have Kid vs Bailey on your kid you don’t really need much else. Man, I’m looking for that one. Go visit their website and find out how you can watch it too.  

Art of Wrestling – Full Circle – Sunday – KD Krakov, Prag. 

The Czech Republic’s premier promotion, Art of Wrestling, will be holding their 3rd show of the year, Full Circle on Sunday at KD Krakov. No idea where that is, but I’ve never been to the country, so why would I? Anyway, the Arrows of Hungry will be there. Only this time they will be facing each other, as Icarus puts his AOW Championship on the line against Dover. That should be pretty beefy. Talking about beef, Bad Bones John Klinger and Markus Mytra will also be there. And Atom will be taking on Skull Evil in a Street Fight. For more info, visit their website.

Rest of the World

PWA Australia – Colosseum – Friday & Saturday – Max Watts, Sydney. 

In the land down under, PWA Black Label is hosting its 2nd Colosseum tournament this weekend in Sydney. Mick Moretti won the inaugural tournament last year, defeating Jack Bonza in the final and this year eight of the best wrestlers from around the world will be having a crack at following in Bonzas footsteps. Friday’s first-round matches will include Travis Banks vs Sam Osbourne, Chris Basso vs Matty Wahlberg, Davis Storm vs Ricky South, and old freshly squeezed Orange Cassidy will be taking a break from doing sod all on TV to face Jessica Troy. The following day will see the semi’s and finals of the tournament, as well as Jack Bonza having a crack at Caveman Ugg’s PWA Heavyweight title. Sign up to their On-demand and watch this wonderful bugger.

PWA Canada – Round 3 – Saturday – Victoria, BC. 

It’s Round 3 for PWA Canada this Saturday in Victoria, British Columbia. I have no idea why it’s called Round, or what happened in the first two rounds but with Artemis Spencer and Nicole Matthews in town, it should be a good old time. Spencer, in particular, has really upped his game this year and will be facing Nolan James here, while Matthews is taking on Judas Icarus. It seems the big match will be Jordie Taylor defending her Internet Championship against Riea Von Slasher. Should be fun, go check it out here.

Battlewar – Battlewar 68 – Sunday – Foufounes Electriques, Montreal. 

I can’t say I’ve missed seeing The Dark Order on the first couple of episodes of Dynamite. Nothing against them as wrestlers, I’m just not a big fan of the whole masked gimp thing. It’s a shame as I kind of like the Super Smash Bros, even if they are the most shindie looking team of all time. Evil Uno especially looks bloody awful, but I guess he quite handy at the old wrestling lark. On Sunday, he’s challenging Thomas Dubois for the Battlewar Championship at Battlewar 68 in Montreal. Others appearing for the promotion include Benjamin Tull, Travis Toxic, Matthieu St-Jacques and Les Guerriers du Ring. Visit their Facebook page.

Federacion Nacional de Lucha Libre – Insurreccion – Saturday – Box Kutral, Santiago. 

Been a while since I wrote about a Chilean promotion, many because I can never think of any bloody thing to say. Thought I’d give them another go and try and waffle my way through a preview for Federacion Nacional de Lucha Libre, who shall be presenting Insurrecion on Saturday in Santiago. Only a couple of matches announced so far, with Shaggy Y Perro Gaigo vs Institutano Y Jess Lover the one that stands out, only for the reason that I have no idea who they are or what their names mean, but they looked pretty funny, so what the hell. Ahh well, I had a go. Check them out here.